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  1. gather you've not been reading the papers for the last year or so ? we are printing money to pay those benefits ie devaluing the very benefit you are "so lucky to be receiving" that's why your benefits soon won't be enough to buy those "food and other groceries, gas, electric, and water" next you'll be cooking on a gas bottle, having a cold bucket bath, eating dhal bhat x1/day &n living by candle light. will there come a tine when we must cook on rocket stoves, make newspaper firewood bricketts, preheat water with improvised hosepipe solar heaters, keeps rabbits/chuckies/allotments again ? I've got a pal who drilled a hole in the side of his multifuel stove, microbore pipe, dripping old engine oil onto wood - he got through winter ! told tyres burn well, chip board, mdf......when it's cold you do what you have to -- yes I know pallets have mercury coated nails & mdf has formaldehyde......when it's cold screw the planet IM COLD I've spent years living in nepal, watching how to live as well as you can on 1$/day - I knew one day this day would come
  2. the divide & conqueror strategy worked with you - your anger should be directed to the architects of this system not the forced participants. the policy makers are the evil gnomes pitting one section against the other all the while creaming off labour/wealth/tax.....the propergandists pumping out 'om message' bulletins on the 24hr news cycle 1984 style. work pays work pays work pays work pays mathematics says different - the more numerate cattle downsize / change lifestyle
  3. seems like only yesterday he was booted out for selling passports ! proper little crim Vaz, annoyingly he only elected on ethnicity too. politics in the UK is fecked, Vaz typifies this whole shitstorm
  4. 2 folks at tescos/min wage can buy a 3 bed at moldgreen for 70K
  5. If miltiKulti land is so great why do the BBC show "escape the 3rd world slums" , err I mean "escape to the country" all the time ? It's all about the long term Vs short term, if they import slaves from the worst societies in the world ie somalia,pakisthan, Afghan etc then we become like them. ethnic cleansing eventually leads to full blown civil war. look at the lengths the services go to to protect social cohesion - societies should hold themselves together internally w/o the need for external threats ie inherently unstable does that answer how it's affects your life ?
  6. don't forget zero rate vat on new builds red brick is a cheap material compared to stone! red brick is much easier to build with as it's uniform ie less time, less money. prefab /manufactured roof, with a good plan you can reduce costs by 20K with very little external alteration does have a nice finish though so I'll meet you in the middle at 210K.
  7. materials / build cost = 150-180K land cost (should be) circa 30K cost if new build = 200-210K however it's not a new build, lets say 180-190K as it looks in goodnick endof !
  8. it's a water tight case for mass gun ownership.......got guns ? the states power really falls back when the populus are armed to the teeth, every little decision would have to be considered against the "powerful individual" a victory towards more freedom !
  9. needed to get some sand blasting done on my york flags. phoned stand blaster/patio cleaner mobile fella, yer meet me at the yard 1pm after my job - cost 20quid for 2m2 phone rings at 10.30 "I can meet you now if you like" get chatting, how are things ? crap, 2 years ago he had 10 employees, now it's just him & he's struggling big time. the job he went to didn't work out, they wouldn't pat his rate
  10. but as established many banker are jewish ! let's try a different way to explain.... human frailty; some folks are 'less smart' than others, 'smarter' people prey on these folks. It's could be the rouge tradesman, the divorce laywers or the bankers selling their 'wares' to chav's. as incogman says what goes around come around - it's karma brother. personally I don't like connecting banking & jewishness, more like zionism to banking
  11. that's like blaming a child for eating icecream & getting fat. who provides the icecream to "enable" this process, who are the enablers ? puppet masters
  12. videos like incogman on youtube are either (i)outright lies & fabrication (ii)have components of truth that match your comment the powers that be have a few options (i)ban these comments & media & prosecute distributors for inciting racial/religious hatred (ii)do nothing & hope if the TPTB are jewish dominated, what do you think will happen ? right back to the turner diaries....just getting into it
  13. 45->26 bucks not the best investment over the last 6 months. factor in this against background inflation of 10% (real figure-ish) and it's a wipe out. why so bad ? gold ain't much better, oil & all commodities are heavily down in spite of massive QE - don't get it !
  14. Ralph was a full blown version miliband family histroy on newsnight
  15. but when combined with his cartoon "oval mouth" he's like a sesame st character ! to add insult to injury, this bandit was spouting his filth on the same issue keith "the crim" vaz "On 11 June 2001, Vaz was officially dismissed from his post as Europe Minister, to be replaced by Peter Hain. The Prime Minister's office said that Vaz had written to Tony Blair stating his wish to stand down for health reasons." His wiki summary reads like a criminal rap sheet, what right minded cabinet would employ a person with his record - shambels
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