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  1. More expensive labour doesn't reduce the profits of the house builder. It reduces the price of the land the house is built on.
  2. The article sounds like a begging letter from a remoaner. We cant keep letting in 300,000 people and only build 100,000 house.
  3. I now feel like the poor cousin. I only made 24k since brexit. Fundsmith is only up 35.92% YTD and last year was even worse only up 24.41% http://www.hl.co.uk/funds/fund-discounts,-prices--and--factsheets/search-results/f/fundsmith-equity-class-i-accumulation/charts I have got a good mind to o give Terry a ring and tell him to pull his finger out.
  4. I think the george gallaway film is out on the 27th. THE KILLING$ OF TONY BLAIR.
  5. And to think all the EU had to do was limit immeragration into this country to 100,000 and we would still be in. But they just called the people wanting limits name instead.
  6. Well the pound has fallen and the gilts yield has fallen. I would say the market is expecting a cut wouldn't you?
  7. Well I'm up over £9000 today. So it doesn't seem black to me.
  8. All I can do is apologies I was using flawed logic I can now see my mistake now. I thought I could pair up the tenant and the LL as an economic unit and say it was the same as an OO buying a house.LL acting as middle man I could see the corrosive effect the relationship would have on the tenant but as you say we all make our own choices. However I was wrong. After the crash in the early 90's The wisdom I came away with was when house prices reached a level where FTB couldn't afford them they were in a bubble phase and would come back down. This wisdom I thought I could use for life so I was amazed when house prices stayed up. BTL has changed all that. it's got nothing to do with what FTB can afford now. A house now is worth what it's rent can borrow with a IO mortgage.All HPI being thrown into the next house This doesn't just effect renters it effects everybody BLT has changed the whole dynamics of the housing market. I am even starting to wonder if the liar loans being thrown at the OO was done just so the OO could compete. (but that would mean that the banks did these loans with good intentions )
  9. Just two that stand out from the original post Borrowing money to invest doesn't require savings If people are saving and not spending why would anyone invest in a new product that no one will buy?
  10. Generally when I have seen posts about evil BTL LL I have tended to ignore them. My view was If you climb into bed with them this is what happens. Also by doing so you are helping to out bid (my hero's) young people that stay in their childhood bedrooms and save. However I have been thinking what happens when one of my hero's comes across one of these monsters with a 100 BTL's in his belly at an auction. Coming to the end of the auction my hero sticks his hand up one last time knowing that the debt he takes on will land him in financial slavery for the rest of his life. He out bids the monster by £1,000. Does the monster walk away with his tail between his legs? Far from it by out biding him he has set a new higher price a £1000 higher and seeing as he has 100 BTL's he walks out of the auction room £100,000 richer. He is bound to win the next auction. The LL wins when he wins he also wins when he loses. BTL is pure evil.
  11. The cause of the cycle was ignorance. ignorance of politicians and ignorance by me. I didn't know what happened would happen. So I can't blame tenants or anybody else. Why shouldn't a youngster decided to go out and rent a house and get on with his life.(no reason I can see) Noone had predicted what a disastrous choice that would be.(if they had a choice) I didn't come on here to upset people. But I think it is important that people understand the feed back loop higher house prices leading to a higher propendency to rent.More BTL The BTL beast needs to be slain. Maybe a change to CGT. If a BTL landlord has got millions of pounds worth of capital gains owing when he sells his houses maybe he must pay 5% a year of what he owes while he still has them
  12. Council houses should never have been sold off. BTL should never have been brought in. Can't you see what has happened? It has been a feed back loop. Bland Unsight is right when he says that BTL pushed up house prices and as house price have gone up the time it takes to save a deposit has gone up making more people decide to rent instead. and the cycle repeats it's self.
  13. Renting is just queue jumping.If they band BTL everybody would have to save and buy. People that rent push up house prices for those that want to buy and make the years they have to spend in their childhood bedroom even longer. If you say you had no choice that your parents kicked you out then you should be thanking the BTL LL because without him you would be living under a bridge.
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