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  1. What we are not immortal??! This is news. If what you say is true and our time is limited then how we spend our time is relevant as well as if it ends... Hmmm.
  2. They ran the test for 5 months to allow comparison of number reinfected against infected first time over that period. Immunity doesn't end at five months. Yes lockdown as a cure doesn't work unless you are part of Diane Abbot conference, in which case roll the Tombola and pick any old bull.. No need to see what has happened in the real world. New Zealand is the UK at 8% of the population yadda Yadda
  3. Depends on the scale. For large scale which most of these are prop Co buys assets by issuing a bond or borroeing with a floating charge over the assets. There are obviously banking covenants which are typically interest due as % of free cash flow from the asset and total borrowings as % of assets (loan to value). Offices have been fine as people are still paying. Some of the retail property companies have shot right through the banking covenants as have hotels. Banks in reality did nothing. There's no market for 12 London hotels or a shopping centre at the moment so what's th
  4. Evidently that's not true. You don't want to buy their products but millions do as otherwise they wouldn't be making $6billion profit this year in the midst of a pandemic. No one firm corners a whole market as consumers are ultimately different. Its emotional at best. I personally don't like the iPhone. But it's obviously a decent product from an investment case as it makes such huge profits in mass production. Me just shouting millions don't like how limiting the OS is doesn't take away from that.
  5. Toyota during a global pandemic is forecast to make a $7billion profit this year. That's what matters or should. Just saying their value should be 0.00 based on personal preference is a bizarre emotional way to invest. I like tesla. And I couldn't care less what you call them, car, software, tech, moon shot company.. What I care about boringly is translating that tech into profits that can then be returned to shareholders and when and how much that might be. Which is a function of future profits translated into today's share price. The former you can estimate and the later you know
  6. Well there is something to gain as at current valuations, each car that Toyota sells per year is a valuation of 7,000 USD in their share price. Telsa 2million per delivered car. That spread is insane. If you genuinely think 2mill is the correct number after accounting for growth prospects then Toyota is massively undervalued and therefore a purchase would give a massive instant uplift to a Telsa share price after accounting for the dilution. On top you get a mass production and sales network, workforce etc etc. If be seriously tempted with their current valuation.
  7. Tesla market cap is now $2m per car delivered in 2019. Insane. Remarkable. Etc. Must be tempting to do an equity raise at this mad valuation and buy out a GM or Toyota.
  8. Ha. On a more serious note at some point publisher's have to take some responsibility for the content on their platforms. If tesco sold poisoned chocolate on thier shelves yes the manufacturer should have the book thrown at them but tesco would as well. Why can big tech hide behind we are just a platform, who happens to make big profits off content but its still nothing to do with us...
  9. Agreed. But lcokdown in a country the size of the UK, or France or Italy or Spain etc is being pushed as some form of solution. It's not. It doesn't achieve much other than defferal. Locking down shows or should show other methods have all failed. Instead we have drifted into a default lockdown solution and relied on it as a crutch rather than actually treat the issue. Everyone laughed at belarus with his old vodka cure. What an idiot. If only he did lockdown. And yet... What's the actual difference in outcomes? Was it excess Soviet hospital capacity that allowed that similar outcom
  10. Why is it a binary choice between let it rip? And Chinese style enforced lockdown? There are parts in between. Its a function of disease in vulnerable and hospital capacity. We only asked the vulnerable to shield this week why? Scotland was opening up care homes the same week it locked down, why? Its 9 months of medics warning or a second wave yet we seemingly haven't trained anyone additional to follow a covid pathway in the additional hospital capacity hastily constructed. If you are having a track and trace, pay people to isolate. Any breach no matter how
  11. So again nothing what a surprise. Compare South Korea to the UK but not Sweden to Belgium. That would be ridiculous!!!! Only Norway as a direct neighbour please. France, Spain have all gone down a severe lockdown route and got nowhere. Germany had some success with track and trace but even that looks sadly broken now there. Even Iceland hasn't managed a zero covid route depsire it's size and relative geographical isolation. Of course it's South Korea and New Zealand, are the only handpicked comparisons that you can use. Argentina? Ha no totally different unlike South Ko
  12. Does anyone know if Congress has the power to remove trump now rather than 12 days time? This is pathetic. And yes just watched that twitter post.
  13. How many dead if they started firing? Given the amount of guns walking around there now That was the choice put to those officers in a split second decision.
  14. Trump worst president ever will be his legacy with this . Even Nixon didn't push for violence.
  15. So no answer to the actual question. Just a list of unrelated garb. Fair enough. Have you ever considered the reason why no western European country has gone for the "elimination route" is that at rates of decline observed through lockdowns don't lead to an elimination in 5 weeks, or 10 or even 50 in a large country without an authoritarian regime.. Of course not. Accepting that something that works in NZ and the Isle of Mann doesn't, and has not in France or Spain actually involves looking at what has happened over the course of lockdowns here and elsewhere. At least the brain trus
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