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  1. If you're in London, my favourite is Monmouth Coffee. Give it a go!
  2. My punt on Barclays now looks very timid too. Have been trying to get some Lloyds this week but the rise was unexpected. Thought it may stay low this week.
  3. Well, I've just bought a few Barclays' shares. Will see how it goes next 2 weeks, whether they'll survive or not.
  4. Hi, can you let me know where I can find information on coal prices? Gas and oil is much easier to find. Thanks.
  5. Too true.. If only everyone can discuss the problems and negotiate, I don't see a problem. My main grouse is with LA who pretends to pass Tenants' complaints and comments onto the LL but in actual fact tells the LL another version of event. Therefore, problems not solved and the relationship slides...... I prefer to deal with LL directly myself but most LL uses a LA which is a shame. Incidentally, as a LL what's your take on tenants trying to insulate windows and doors to conserve heat in the property? At present, mine is single glazed and desperately needs some form of insulation or other to stop the droughts coming into the property.
  6. Yeap, whatever they say i.e. "Ok, they are done for you. It's ready" etc etc, don't believe it till you see it. I've just moved in to a house that was not cleaned and there were some other issues such as BT line and sensor light that remained unsolved a week after pointing them out to the LA.
  7. I think the previous advise is very sound, agree to the credit check (you must inquire how much the LA is going to charge you for this pleasure - it's negotiable in the current economic climate), then check out the draft agreement, only hand over the 6 weeks' deposit on the day of the execution of the agreement. Normally LA ask for a holding deposit until the date of signing - normally a 1 week's rent ( I pay less than that a couple of times) - only agree to this if they are going to take it off the market in the meantime.
  8. I've requested for mine 1 week before the signing of the agreement and that was 2 weeks ago! Still no sign of that certificate coming through and I'm not sure what's the best price plan for the place we've just moved into. Oh, what a hassle to the Tenants too!
  9. Yeah, definitely. Well, my negotiation and move have not been working out. The LA didn't check out the place before arranging for invetory checks, so the property is not fit for us to move in tomorrow. Wasted half my day this morning trying to sort things out. The LA will try to get it cleaned tomorrow morning, but I have to cancel on the mover and re-arrange for cleaners for my current flat causing a lot of work and unnecessary hassle for me. After I've moved in, I'll be sure to give the LA's manager my 'glowing' reference of the LA in charge of the letting. He's done f*** all since we've made the offer last month!
  10. That's the other thing I don't get with renting, why the h**l do you need a reference from a former LL or LA? It's as if they will provide a glowing reference. Why can't we just provide proof that we've paid rental every month through our bank statements to show that there's no problem with payments? Also there's the credit reference checks in place isn't it?
  11. Yeah, we've been wanting to talk to the LL regarding energy/ utilities consumption for more than 2 weeks now with no response from the LA whatsoever. I suspect that he didn't ask the LL whether we could speak with her. He's just ignoring our request which I thought is pretty reasonable given that we need to transfer the suppliers to the present ones. I do think that it's a trick they play in order to put the Tenants at a disadvantage as at the end of the day we need to leave the present flat and would have given notice once the offer on a new place is accepted. I think I'm going to get them when it's time for renewal next year and the market is really down. What I can't believe is that there's no follow up from the LA once our offer was accepted and we have to chase continously for 3 weeks for information, which could be tiresome. Anyhow, once everything is signed, I'll make sure that they provide the details of the LL (who's moving to Spain) in order to communicate with her directly just in case there's any argument with the LA in future.
  12. What I'm absolutely furious is about the fact that we've made amendments to the draft agreement since 2 Fridays ago and yet there's no confirmation on whether they agree to them or not and we're supposed to be signing the agreement this evening!! If only the Landlady will be attending the LA's office, we'll give her what we think of the tardiness of the LA! Most times the LL only rely on what the LA tells them which is a shame as I would have thought it is better to meet your Tenants in person and 'personalise' the deal. Oh well, let's hope that there is a definitely answer before we sign the agreement because I have a suspicion that as it's so last minute, they are going to force our hand.
  13. Yeah, that's what I thought regarding the viewings for the last 2 months of tenancy although the agent refuse to change the term and state that they can come for viewing even without us being at home. What I'm concerned is that they may do that despite our disagreement at some point in the future.
  14. same with MFI perhaps.. this is definitely better than the 2.5% VAT cut?
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