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  1. There's a lot of poverty amongst the elderly and I've seen excessive consumerism by the youth etc of today. I think the public have been fed a diet of propaganda and political correctness where 'divide and conquer' isn't going to help us.
  2. I noticed that some of the houses that sold last year at a 'bargain' price were modernised and then put back on the market at a higher price. This will surely have some effect on the stats. I can't understand why anybody takes any notice of the index as how can you compare when not like for like.
  3. Heavens, we're ruled by idiots! In one breath we don't save enough (if any) for pensions and, in the next, off we go to devalue sterling. I don't see much difference between the political parties, none can be relied upon. We're doomed.
  4. We should remember that there are Council Elections coming up. If we are not happy with how they use council tax payers' money, then we should let them know.
  5. Expect with the fall of the £, they are all spending their money in the UK.
  6. They have to add the bit about uncertainty just incase the BoE takes it into their head and raises the base rate. When is someone going to release figures regarding the impact on savers in a low interest environment?
  7. If they don't raise money via CGT then they will use another method. If VAT is raised it will hit the poor with devasting consequences. I think it is only right that those with second homes should be expected to pay up. Had they placed their money in a savings account, they would probably have been taxed on the interest earned.
  8. Have found a savings product on their website. It seems, to me, to be a fixed rate 3 year bond that gives access to your funds with 90 days notice. Could this be a good deal or are there any pitfalls? I am assuming that there are FSA guarantees in place.
  9. It may encourage them to offer decent interest rates to savers if they find they are losing deposits. Wasn't the problem with ICESAVE that they were not part of the FSA guarantee scheme?
  10. I think that I read they were covered by the FSA guarantee somewhere on their website but best to check for yourself in case they aren't.
  11. http://www.pnbint.com/onlineAccount.asp#
  12. Just goes to show what sort of investment in the infrastruction we have had in previous years. How Brown can even consider giving money away to other countries, when ours is crying out for investment, is a wonder to me. Expect won't be too far away before we have the water shortages and hose bans again.
  13. Northern rock is restructuring ............ http://www.northernrock.co.uk/
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