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  1. So, as someone who has paid a ton of PAYE tax (think 1.5 million+ over last 20 years) I'm happy this is being caught up. But a bit of that is envy too. And then I think the £3bn, is only a 1/3rd of our foreign aid budget, and it makes me feel sick. And then I think the £3bn is less than 5% of HS2 and I feel worse. I'm glad this is being stamped out; but I also wish our politicians, would stop spending our money. SORRY, this is not a humblebrag, it's just me trying to be honest.
  2. monkeyman1974

    What / Who will collapse first in 2019

    Ha, it's definitely Brexit uncertainty that makes me buy from my friendly online vintner, than struggle to park outside Oddbins to negotiate the WKD for a dusty sun raddled Sauvignon Or go to Tesco.
  3. monkeyman1974

    University Bubble Making Hissing Sounds

    Peak everything. Now is the end of times. I'm going down pub.
  4. While the income is c £150,000; there is a net loss on the centre of c £200,000 pa; through things like unrecoverable service charge (due to void units) maintenance, rates etc. The comparison with a house is as fatuous as with a bag of crisps; as per Wayward's comment. The previous owner will be delighted to have rid itself of the asset; providing the purchaser completes.
  5. monkeyman1974

    Help to Buy an TOTAL SCANDAL

    me too; in truth I'm rather envious of him I'd like to game the system. And he is converting premises to higher value uses: not burning kittens.
  6. monkeyman1974

    Help to buy colleague

    Exactly. We are all players in the game.
  7. monkeyman1974

    Plan to free 'mortgage prisoners' revealed by FCA

    Agree with this. It's a balance as they want to be lending on the fat margin, and know if default happens that margin disappears. OK if there is lots of equity, but clearly there isn't otherwise the occupiers would re-mortgage.
  8. monkeyman1974

    What / Who will collapse first in 2019

    Purplebricks Mothercare Brighthouse (the last one is hope not expectation)
  9. monkeyman1974

    Boomer Freudian Slips

    (s)he has made this thread more interesting
  10. Never understood the cheap pound / overseas BTL investor shizzle. If you want a currency play, take a currency play Overwise, your yield is the same as the rent and property are in the same currency (to state the obvious) Unless of course, you want to holiday in London Luton. Suspect it's more to do with POCA, extra stamp, disclosures etc
  11. Exactly, people bleating on about Brexit being reason on Guardian comment is free being the reason.. Wonderful, so we stay in and resume buying tat we clearly don't need. I think many people see this (downturn) as a absolute good thing. We do need to deal with the employment fall-out. I suspect as many employed are female part-time non breadwinners on tax credits, this will be less an urgent issue than traditional heavy industry sole breadwinner jobs (typically male). I'm happy not to subsidise employers to pay employees a poor wage to sell us rubbish we don't need.
  12. we once blamed bird flu for some poor results we weren't in the bird or travel business
  13. Old boss of mine would also instigate legal action (against individuals) on a Friday afternoon, to ensure maximum terror..
  14. monkeyman1974

    Restaurant chains suffering?

    While I'll happily blame those "nasty landlords", the real issue in mid-market branded restaurants is venture capital / private equity, saddling the business is high coupon (internal loan) debt. Many institutional landlords are begging for tenants just to defray empty rates / insurance and to drive footfall. Fit-out costs can tend to be massively high too (this is not a landlord charge). The landlords, were of course their own enemies in seeking long upward only leases to good covenants (the vary covenants that have attracted and then been destroyed by private equity).
  15. Well if you've experienced it in Spain, in one particular period, I guess it trumps the geometric maths

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