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  1. Agreed on state pension however pretty bizarre you get a winter fuel allowance if you are retired in Spain or a millionaire (which 20% of pensioners are). However any working age benefits cease to exist with 16k savings.
  2. Offtopic - I've done this. Make sure you get off a lot in various places and take your time. I expected to be looking out the window watching the world and scenery go by with my books... Unfortunately, when the Soviets built it to protect the goods trains from high winds they planted birch trees either side of the track.. for thousands of miles. Obviously not in the small towns, mountainous sections etc. but they are few and far between east of the Urals. Would still do it again just with more breaks. There is a constant supply of boiling water.. which basically meant some days were a reading\copious amounts of instant coffee\birch tree blur.
  3. Thanks for the Oct 20 article which concludes "There must be an indication that the authorized vaccines are reducing infection, hospitalization, and death, or else they will not be able to stop this pandemic." jeezo if only we had 9 months later evidence of that... Oh hang on.. we've had a wave of infection post vaccination and can look at the deaths or lack of. must be that Wednesday factor that didn't mean cases translated into deaths like the other waves.. nothing to do with vacciantion
  4. You need to look into where the data comes from and what constitutes a chronic health issue as per their survey. This is a survey as well as a blood pressure test. The amount of alcohol consumed to push you into problem category is surprisingly low, 14 units per week which is 7 pints or so. Or a bottle of wine or so. Which can easily see 30% of the population hit on the survey. Same crap goes on with long covid, which is why they end up with 10% which doesn't make any sense considering number of cases etc etc Which isn't people shouldn't get fitter.. just look out for surveys that want to "prove a point"
  5. Are we genuinely suggesting smallpox vanished as it was a Wednesday rather than through a concerted vacciantion campaign? Just checking the level of madness.
  6. They let out their second homes as btl, which is great because if they don't do that the bricks and mortar would simply implode taking supply out of the market.
  7. Completly agree. While everything was shut living out in hitchen was good for everyone. However the notion that people in their 20s and 30s will no longer want to live in large cities with all they offer but instead want to be in the middle of nowhere, doesn't reflect reality. You then go back to the old sell the two bed flat in Islington and move out to hitchen when your second child arrives and conicendental turning late 30s. Same as it's been for the last few decades.
  8. Wouldn't even have to that Just do a prize draw in Dec for all the vaccinated, with the prize being a fully furnished Wimbledon house.. if you get your vaccine before end of August then you get a chance to win a free maclarean as well! People lap that crap up regardless of the odds.
  9. The Delta varient was always going to get in. As it was always going to get into France, USA, Thailand and even blooming Australia. The only sensible debate over the last 18 months has been between facists keeping it out through incredibly strict lockdowns and others pretending to. The issue is even if you do a Wuhan lockdown you have to at some point answer the question.. so.. when are we opening up. It isn't going away.
  10. That's the key. And actually has the perfect get out cause that another government is enforcing it. I'll never get why they have shifted to this uni lecture and nightclub nonsense aside from incompetence. It risks a backlash for no gain assuming your aim is max vaccination
  11. Lots of unknown, influding how this is enforced and punishment's for just not doing it. Clearly the O2 arena will enforce whatever law is passed but the owner managed late night bar on a Thursday evening may not give monkeys if there is little enforcement or fines. Went to one of the euros games, had my double Jabed cert but nobody bothered to check
  12. New build flats are being sold to HKers. Houses to people who were in flats and those that sold those houses move out. Flats without gardens are struggling to shift everything else in London seems to be selling at the moment. Selling for a flat 2019 London price not a crazy 20% coastal covid uplift mind you
  13. Your right it's not just 18 to 30 year olds that attend football but quite a lot do. Or at least do try and get tickets for the big games. If your going to push people into having a vaccine at least be honest about it, instead of taking people for mugs and pretending attending university lectures is inherently riskier for covid than getting on a crowded train, or attending the opera etc etc.
  14. Interesting to see they have moved today to suggest compulsory vaccinations for university lectures. Would just wish they dropped the pretence of X activity is risky and come clean it's a tactic merely to get the young vaccinated. University lectures, nightclubs and attending football matches have an age demographic in common not a covid risk. Bingo halls, opera and theatre would be the choices if vacciantion % were low in the over 60s.
