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  1. Thanks for the assumption i like overpriced coffee. Prefer tea actually. Back in the real world, pension are by far the largest expenditure item for goverment spending so guarenting above inflation increases every year, regardless of wages and tax take has a material impact on public finances in a way a coffee doesn't. For a generation mired in university debt, expensive housing and falling public services despite higher taxes, that impact does seem galling. Particularly when working benefits are all means tested, 16k of savings not a penny of unemployment benefit mate depsite you paying in for decades.. Where as pensions and winter fuel benefits etc are paid to anyone regardless if they have millions in the bank. For the last few years for the first time ever pensioners have higher incomes than working family's. So explain again why pensioner benefits should be non means tested and continue to increase while being funded by a poorer cohort who's wages look set to take a massive hit? And this time rederencing something other than an iced latte.
  2. No i think the triple lock will be suspended as its unsustainable nonsense. As for salary rises its a v shape from furlough distorting the data so you and anyone else wont feel anything unless you lose your job of course.
  3. So you think as wages collapse this year through furlough the triple lock should rise pensions by 2.5% being the minimum rise. You then think it should be kept next year when post furlough wages are expected to rise 18%. To get that full raise while protected from the fall. To give an overall rise in pensions of 20% when the workers who are funding them are facing mass unemployment? Do you think thats reasonable? Or unbelievably selfish
  4. I know people who got cash grants for holiday home rentals. Nice coastal BTL or second home have a taxpayer funded bonus. Mental. https://www.ft.com/content/53a1d365-0eb5-4622-bff3-1e893672260b
  5. Who knows. All i know is chucking 50k cash out the door within 24hours with no checks was madness. Like leaving suitcases of cash around a busy railway station.. As you know you can always catch the theifs later. Okay then... Is it your money.. Oh.. Taxpayers, makes sense.
  6. Ah... I started a thread on this nonsense a while back. If they are being used for supercars does anyone not think they are being used for housing deposits... If you think HMRC will come after the thousands doing this then im afraid you are deluded. Just look at the VAT fraud going on ebay and amazon etc, they dont have the resources. Best to hope for is a token trophy conviction of some particularly unlucky fraudster
  7. Its not a conspiracy theory - they have used their vote and demographic bulge to their benefit.Voted for the triple lock by any chance? Now - the young go hang on a minute... and the screams come out?! Expect people to vote for their own benefit - young as well. Wheres the proof on DB schemes closing for new members? Jesus. Shell were about the last left to close theirs last year. Now its defined contribution like everywhere else - would you rather that? Any takers shifting from DB to defined contribution voluntarily? Thought not. There is no increase or expected increase in life expectancy. Has not been since 2010. Yet this lot of pensioners want to accrue ever more generous benefits for themselves but increase the age ever more for the people they are expecting to pay for it.
  8. Yes funny how the boomer generation didnt campaign for these generous rises when they were paying for them.. oh better wait till we hit the magic number. Then wack up the benefits and lift the ladder for anyone coming in later. Classic. Same with the DB pension schemes - they have a strange tendency to close for new members. To allow those who paid in far too little during their working career for those benefits, to get away with getting all their benefits.. but with current workers getting naff all and paying the shortfall from their contributions as well! 72 is the current white paper going through - people in their 20s / 30s will see the age rise again. Push to make it as high as 75 already - https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/state-pension-age-rise-conservatives-think-tank-centre-for-social-justice-a9064071.html
  9. Nope. Life expectancy in 2010 was 81 years. Life expectancy in 2020 is 81 years. Pension retirement age in 2010 65 years (60 no less if you were a woman). Pension retirement age for a worker in their 20s/30s today is 72. £1k of benefit yearly for a pensioner in 2010 expected amount = 16k for a man 21k for a woman £1k of benefit yearly for a worker today = £9k. Cant see the difference?
  10. Nice deflection. My point is it clearly doesnt. The TL benefits todays pensioners for their full retirement from 65 and they have the minor advantage of not paying for it themselves. For someone in their 20s there expected retirement age is 72 a pretty large increase on no improvement in life expectancy, and whats to say it wont increase in to 77 etc? history suggests it will. So they end up paying in full for their parents cohort to only receive part benefit themselves for a shorter retirement.
  11. Right; and todays workers are in line for higher contributions to fund the longer retirements of their parents (which did not shift high enough fast enough) while also taking on a higher retirement age to decrease the value of their own pension with the pensionable future age now rising despite life expectancy flatlining since ~2011. Add on these guaranteed rises and they are funding someone else pension while ever reducing their own pot in so much as a pot exists.
  12. Still in the CV19 apocalypse cave? Like a Japanese vet 20 years after WW2 you will still be refusing to live your life cooped up somewhere. Under 2.5k deaths under 60 for CV19 of which over 90% had underlying health conditions. 26,610 people killed or seriously injured on the roads each year.
  13. Accept it doesnt. If you retire at 60 and get paid the increased pension you benefit from it for the spread between 60 and your expected death. If you are now due to retire at 72 you get in between the spread between 72 and your expected death, which has not increased in line.
  14. Dont agree with that reference housing benefit LHA rates ars pretty generous these days. In london 2k a month for a 3 bed for example.
  15. To be fair in the debate afterwards boris had a lot of soundbites about Labour and floating a wealth tax. You tax tax tax and we create jobs etc. Cant see this goverment bringing one in. An increase in income tax however
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