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  1. yellow fever certs are mandatory for a lot of African countries. if you forget your cert on arrival there is a willing nurse with a rusty needle to jab you
  2. wasn't there a gov study on This a few years ago that concluded that any rate above 28% causes behavioural changes and hoarding of assets
  3. https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/4075645-Renting-out-a-room-on-Airbnb-to-help-with-mortgage-has-anybody-done-it use airbnb to pay the mortgage init
  4. https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/4075645-Renting-out-a-room-on-Airbnb-to-help-with-mortgage-has-anybody-done-it air bnb to pay the mortgage
  5. yes, one around the corner here, a probable sale by the looks of the interior. it went sold in July now back on the market .. not surprised its asking price was 1.3m
  6. one of the judges said in the ruling there was a caveat on the ruling as they hadnt time to fully review alternatives
  7. the WHO have said we should not be using lockdown. this sits squarely with the government and the millions it has handed out to Serco etc for track and trace. that is how you get out of this, lockdown is a blunt tool yet here we are using it again as the gov decided to take the summer off and not deliver a working track and trace system As someone who I has worked on multibillion pound projects, the leaders on those projects, I am confident would have delivered a better system than this.
  8. Hi all, I posted a week or so ago that our house has just gone on the market and was worried we'd get no viewers/offers. Well, we have so far only had 2 viewers, the first could only afford 10 grand under the asking price so didn't offer at all, the second viewer (who spent over an hour viewing the property!!) has just offered... 13 grand under the asking price. This feels a bit like an insult - am I right to feel that way?! That's under what we paid for the property 5 years ago and we have made improvements since then. Part of me is mad at our estate agents for not correctly vetting these
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