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  1. So now it's a period of high or very high inflation but asset values are falling in nominal terms not just real...?
  2. It's a bit odd. Latest disaster is apparently inflation. But you can fix your debt for 10 years at a relatively low rate (below 3% depending on LTV). If you actually believe inflation will be 7% or over long term it's a no brainer. Yes gold or whatever might go up 20% you won't be able to leverage at 3% for 5x your money. That's if you actually believe inflation will get that high long term...
  3. Nope. Your lucky. I said typically. Most who have bought have rented and know the difference. If renting was as secure as it was elsewhere then the pressure to buy wouldn't be the same as it is in the UK. That's not right. But it is sadly reality.
  4. Get that. Tbh I used to think I could time the market in lots of things. Cost me fairly decent amounts. Later on you just know your risk limits. On shares the likes of Tesla arnt for me, but all the best to those that bought at 100 USD at a 200 p/e given its now 900 USD at a 300 p/e, I wouldn't have got that return. Quite happy to hold more dull stuff and eek out a 10 or 15% return a year. Just my risk tolerance. On housing wouldn't personally have the risk tolerance for a new build London flat. But you never know, with the HK coming over might be the best buy out there. However with the tax advantages of home ownership, plus you erm live in it (unlike a share), plus renting is (typically) god awful in the UK, I don't quite get why if you have the opportunity to buy something reasonable why you wouldn't. If your risk tolerance to interest rates is low fix it for 10 years etc. Prices might crash tomorrow, but hey they might not. And at least you can buy your own sodding sofa, paint your walls and pick a school for any kids you have.
  5. Putting the ranting elements to one side... Yes I read your post, direct quote was "so house prices performed slightly better than cash", that statement is wrong. They performed slightly better than inflation in a very high inflation decade, evidencing they are a decent inflation hedge, unlike cash which is terrible. As for mortgage debt not being eroded, fix the rate for 10 years if you genuinely believe above. In the real world you can do so for 2.5%. Not bad, if you genuinely expect inflation to remain at 6% or higher for a decade. This statement below also doesn't stand up to much scrutiny. "This site has been wrong for 20+ years they say. Well unfortunately for them, it doesn't have to be right all the time, it only has to be right once. " Being "right once now", isn't much good if you've spent 20 years renting and missing out on gains. For that statement to be true prices would have to crash to such an extent to hit 2002 levels and Mrs X "idiot on Mumsnet" who maxed out in 2002 I'm sure is really worried about mortgage rates on naff all mortgage left. It's the falicy of timing the market. Will US stocks crash? The answer is yes now as in 2002. I can't tell you when though. So being "right once" is nonsensical. Not ever investing for 20 years plus and missing out on 12% compounded gains would have been stupid in the hope of "being right once" and not caught in a 30% drop.
  6. No house prices beat inflation. Inflation is running at 6% at the moment, remind me what return you get on cash in the bank? Is it 0.1% or 0.2% these days? Rather important point given the latest line, inflation will goto double digits hold cash don't buy now being pushed.
  7. Quite.. the game is up.. virtually everyone has had it at least once. And is quite aware of how "deadly" this is.
  8. Exactly..get a 50k covid loan for Dave's veg stall. Pay yourself it as a divi or a salary. Liquidate Dave's veg stall and start Dave's fresher veg stall. Simples. The utter incompetence in these schemes adminstration should be criminal. At least some had fun though with the huge taxpayer freebie https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-60153095.amp Enjoy the tax rises.
  9. Well quite. Post furlough, there was meant to be as per the sages millions of unemployed scrambling to find any bar job going. Reality is hospitality is having to hike salaries to get anyone in to pull pints. That was one of the better predictions. The "hoard old coins' to barter for goats with in may 2020 being one of the most interesting. Latest one being, inflation running at double digits, but while everything from shoes to cucumbers will soar in price, leveraged assets like housing will collapse. Right you are. Just have a gander at house prices 1971 to 1980.
  10. If you look at their statement they said in support of their case that they had served the guy many times before and would do again, just not with a cake bearing that message. Which seemingly gives a bit more too it than the guy making a storm because he wants to. Ultimately, the line, which is difficult to prove comes down to would they behave the same way to someone who wasn't from X characteristic. I.e I can refuse to serve red cakes, but only if I refuse to serve red cakes to everyone..not just Asian people. Would they made said cake for a hetreosexual person, probably not (?!) Although difficult to evidence. Interestingly the line is very clear cut on those who just refuse to do their job on things like this.. e.g Christian registrar's who don't want to marry gay couples. They lose their job and that's it. Agree the real winners here are the lawyers. And prob bakers in general... I now feel like a cake.
  11. Few issues with this. I doubt one side "lost at every stage" and a quick Google confirms quite the reverse https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-32791239 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-37748681 With reference to, where does the line end.. that was for the courts to decide whether the baker was going against a protected characteristic i.e being unlawful in refusing to provide a service or whether they were refusing for another reason such as not doing "up the IRA". Not an easy one given number of appeals seemingly on both sides. As for "there are plenty of other bakery's", issue with that attitude is extended signs saying "no blacks no dogs no Irish" become acceptable again... Well there are 'other b and bs' and it is 'their home'... Not a place in history most people would like to go back to.
  12. Once you start a business you are bound by and should follow the laws about running said buisness. You know, clean kitchen, not putting snot in the cake, not picking who to sell to based on gender, sexuality, race etc. Of course you are free to invite who you choose into your own dirty kitchen for a snotty cake. That's the distinction
  13. Always fun to see devoutly religious throwing the first stone. Would also suggest it's an interesting thing to advertise. If they had a personal problem selling to X why not just refuse to accept the offer? Why go down it's because your gay line? Did they think they could 'convert' them or some nonsense?
  14. Ah well even the house of lords thinks the whole think was ridiculous https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/lord-agnew-resigns-minister-covid-business-loans-fraudulent-house-of-lords-b978486.html%3famp
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