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  1. I was wondering, whenever they mention the cost of the build at the end, do they include the price of the land? Land seems really expensive.
  2. 3rd round therefore less interesting. Attendances will rise the next round.
  3. So are you are saying...HPI breeds terrorists? HPC also wreaks wealth and returns us to violence? We are fubared whatever we do?
  4. The Sailors are jumping, the rats are staying behind and voting Labour.
  5. Yes that was part of the humiliation of being a loser post WW1.
  6. Err...apparently the are both good banks? So where are they hiding the shit?
  7. Some old people work becasue they have to, others becasue retirement leads to utter boredom and reduced activity and they would rather keep active.
  8. Actually it was on a BBC comedy show presented by Miranda Whatsherface.
  9. All the best. I couldnt do it myself, I friggin hate -20C winters.
  10. "I will not allow house prices to get out of control" WHo said that?
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