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  1. haha yes!! 80% think the poster is being unreasonable!
  2. Exactly as i mentioned on another thread, i have friends already saying "the government will have to do something, i will lose money on my property otherwise" there is an expectation now that this is the norm. Gov is there to ensure no financial loss
  3. bonkers!! https://www.mumsnet.com/talk/legal_money_matters/4524390-If-youve-bought-a-house-for-circa-1-25Million-in-the-last-few-years-how-big-is-your-mortgage?page=2
  4. i am already hearing friends say that government need to intervene. this is now the default social psyche, if prices slow down we need a prop
  5. give Ukraine what they are asking for: Planes Tanks Air defence systems Artillery anti ship missiles
  6. Will the UN continue to be the league of nations or grow some teeth? the atrocities being carried out by Russia require action
  7. elec is 21p kwh with 24p standing charge gas is 4.9p kwh with 25p standing charge total is £135 a month
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