  15. It's just not going to make a material difference. That's the point, all the lockdown policy is trimming around the edges compared to natural factors with the exception of perhaps schools -groups of 100% unvaccinated people getting close to each other as kids do. Even then shutting schools merely defers cases until the kids go back to school. Otherwise you would have a decent difference in outcomes in western Europe given the wide varying lockdown polices. And cases wouldn't just decrease without changes, yet they have. Such insistance on modifying someone else's behaviour, would be academically fine to have as a debate if there wasn't such huge collateral damage. Just because I couldn't think of anything worse than going to a nightclub, doesn't mean I'm not aware that plenty of people enjoy doing so, plenty of people are employed by the sector and sadly we have already seen several owners commit suicide. One I knew personally.
  16. It's a weird control syndrome. The virus is outside his control so he has to have "boots on the ground" or whatever other totally OTT nonsense to attempt to get it back into control. Even though it doesn't actually control it. Mr dictator cant fathom that people are keen for individual choice to live their lives (or their own medical treatment) as that then shifts risk outside his control, so he has to get it back in by shouting for the state to stop them, medicate them or whatever else. Which is the defended by just screaming people have died as if that's utterly unique to the last 18 months.
  17. Oh right, so the cases falling consistently for a week after rising for months were all due to clubs not being open despite euro 2020. Right. If you lot had your way nothing would ever open up... Screams of open schools and watch the bodies pile up, open pubs and the same, euro 2020 etc etc when the horrors don't come to pass never a thought that actually maybe just maybe the lockdown measures are marginal in impact at best.
  18. Good news. Cases continue to fall sans lockdown and follow the same spike then fall with other transmissible diseases. Who would have thought. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-57962995
  19. As others have pointed out it's some saddo editing to make it seem something it's not. I don't know why you lap up all the trash on there. Admittedly this isn't as crazy as the magnetic stuff but still takes all of 2 mins to work out it's rubbish
  20. Accept if you read their print they don't actually say what bitchute say... Funny that
  21. Remarkable that actual media has completely different numbers than bitchute.. also their numbers as in the mainstream are quotes from doctors.. hmmm "Dr McAnulty said those in hospital are “not all old people”, with 55 of the 139 in hospital aged under 55. “By vaccination status of those 37 people in ICU, 36 are not vaccinated, and one is partially vaccinated, having received the first dose of AstraZeneca.” https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/nsw-over-130-people-in-hospital-with-covid/video/4ec05b353f927e5e154635955f0f8b1e
  22. Depends what this successful breakthrough varient looks like. While possible that a mutation gives it complete vaccine immunity that's incredibly unlikely. What's more likely is you have something that makes the vaccines less effective, then overtime multiple mutations build that mean you require a new booster dose for the new varients. You also have an issue that while such a mutation could change the spike protein making it better at evading the immune response doing so could make the varient less good at actually infecting cells. Meaning that it's chances of spreading are reduced as it's competive advantage is less clear cut. Also worth noting, even the much feared, vaccine evading beta varient.. erm.. still has real world data showing vaccines being 90% effective at reducing hospitalisations from it. So not quite the doomsday vaccine evasion as pushed.
  23. If they are doing football matches which are erm outside.. they have dropped any pretence of doing it risk based. Suggest next in line is attending uni lectures.. that would be a good age target.
  24. Well to be fair, the UK government has given up on them post vaccine. Which makes sense as all they do (at best) is defer cases, which post vaccine suggests ... So what? Nothing material will change in the next 6 months If you hold its all some global conspiracy then surely with cases at 50k they would have locked down. Easy excuse to do so.
  25. I don't know why they didn't just leave it as you need a vaccine to travel. As people want to go on holiday they would get jabbed and as restrictions are set by another government you have a perfect get out clause. Internal vaccine passports are too much for many people. Interestingly Sydney protests building after they let it slip the oh so effective lockdown might be in place till October if they are lucky. Sadly Thailand and co look like it's let loose for good now. At some point over the next 20 years the true cost of all these lockdowns will be shown. 372billion here no less. At least covid is the only risk that resources should be allocated to....
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