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  1. The 1688 Bill of Rights - an Act of Parliament that restated key elements of the Common Law and which has been ruled in court as a constitutional act that cannot be "impliedly repealed" - ie a later Act that repeals some of its provisions is invalid unless it uses express language to state that the Bill of Rights or parts of it are being repealed - was meant to prevent such an expansion of executive power. This was why the Bill of Rights prevents fines without a court process (hello - parking fines! HMRC fines! etc...) and HMRC rifling your bank account is the same principle or an even worse abuse. Don't expect the judges to uphold the law thought - as they live off the taxes and want the gravy train to continue!
  2. You sound like a scrounger who seeks Legal Aid as lawyer's benefit. Legal aid should be totally abolished, forcing down lawyers' rates. We should end no win, no fee, and simplify the process for litigants in person. Why do you insist on receiving state money? You're just a glorified welfare sponger.
  3. [quote name=Oh Well ' timestamp='1393487049' post='1102474898] Police not interested. Fraud is a civil matter! Actually, no. Fraud is a criminal offence - if you can realistically argue that a lettings agency has defrauded you. Fraud is not a civil matter. But the police are unlikely to accept that the behaviour of a lettings agency does amount to fraud, rather than just being a minor dispute about money that doesn't meet the definition of fraud.
  4. I'm wondering if the Ukraine defaults on their debt, and take down the Russian banks with them, what sort of chain reaction there could be? Could this be the start of the second leg of the great slump globally? See http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment/10655777/Ukraines-economy-more-fragile-than-its-uneasy-peace.html for a discussion of the default looming.
  5. Cuba Uruguay Nicaragua and Trinidad
  6. I'm afraid you are misinformed. You believe the entirety of government spending is funded by personal taxation. You believe there is no such thing as VAT or corporation tax or excise duty. You are misinformed. Even if personal taxation was exempted for those who choose not to vote, the government would still have the half of tax revenue that doesn't derive from personal taxation to provide basic public services to the population. (See Hong Kong where public spending is just 20% of GDP for evidence that the UK could, eventually, whittle the state down to that level.) Isn't it amazing that ordinary people, such as the people in this thread, spout state propaganda without realising they heard it first on the BBC - we have people hear propagandising for personal taxation and claiming those who don't pay income tax can't walk on the road - that is covered by VAT and other income streams. This is getting silly.
  7. Well, in a way you're right. Utah is Mormon - but that is another way of saying that Utah has one of the highest white percentages of US states - and that probably is a reason why the project is a success. Suck in the African-American underclass, and you might find that handing out apartments only led to more and more drug dens...
  8. This programme just proves what a high social cost high property prices have. Crime rates and A&E visits by the homeless are a part of a whole complex of issues that would be solved by reasonable property prices.
  9. Let me add, when I say "any level of violence", I do include homicide. If you squat in someone's home, you are in my eyes an outlaw. If you get killed - you had it coming.
  10. The proof is: they are in someone else's home. No further proof is required.
  11. Yes. Let's do a deal. Those who agree never to have a vote - should be exempt from all taxation including income tax, national insurance and council tax. I'd go for it!
  12. Well, yes, Harriet Harman - the niece of the Countess of Longford - simply brazens it out and refuses to accept she had a privileged upbringing. She says she worked to ensure women in manual jobs were paid the same as men - but in my experience, in unskilled jobs, there is no distinction in pay anyway. The real distinctions come higher up - where people who are particularly skilled or particularly good at their jobs can argue for more money - and so Starkey is right to say that in nearly all cases it is middle-class and upper-class women who have benefited from Harriet Harman's egalitarian campaigns. Actually working-class women have had their lot in life considerably worsened by such campaigns. Because the way HPI worked is that when all women went out to work, house prices simply went up from 3 times a man's salary to 6 times a couple's joint salary - and the benefit to the women involved was, once again, zero. Harman is a disgraceful individual. There are millions of women on the treadmill in life whose lives have actually been destroyed by this egalitarianism and the way it has fed HPI. It all comes back to property prices in the end.
  13. This is just a judge trying to overturn the will of Parliament and substitute his own opinion. Personally, I think people should attack squatters in their own homes with anything they have. If I were on a jury, I would not convict a homeowner for any level of violence against a squatter.
  14. I agree that "no taxes without representation" - the principle behind the US war of independence - should also mean "no representation without paying taxes" - so he is right. Just as long as we introduce a land value tax first and ensure that people's wealth is not garnered by the land fraud game. You could refine it to say: representation only for those who pay taxes on income/capital (and not for those who just earn money from rentierism). That way Parliament would be biased against the rentiers.
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