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  1. If it was all included it would be very cheap. I am expecting there are other bills. What would concern me is it being near a major road and a junction opposite. The bed is nearest to that road as well and a high speed car crash at that junction would be a worry.
  2. If a living wage can be obtained by the addition of top up benefits then it would be ace for some people - Especially ace for the govt figures. Not so good for the growing benefits bill though. For someone not entitled to any benefits/hand outs and trying to run a house alone - not so good. (i'd assume)
  3. Why be a brickie for £100k a year when you could just as easily be a binman for £70k+ with far less hassles ? or so another article will say somewhere..
  4. Isn't childcare more than national minimum wage though, so unless about £10+ an hour wage it's a non starter?
  5. Little did they know, quick as a flash you could've put them both on their arses..
  6. Flexible part time workforce, self employed, workfare, parent/s between school times, also around the summer holidays the workload is at it's lowest.
  7. I know the Royal Mail operation are looking at Mums to deliver between school times.
  8. I remember a guy I know who worked at one of the main supermarkets had wanted a last minute day off. The boss said it could be arranged if someone else could cover on overtime. Of about 5 people who could/would of covered it they didn't because "they would of been working for nothing" with tax credits involved.
  9. Indeed, there's a lot of pressure being put on posties to deliver big workloads. Trouble is a lot of the blokes are their own worst enemies by coming in before their start times, cutting corners, carrying heavy bags, not using the correct equipment etc and trying to gain a bit of time back on the easier days ie finish early.
  10. There's too many managers in Royal Mail in general. For small offices they're only really needed for an hour or two in the morning at best, and in the bigger offices there's just too many layers. Often they clear off early and go down the gym or whatever. Work place coaches have been added to many offices, ie pay a postie £30 quid a week extra to organise things, this will probably end up reducing the managerial count around the county. I know you have to keep a group of blokes in line but the numbers of managers could be cut a fair bit nationwide with little effect on overall performance.
  11. A whippet and a strong spot light makes for good catches, so a mate told me.
  12. ?.. The postal service has been open to everyone for the best part of a decade now. Also second class mail mostly arrives at the same time as a first class letter. TNT and the like pay Royal Mail a few peanuts to deliver letters the final mile for most places, or at least have done up to now for that decade with TNT now delivering to Cities and big Towns only, cherry picking if you like. If you average out the price of sending a letter from the last 20 years it's been cheap as chips really. Even now it's not too bad really (for a one off letter anywhere in the country)
  13. bugger, my partner recently threw out a perfectly decent pair of my slippers.
  14. standard practise for all supermarkets i'd guess. more chance of you putting other stuff into your basket rather than your initial set amount of normal stuff.
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