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  1. Structures like that would place limits on occupancy though, wouldn't they? Like a holiday home? 10mnths (or summat.) max? It is a great link. thanks to the OP.
  2. Mostly reasonable thinking, but really, like from most hacks these days, for 'England' read 'London and the SE.' & Basements in London? Nice in theory, but all that water table buy some waders.
  3. Geologically speaking, pretty much the whole of the N kent coast is soft as shite. Clays, silts and chalk. The romantic beauty spot of Reculver down the way is a pretty fair portrait of the coast prior to the 20th century. Huge amounts of money have been spent on sea defences from Tankerton to Whitstable. They'll be good for 50 yrs structurally assuming no major sea level rise. Your point is pretty much correct though, much of the coast here is reclaimed marshland. The sea wants it back. At some point it will get it. Locals just bet on it being the next generation, not ours.
  4. I know. Some of the favoured streets for the 2nd home types are all well below surge level. When there's another flood like '53, they're fooked.
  5. Yes, many. Further east down the coast there's one of the largest fields in the UK. Without getting into an argument about them though, I like 'em.
  6. My link (You'll need property bee for the history) Perhaps I should have posted this in May when we could all have celebrated the 3rd birthday of this house on the market!? Maybe we could have sent them a card? "Love [email protected]" Anyhow, for those without the bee the significant dates are: 12 May 2009 - £1,000,000 07 May 2010 - £1,100,000 (I love that one given subsequent entries!) 03 July 2010 - £965,000 (still there a month later, no one could have foreseen that.) 09 Aug 2011 - £875,000 Today - £799,950 (the real value?) Now, all fun of course, but look what over one million pounds might have bought you? That 'Italian designed' kitchen stands out. It looks to be a low spec. laminate worktop? Perhaps it's solid wood, but at that price most would expect granite or 'Corian'? Wonder what the units are...? The area is nice, and the view lovely, but your access to the seafront isn't immediate*. The exterior hard landscaping - my regular peeve - is just shit. Again, for a million pounds, I want at least £5000 worth of landscaping! Do people that have the money to buy places like this really have such wooden eyes that they don't see things like this? *2 *an understatement; there's a rail line between you and the front for one thing. *2 I fear this is the case, the plot appears to contain four new builds. THree of which are no longer on rightmove. Madness, if true.
  7. Excellent research. Thanks. It's horrifying to see that 'improvements' outside generally mean block paving anything and everything. It's so ugly.
  8. Yes, I read that piece. Perhaps i'm wrong to, but I just couldn't take it seriously when the RICS report points at less buyers, not more. Also, the availabilty of mortgages the piece talks about is still dire and likely to get worse - I noticed a headline of banks being downgraded in triple figures on the front page that I'm off to read now.
  9. links to exciting interactive graphs. That plot ratios of [insert Country Here] debts as compared to : Bonds. GDP. Gold. The elderly. soft fruit. the eventual heat death of the universe.
  10. Similar stories then. In terms of price on a semi-d. the average was about £15 cheaper than the previous year! (There are better websites for those kinds of charts and graphs, I forget where. ><) Thing is I don't actually hear much mainstream noise about stamp duty and can't reckon on it being much of a factor. The N. Kent coast is a wierd enough place anyway, much as I love it. Parts like the Medway or Margate are mostly dirt poor and stuffed to rafters with boarded up shops and immigrants, seemingly with a lot of free time. Margate's much the same but has just got some charm about it and a bohemian edge in places. Where I am, though sales are relatively quick if the house is even half decent and prices are certainly dropping at the upper end especially. Som of those places sit on the market for months/even years. Not that it's a market I'm likely to investigate personally.... I think London and the suburbs keeps many people working more easily than S. Wales will?
  11. total new to market Jan, 2010 300 (est) 80 (est.) Jan, 2011 458 76 Jan, 2012 559 115 The RICS report hinted in its graphs at a continued and increasing buyers drought and increasing volume. For my postcode 2011 saw a pretty flat line of marketed properties all through the year. January's increase has been typically larger but we're already nearly at summer volumes. Are people just trying to beat the tax deadline? I hope not, as the more houses skulking unsold the better. Is eveyone seeing the same trend for this Jan?
  12. This thread reminds me that my brother did exactly that, albeit with 'profit' from a house sale; a yellow Ducatti something or other (no interest myself.) which he rode about twice in the year he kept it and then sold on. Now being self-employed he's more concerned with finding enough business to fill the week.
  13. Even by our building standards, they're rubbish at it.
  14. Thanks. I'll recommend that to Mrs. Sod. It'll be useful to her on her upcoming degree.
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