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  1. I am sure you know the city really well, despite linking 'Baxters of Fochabers' with Aberdeen!!
  2. I had a quick scroll through ASPC City section today, and was surprised by the number of properties displaying the red under offer sticker. Even though it is spring, this is the most activity I have seen in a while.
  3. I live in an area where properties built for the workers are over 200+ years old, are robust and still standing. Having been passed down, one of those properties is still occupied by a family member. They have been modernised internally and I have no doubt. will still be standing in another 200 years! By way of contrast, I am in a new build in which I have no confidence that it will still be standing in 50 - 80 years time. It is not just the quality of the materials that have to be considered, it is also the quality of the build. With regard to the build, some make a distinction between the big and small builders, ie big is bad and small is good. It is not so clear cut as that. I have lived in new builds constructed by both and the construction can be equally as bad or good. Having had bad experiences in both I would reiterate, they are rubbish because there is no proper consumer protection in place. It is not perfect, but I can usually deal with poor quality in most consumer items because of consumer protection laws, I found this not to be the case in respect of property. I also believe that a significant percentage of the trades do not have the same skills or pride and respect for the product that they had in the past.
  4. They are rubbish because there is no proper consumer protection in place. You have to ask why respective Governments won't do something about this.
  5. I can't be bothered with a rebuttal. I have said my piece and you have said yours, and ner the twain shall meet! See you at the ballot box!
  6. Scotland voted in 2014 to remain part of the UK. The SNP are legally, morally and democratically bound by this vote. Scotland then participated in a 'UK' referendum, they did not opt out of this referendum so they are legally and morally bound by the democratic decision of the people to leave the EU. If by Scotland's participation in the EU referendum the Scottish numbers had been sufficient to swing the UK vote so that the UK remained in the EU, the rest of the country would have been morally legally and democratically bound to stay in the EU, and I am absolutely certain we would have, because the rest of the UK has more integrity. The SNP are behaving undemocratically on both counts, and leading the Scots to do the same. They are double-dealers and making the Scots into the same! I could not blame the English if they said go now....please go! Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP did not accept the stated will of a democratic majority of the Scottish people. Within hours of the 2014 vote they were talking about another referendum. The Brexit negotiations are not really of any import to the SNP, it is just a means of manipulating yet another independence referendum because much to their chagrin they were beaten in 2014. I was a remainer but I did not give my permission for Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP to hijack my vote as evidence for a second Scottish referendum. I am sure there are many Scottish remainers who feel exactly the same. I believe that The UK Government should agree to the second referendum but get the Scottish Parliament to likewise agree that the result would be truly the settled will of the Scottish people for a generation, and not be twisted again by the conniving double-tongued SNP. I say this with confidence because I believe the SNP would be defeated again. Theresa May should call their bluff and say have it within the next 6 months. The SNP would pee their kilts! Bring it on!
  7. Stewart Milne on BBC today. Apparently his new football stadium is going to save Aberdeen from the decline in the oil industry!!....................................What!!!!
  8. A significant % of Aberdonians, did not work in O&G or related industries yet had to pay for higher house prices and cost of living. How were they able to sock it away? They were caught in the upswing and will similarly be in the downswing!
  9. What can he accomplish in the 6 weeks left to the signing of Article 50? He seems to have left his move a bit late. You have to ask what is his real agenda? I don't think it is about Brexit. He is obviously trying to find a way back in to some position of power, be it in Europe or the UK. Obviously sitting in Connaught Square counting his money doesn't cut it for him anymore! As Farage tweeted, 'Tony Blair is yesterdays man'. He will no longer be feted in the Middle East, Europe or the USA. If you watch his body language on the recent photo opportunity with him and Jean Claude Junker, he is much more reticent and subservient. He no longer walks tall or has the status or clout he had. He wants it back! Come back Tony........our saviour.......all is forgiven...............NOT!!
  10. Once again the intergenerational conflict is being stoked up to distract from what is really going on. Pit one group against the other to fight for the crumbs from the rich man's table. I thought most of you on this site were more astute than this! Isn't it funny how last week the Government was being criticised for failing hospitals and social care. This week the pensioners have never had it so good! This report has been produced by the Resolution Foundation which is run by that well known Tory David Willetts, on his £130,000 per year salary. Apparently this is all the fault of the pensioners, particularly those prudent enough to be mortgage free and have savings, which of course they were encouraged to do by successive Governments. Lets have a bear-pit and throw the pensioners in! That will distract the masses! Who or what will it be next?
  11. Brexit has certainly influenced my mindset. Rather than buy I am now more inclined to rent. In fact I will be renting in Nice this summer through AirBnb. I did the same in Spain last year, and Cannes the year before that.
  12. I am surprised if British purchases are still as buoyant in France or indeed Spain given the current reticence of both Britain and the EU over the position of expats post Brexit!
  13. Which is your preferred town/city on the Cote d'Azur? We also like the CDA and have spent so many nice holidays there. We always found our way back to Cannes, but Nice has upped its game over the years. There is a nice central park now, much less grafitti and dog poo, and a good tram system. Nice would probably be our first choice now.
  14. Phillip What price for about 90 to 100 sq m, minimum 2 bed apartment, in a nice block, with lift, small terrace/not balcony, and parking space or garage within 15 mins comfortable walking distance to the Negresco?
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