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  1. The mortgage lenders agree with you here, I suppose the Chancellor never bothered to read Basel III.
  2. Sorry, seems intuitive and they may in the short term but CBs and governments can trash currency and sit on the sidelines/buy bonds until the whole system unwinds. I now see that they will, I once thought as you but I have stared into the abyss and seen their dark hearts.
  3. His central argument is that interest rates will eventually rise. They will not. Not even in the face of wild inflation because it will trigger a wave of global sovereign defaults.
  4. The Conservative party here suffers from the same problem as the GOP in the US. It's weighed down with Oligarch and Plutocratic demands and has been drained of all conservatism by the demands of Globalism as it cannibalizes the middle-class. Trump is trying to reform the party in the US, we have no such reformer.
  5. Sunak is 100% Blairite, if the Labour party had won the last two elections he'd be in the Labour party. He's out to spend as much as he can so that the government can do business with his old friends in the City who will lend them everything they need. This will then be used as justification for tax rises to destroy whats left.
  6. IR35 is going to ruin that route. That was planned before all this, makes me wonder if this wasn't all intended.
  7. No, still waiting. No refund. No emails. Calls fobbed off. Even the booking online which once was marked with "pending refund" now says "case closed".
  8. The WHO are corrupt. It has been well established that they have been disseminating poor advice in order to compromise the response of selected countries.
  9. Yes. Waiting for them to get back to us on the complaint. I'm not holding my breath though, even they are not prepared for everyone to be claiming.
  10. We are looking to lose about £4,000 in air fares as they each will only offer vouchers with short redemption periods to places where the hotels are likely to either go bust or become undesirable/unaffordable within the redemption period. Hope the bastards go bust.
  11. We are one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Also with a very high proportion of people who are physiologically not suitable for life in such a northern, wet and grey Island but worst of all an utterly incompetent Civil Service who have a natural dislike of the incumbent government and secretly hope a good crisis will usher in the government they would prefer. The way was demonstrated by the Vietnamese and a few others but our government worships large organisation such as the WHO and Globalization; so our borders remained open and they took advice from liars.
  12. Yup. Budget set for massive tax increases as if the economy is booming. This government is run by the stupid. Need to cut, cut, cut - stimulate demand side.
  13. Current employment problems have little to do with automation or even changes in the automobile industry. Debt exhaustion and asset price inflation have tapped-out the consumer. This is the consequence of the 2008 bailouts, the last gasp of globalization before it collapses.
  14. I disagree with all of it. Everything is fine if you take state figures at face value but it's not hard to show that they are a sham. A majority of Chinese banks are insolvent and close to collapse. Large portions of exports are exported at a loss in order to keep factories open. I'm not going to spend hours of my time providing the figures, there are a lot of seasoned China analysts on twitter and the web who publish these figures - even Bloomberg has turned China bear.
  15. This is where the guy burns his credibility. China is in the worst position of any country in the world. We are on the brink of an emerging economy financial crisis.
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