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  1. Dude I miss Erranta... he/she would have had a field day with all those U's and N's.... good times....
  2. Hi guys, interesting link here: Gold4BitCoins.co.uk I've got a couple of BTC which I bought as a punt a year ago or so and I'm sorely tempted to convert to some more Sovs.... Caveat emptor --- I've never heard of these guys.. they could be a complete bunch of scammers.. Anyone use them before? EDIT: Found these guys as well... BitGild seem to have much better prices
  3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/labour/10471476/Labour-Party-cashed-in-on-cheap-loans-from-Co-op.html Unbelievable. I'm not going to get into Red vs Blue here, I'm sure the Tories have a similar vehicle....
  4. Hi, Would appreciate any help. We signed a fixed term tenancy agreement starting 01 July 2013 for 12 months. The contract states that after 4 months, we can give 2 calendar months notice. We have found alternate accommodation and wish to exit the agreement asap. Since it is now the end of October 2013 I believe that we are within our rights to offer a letter of notice for the calendar months of November and December. Is there anything we should be aware of before we notify the LA in writing? Are there any stock letters that we can base our letter on? Thanks in advance! Jim
  5. Apparently aggregate Segway demand is also down...
  6. The BBC are trotting out the headline without examining the implications. Shale Gas, Shale Oil, Tar Sands & Bioenergy crops have an utterly miserable EROEI which, coupled with the fact that we don't have many cars, aircraft or ships powered by natural gas means that the light sweet crude which has powered the last century is never going to be replaced at the current price. Of course if the western world is comfortable with £5/litre petrol and a £4 pint of milk then by all means believe the BBC hype that these alternate sources will save the day. Our only real option is to travel back in time 40 years and allocate a large proportion of the then cheap energy into upgrading and retooling the grid and building 1000s of nuclear plants and even thorium reactors.
  7. SocGen seem to think $150 is possible with a base case of $125.. welcome back to 2008 http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-08-27/socgens-shocking-oil-forecast-150-upside-125-base-case-following-syrian-attack-withi
  8. This racism debate needs to move on. I'm culturist, not racist. I genuinely believe that some cultures are objectively inferior to others. Inferior in terms of their adherence to despicable bronze age mythologies, their views on women and homosexuality and their inability to adapt, co-exist or integrate. The moment you take the person their skin colour out of the equation this becomes remarkably easy to understand.
  9. Sure, and what exactly was the average house price in Swansea in those days??
  10. I'm a fan of Garth Turner when it comes to the Canadian housing market. http://www.greaterfool.ca/2013/06/20/blogonomics/
  11. Apart from general apathy and ignorance the reason I believe that many Gen X'ers and GenY'ers are secretly delighted to see house prices rise even if they rent is that they expect to inherit a house(s). I know of a couple of people my age who expect to inherit a paid for 3 bed semi in places like Surbiton and Richmond from their Boomer parents. Many are couples and therefore expect to inherit TWO. Since these houses are 'worth' between £500,000 and £1million it's basically like being guaranteed a lottery win in the next 20 years. Therefore they either have massive IO mortgages and the repayment plan is the sale of the parents house or they rent knowing full well that they will have a house paid for dropped into their laps. This is why you find so many '30 somethings' sitting on the sidelines saying nothing about stagnant wages and HPI, and are taking massive gambles on IO mortgages. They have a massive perceived safety net. Just my 2 pennies worth.
  12. You can all thank me for today's dip in Gold. I bought a few sovereigns at £218 last night. By the time they get delivered they'll probably be worth £170. Your welcome.
  13. I think that the government should step in. They could set up a scheme called Help to Watch, which gives every qualifying cinema goer a £100 towards the cost of the ticket and popcorn. Maybe then a vibrant market of canny investors will emerge who can block buy seats and then 'let them out' to those who don't qualify for the loan. What could possibly go wrong?
  14. The BBC (or any state funded broadcaster) should focus on three things. Innovation, Incubation and information. Let them incubate genuinely new talent, innovate new formats (comedy, light entertainment etc) and deliver high quality, informative, documentaries and current affairs. Simple. When the talent gets popular, sell them. When a format get's popular, sell it. There are plenty of low-risk commercial channels happy to pick up the next Britains Got Talent or Strictly Come Dancing on Ice.... I'd pay my £10 month for that.
  15. Thanks for the advice, I'm up this weekend for a drive around with the family and will try to hit the areas you mentioned.
  16. This is what I'm sensing too.** In Japan you are now seeing what happens when the CB's lose patience with the reflation-via-private-banks model: they buy equity and real estate loans directly, thus circumnavigating private banks. This will not end well. **Of course these predictions always exclude the occurrence of a black swan event, as we all know.
  17. Remember. House prices can only go because they're not making any more land. Oh wait.
  18. You are so right. I've sold all my gold and silver and have bought AAPL, FTSE, NS&I and a BTL portfolio. The world's problems are over, and we are in for a period of growth and stability the likes of which we haven't seen since the end of the cold war! Nothing can possibly go wrong!
  19. Whenever I read this anti-austerity, pro Keynesian crap I'm reminded that it was Keynes who suggested that “digging ditches is preferable to doing nothing” and proclaimed that the dawn of the Second World War meant that “the end of abnormal unemployment is in sight”. Wasting finite global resources to prop up nominal GDP is frankly laughable, and borderline psychotic.
  20. I'm not actively watching any properties at the moment, but I do read the Comments on the housing Telegraph articles and the shift towards a 99% bearish attitude to house prices over the past few months is astounding. Almost every comment is expressing dismay at high house prices and gets double digit Recommends, whereas the rare Bullish comment ends up with 4 rebuttals and maybe 2 Recommends... this certainly wasn't the case last year... My 2ps worth
  21. Theoretically correct perhaps, except you have conveniently ignored the fact that the gap between the richest and the poorest has widened to unprecedented levels. You have also ignored the role of interest, with which debt is created. This interest means that it isn't a simple zero sum game.
  22. Maybe this is a crack up boom, however personally I can't buy physical for love nor money. Everyone is out of stock and has been since last week. Are you sure the guy on the phone was't trying to offload a stack of worthless GLD ETFs???
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