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  1. had my house fund with them now got my mortgage with them, very happy
  2. go for it, i waited and saved hard lived like a tramp for 4 years, got mine in feb dream house dream location 35k below value, big deposit small mortgage lodger paying all but £50 of it happy days lifes alot less stressful now
  3. ive just bought my house 135k 95k mortgage £450 a month my lodger who is also a solid friend, offerd me £450 for a room and all bills inc i said £400 he happy im happy all is good
  4. my area ive been searching for 4 yrs now was steady at 11k within 3 months its now at 16k midlands
  5. i do feel it for the southerners even with a good sized crash, thier sttill gonna have to pay double for the same house in the midlands thier are two groups on here the investors and they,ll wait until whenever as its all about money for them, then thiers people who want a home i got my house just befor christmas waited 5 yrs got it 35k below and am very happy its certainly took alot of stress off my shoulders and the pause button off my life
  6. friend of mine has owned his house for around 10 years, he works building films sets on location around the world, to date hes spent 1 full year thier, its rented the rest of the time problem free, you can have the best of both.
  7. i have non of the above with the house ive just brought, they havnt changed the forsale sign to sold, theyve just pulled it out of the ground and layed it down i did get it at a great price, and it was put on low to sell, maybe thier using it to steer punters onto other properties
  8. tescos at the moment is terrible for jacking up prices, i work away and buy the same items weekly befor i go away, some of those items ive seen double in price within a week, thier even putting things in thier value range up by an average of 25% id look at lidl and aldi to invest in, i use them in the town were i work for essentials and the car parks are nearlly always full i even saw a new bentley parked outside on monday sign of the times methinks
  9. maths worked out for me in november, was very lucky house came on 15k below, average on the street i offerd 10k lower accepted no chain will rent for 650-720 40k deposit mortgage for 95k 2 yrs fixed 450 a month, i know this isnt typical, owner died children wanted quick sale to split the cash, couldnt have got a better house or location for the money.
  10. just the thought of it was bitter enough sorry you had to experience it, to feel real freedom is to live outside of the system i have done so know it, it sure does make you realise what a con the system is
  11. no curry,s store has 30 plus staff more like 10 lol ive worked for dsg for many years
  12. its true all you can do is spend it, i had 50k in savings for my house, and a few months ago i was looking down the barrel or the redundancie shotgun, and for me to have lived off that until it was down to 16k befor i qualified for bennies was not gonna happen, luckily my notice was recinded, sufice to say ive now just bought my house and have nothing in the bank
  13. heartless selfish atitude, and an atitude that seems to be the norm in this country now sadly, thier are huge families milking our system for millions, are these families ever going to get on thier feet to work? are they ******!! i was registerd disabled after a serious crash, i was brain damaged and had to have my legs rebuilt it took me 5 years to be able to walk unaided i had more tests for benifits disability ect than i can remember, they all concluded id never work again (construction) or walk without a stick i wasnt able to string a sentance together they said 10 yrs to partially recover from brain damage its been 11 now and i have fully recoverd apart from punctuation lol i got compo for pain and suffering ive worked all my life and got straight back to work soon as could it was painful. then i got a letter from dwp claiming back all the disability ect i had all 52k of it i paid my taxes from day 1 into this crooked corrupt system, makes my blood boil that genuine people like this lady get treated like criminals for being able to manage thier money better than the debted up idiots, i,ll take whatever i can get out of them at every opertunatey from now until my dieing day bastads
  14. im working in boston right now have been for the past 4 months, i can tell you why!! i got disorientated the first week on the job (construction boston pilgrim hospital) i thought "why are their so many cockneys on the job this far up" on getting to know the lads turns out they are all bostonians, due to a massive influx of southerners snapping up in thier eyes cheap houses and settling here everybodys like "awhite me old china" and mad about eastenders lol i can see areas with atractive prices bucking the trend for a while, until all the southerners that have been priced out, have left
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