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  1. HPI just won't lie down and die.....DUBAI - Global real estate markets, particularly in the West, were hit hard by the financial crisis as banks slashed the amounts they loaned, sending property prices tumbling in many markets.Two years on and property prices have begun to recover, but still have some way to go to get back to their pre-2008 highs. However, the subdued prices present attractive opportunities for real estate investors.Here’s a look at ten cities worth investing in as their real estate market and wider economy bounce back. http://business.maktoob.com/20090000515056/Top_global_property_investment_hotspots/Article.htm?utm_campaign=Day-Newsletter&utm_medium=Main-News3&utm_source=Day-Newsletter&utm_content=
  2. When Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke admits to seeing an "unusually uncertain" economy ahead, it's pretty terrifying to imagine what he's really thinking. What John Williams envisions – and he's by no means looking to the far horizon – is a systemic collapse, a hyperinflationary great depression and the cessation of normal commerce. Despite that bleak outlook, however, when the economist and editor of ShadowStats.com sat down for this exclusive Energy Report interview, he also had some good news. rest at: http://www.lewrockwell.com/spl2/hyperinflationary-great-depression.html
  3. "Journalists" don't really matter these days. They (most of them) sold out long ago and now everybody sees it.
  4. The video at the end of that piece was very telling. Construction really can be that bad in Canada. It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Model Home" !
  5. Let's hope so. The money involved is obscene for what's produced. Look at our showing in the World Cup.....
  6. A little reminder that we've been there before from Spitting Image....
  7. I wonder if the bankstas will end up owning everything without having paid a (real) penny?
  8. How is this the fault of the "boomers"? What are "boomers"?
  9. True. I wasn't expecting an exact depiction of the truth when I saw Reagan's mug being portrayed in a favorable light. My gut feeling is this all started with him and Thatch, somehow. Still, a step in the right direction?
  10. Looks like an interesting film coming up..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wty7974IKg
  11. Me too. If I was going to p1ss any Country off, I wouldn't choose Ireland.
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