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  1. We’ve totally given up predicting the housing market. It’s powers of resilience know no bounds. We have the added problem of living in Cornwall. Prices have exploded down here since lockdown as people realise that they don’t have to live in overcrowded city conditions. The cat is out of the bag and even If prices drop nationwide, they may well remain buoyant down here. Most house sales seem to be going to “upcountry folk”. Our village has a branch rail line and easy access to Truro and Newquay airport.... We were accidental renters and thought, for once, that Lady Luck would smile on us in terms of property prices. No to be. We’ve bitten the bullet and bought, the only crumb of comfort being that our stamp duty liability is £15K less.
  2. That’s a great start. We just need a couple of these and sentiment will turn...... then the fun begins. This takes me back to 2008..... eagerly waiting for each Nationwide and Halifax release!
  3. People get really sensitive about the “value” of their houses and take low offers as a personal insult. We looked around a property last July, which was clearly overpriced by the EA. We offered 85% of the asking price, which was refused. Two months later they dropped the asking price by a whopping 2% and we asked for another viewing. They refused because they were insulted by our initial offer ?. 2 months later it still hadn’t sold. Did they drop the price? No. They took it off the market and applied for PP to convert the garage, presumable to sell at an even higher price (they are downsizing so it ain’t for them!). I Wonder how our offer is looking now ??.
  4. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2020/05/13/hopes-v-shaped-recovery-fading-fast/ She needs to read what her colleagues are writing!
  5. During a pandemic, there is more to consider than personal choice. The two main issues are transmission and limited healthcare resources. Each Coronavirus case affects more than the individual themselves, unlike something like a heart attack. If we had unlimited healthcare resources I doubt we’d even be in lockdown at all. The super rich would isolate themselves and let the rest keep the essential services and economy ticking over. A relatively preserved economy would be given preference over a higher Initial death rate. Look at care homes. Why aren’t the government bothered? Because they don’t consume hospital services.
  6. Wow. Didn’t think I’d ever return to this board! I Was here in the good old days of 2008/2009..... that was fun! Eventually bought a house in 2010 and upsized in 2017. However, we decided to relocate to Cornwall early last year and thought we’d move into a rental for 6 months to make sure that our next purchase was our last. However, we couldn’t find a house to buy and are still in our rental...... praise the lord! Back here hoping for more 2008/2009 fun. My main battle will be to get the wife to wait.... she’s had enough of our small rental. I think there will be a lot of denial at least initially from sellers, its going to be fun to watch!
  7. No, he's very, very touchy. Probably because his STR dream has gone very sour. I'd take what he says with a truck load of salt. He appears to live in a parallel universe where house prices in the south east have been falling for years and his rent hasn't gone up in a decade.
  8. Maybe so. But as it becomes clear that pensions are going south and with continuing worries about banks and economies, people are going to invest in BTL in ever increasing numbers. Not exactly good news for this site. As mutch as I hate The concept of BTL, if the NHS pension gets squeezed further, that's where my money may have to go.
  9. A pension scheme is a major factor in choosing a career, at least for normal people. Are you telling me that you didn't consider pensions when choosing your career path? I'm assuming not, hence your disdain for anyone who did.
  10. Because i know how hard doctors and other NHS staff work in crap conditions. The NHS pension is the last remaining incentive to become a doctor. Without it our profession in this country will die a slow death. I shall certainly be actively discouraging my 2 daughters from pursuing medicine.
  11. I fully intend to. I'll be a consultant in 4 years, I'll give it a few years to develop my private practice (plenty to go round in the Bath/Bristol area) and then wave bye bye to the NHS. My pay will be significantly higher for less work and anti-social hours, and I'll invest the surplus into a few things (maybe a few BTL). Sadly for the taxpayer, you'll have got very little value from the cost of my training.
  12. And do you know how hard it is to get these excellence awards? Of course you don't.
  13. Wow, serious anger issues here. As previously discussed, doctors contribute more into their pensions than any other public sector workers except police (who retire much earlier). Thus the taxpayer funds less of our pension than civil servants, teachers, MP's etc. Let's take your figures. £100k per year. This will yield a £50k per year pension at the end. 12.5% contributions over 30 years is a pot of £375k. If we take retirement age of 65 and life expectancy of 80 it gives 25k per year from the employee contributions alone. If the government used any reasonable investment vehicle they would have to contribute very little… and that is the current system. If the new changes get passed you'll probably get your wish and doctors will opt out of the NHS pension and the taxpayer will be left with the ridiculously underfunded civil service, military and education pensions. However, there will be side effects. The surplus that the NHS pensions provides will be lost, there will be nothing at all keeping UK doctors in the NHS (many will quit for foreign climbs and others will go into the private sector part time for more money - taking their tax-payer funded million pound training with them), and there will be doctors will money burning a hole in their pockets looking for an investment vehicle….. like BTL ;.-).
  14. So why has the government chosen to increase doctors contribution s further, rather than bringing up other public sector pensions to our level? 1. We are seen as easy targets. 2. We have been subjected to a number of significant changes to pay, conditions and training over the last decade. All with a negative impact on us, and we've bent over and taken it without a fuss. 3. The public have been successfully brainwashed into thinking we all earn £200k. 4. The BMA is a poorly run union.
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