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  1. 10m people die a year. It's a vast country. Your base case is 10\12 which is very approx 800k or so for the month of April. (I get seasonality but no idea to be frank what it is for April). Over 4x the totality of the covid deaths reporting so far, in one month. I'd suggest the current count is low as anyone who has died from covid recently or anything to be frank hasn't been reported but hard to see how you get upto a big % on top. As I've stated covid is clearly inflecting a terrible toll on India but from the media reports you lot are lapping up it's the plague of Justinian
  2. 2% would be over the nation. Of course if you read reports would be 200%. But what's context? Never sold a paper. Will wait see what excess deaths are for 2021. I'm sure yourself and the daily mail will have them at double the normal deaths? After all the cremotria have melted and there are piles of bodies on the street are there not? Or will the hyperbole just be the sale of clicks or papers.
  3. Nah you are right. Cremotoriums can't cope with burning bodies. It's why they designed them according and why all cremotoriums have ceased working after burning bodies rather than references to "some" from an "unknown source".
  4. No. Covid is taking an horrible toll on India. Just look at the deaths thousands per day. The media however are reporting as if by the end of 2021, the cremotria have melted due to all the deaths, nothing else matter just think of covid. Bodies lining the street, can't move for them. In reality covid won't hit top 5 causes of death in India for 2021. The vast majority of cremotoriums will cope with an increase in useage of under 5% otherwise they are frankly not fit for purpose and all the rest of the hyperbole will disappear. You are just lapping up any form of dis
  5. Steel melts at 1,750 C. Wood burns at 600 C. Unless it's a covid body burning. Nobody is stating India is anything other than awful situation. It's nonsense like above that drives hysteria and likes of moinsor dictator to demand his troops on the ground.
  6. Standard lack of relative risk. If only you DID understand maths or numbers would be a start. Don't worry every year you will be fed with a risk you can't comprehend the scale of. Often they sadly will be involve brown people if this countries media is anything to go by.
  7. Well no, 2 million would be 10x India's current death count and get into the top 5 causes of death there this year.. that's bad. 20 million, would be 100x the current count, and do triple the expected death count for the year. That's really bad. 200miklion is 20% of the population and that's biblical plague of Justinian bad. Note you can have varying levels. By reporting zombie apocalypse or plague of Justinian bad when erm.. it's not in the top 20 causes of death this year you risk being accused of hyperbole, particularly if it does actually get worse. After the steel i
  8. Let me guess you example was steel melting in cremotoriums as you read it in the daily mail? We are immortal without covid. You can't consider other issues nor deaths.
  9. India doesnt have a health care system to be overwhelmed, particularly in rural areas.. hence why sadly over 2m children a year die of diahorrea. It's that context that is completely missing in press coverage to an absurd level. Which is why people like yourself say but the NHS didn't run of oxygen in Rotherham.. Note how the media isn't complaining how the UK is giving vaccines to 40 year olds who could help, nor for a material is impact is campaigning for the USA to give up their AZ stockpile. Nah course not. Just feeding a doom mongering nonsense about the melting poin
  10. They why not comment in a reasonable manor with the perfectly reasonable point of why paying less on a mortgage than rent is an opportunity cost? It's been picked up by most but you were all too keen to dismiss with a tedious roll of eyes.
  11. And as I said from my first post (page 1) I totally understand from personal circumstances how such a situation can arise. I also stated that anyone who has the full value of a house in cash, is giving up that full value in an opportunity cost. None of this is debated nor contested at least by myself. However, as you well know your average FTB doesn't have enough cash to buy a house outright. Extending your personal retired situation to them and saying, look at the opportunity you are giving up makes no sense whatsoever.. as they don't have the cash nor opportunity to buy
  12. Nah don't ask that. They have no answer as to why paying less each month on a mortgage than renting, and therefore saving money is an opportunity cost.. instead it's a tedious you just understand. Having more money to invest in shares or bitcoin or your own business is an opportunity nobody would want. Instead have less money and pay off a landlords mortgage. Opportunity ahoy
  13. Nah, just pointing out the lunacy of media claims of "steel melting in cremotoriums", and giving context to a situation. The way that terrible governments like Boris get away with it is that the media and useful morons portray a situation as the zombie apocalypse and then.. low betide when it doesnt come to pass.. people think a good job done has been achieved. See the recent Boris bounce. Never mind the endless lockdowns left us with the worst death count per million in Europe and economy.. irrelevant! He's done a great job as everyone hasn't died.. look even children are back at sc
  14. Clearly something is very wrong. Delhi hospitals are running out of oxygen. Rural hospitals don't exist. But have covid bodies changed the melting point of steel? As the totally non hyberbolic article moinsor dictator referenced.. Is this an "unprecedented crisis" in a country that has over 2m deaths of children under 5 a year. There are a host of ways to report something. The default for most clicks is utopia or zombie apocalypse. Reality is almost always in between. As this thread has shown, public doesn't care for context. Give em zombie apocalypse and they will lap it u
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