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  1. in $ terms that will be $100 winnings post brexit
  2. thanks didn't know to from my phone
  3. this tweet aged well.. must have been back in the day when sitting on the sidelines suited him better https://twitter.com/jeremycorbyn/status/11763688769
  4. hurlerontheditch

    Councils getting into BTL

    In the financial year 2017-18 councils in England and Wales invested about £4bn in property and land - up 43% on the previous year. Spelthorne Borough Council has pioneered the use of cheap government-backed loans to amass a property portfolio worth £1bn which it expects to generation millions in rental income over the next year. grants is one that has been investing in this way. Leader Councillor Ian Harvey told Wake up to Money why. "Very simply we've been facing very significant cuts to our central government grants and and indeed grants from... Surrey Council Council." He reckoned over the last 4-5 years that amounts to a cut of about £5m or about 20% of the council's total budget. "Had we not looked to do something else we would have been facing very, very severe cuts to our services and we believe our residents want and deserve the services that we currently supply." Using government loans to buy houses and rent them out , to subsidise their income
  5. Agreed i was lucky enough that the EU paid for my third level education in engineering
  6. Dyson talking Absolute nonsense re: engineers in the uk. There are some great engineers in the uk. However a lot of the engineering is design and consultancy work, I.e. not linked to manufacturing within the uk engineering is looked down on in the uk in my opinion but as someone once said to me. We always need electrical power, there wil always be a job Large scale manufacturing is gone and won’t return.
  7. hurlerontheditch

    Interest Rates

    Minutes from the latest US Federal Reserve policy meeting show that policymakers felt there was very little risk to halting interest rate rises. Instead, the Fed felt this would give it time to assess the effects of a global slowdown and how rate rises so far have effected the US economy. "Many participants suggested that it was not yet clear what adjustments to the target range for the federal funds rate may be appropriate later this year," the minutes said. "Several of these participants argued that rate increases might prove necessary only if inflation outcomes were higher than in their baseline outlook." Policymakers also felt that it would be good to stop reducing the bonds on its balance sheet before the end of 2019. looks like that’s the end of interest rates rise in the USA
  8. First time buyers have never seen a price crash if they are under 30. They just need access to cash and debt and will proceed. While it frustrates a lot on here I think we are swimming against the current
  9. hurlerontheditch

    What / Who will collapse first in 2019

    its happening in a lot of industries. I know of a large company which shut its UK manufacturing two years ago and relocated a lot of it to Romania and Brazil. the quality has gone down and we end up with a lot of rework but it is still cheaper for the manufacturer to do this. A race to the bottom and I am not sure how this will be stopped
  10. Yes exactly. One thing is to have an end date and a specific project stated in the contract. I have seen over the years contractors doing employee appraisals !
  11. Asking prices for London homes rose this month as owners tested a fragile market before the spring selling season. Values gained 3.4 percent from January to 614,182 pounds ($788,000), property-website Rightmove said in a report published Monday. The seasonal boost still left asking prices in the capital 2.1 percent lower than a year earlier. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-02-18/london-homeowners-test-the-waters-in-brexit-hit-housing-market
  12. 10 years is rediculous !! I do know of someone the same. Who was also on the Isle of Man scam. Makes a mockery of it all. I have had numerous clients over that period and have had periods of no work due to a downturn
  13. I have to disagree. Major projects last more than a year. I have been part of projects that last longer and as soon as your scope is finished you are out ther door

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