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  1. That was a very good interview on BBC2 - and I got the impression the guy was telling it how it is for him. What that now means for us in the UK - too is interesting and the fall-out will no doubt be coming to our screens soon. Can't see any link between him and swine flu - don't think the Russians have put-out this virus.
  2. Funny that - as I was watching the family leave the house - that was exactly what I saw - in the 1980s - except they didn't do what was common then, families just walked out (not understanding the need for communication and not having CAB or Shelter or other resources to talk to) - and posted the keys back in the letter box. And as someone else suggested - the did need to be a postscript - Security Guard went back to social housing with a debt of £50k - which is exactly what happened in the 80s. It is odd how it mirrors that time - and it wasn't until the accountants and solicitors started
  3. It was a brave try - given the time slot allotted - i.e. one-off. As many commented before - a bit stereo typed - and a bit of a "wish" ending - and I don't know too many bankers - who have such fragile egos that they would jump off a small bridge in front of a car in the city of London. But I do recognise Dave in many people - and did laugh when he turned-out to be selling solar panels - that is the next wave - or is in his mind.
  4. So - the Banker dies of a coccaine overdose. Security Guard commits suicide. Dave the rave - with such a thick skin and clever no-how - ends up getting a council house and hiding his dosh in an overseas account. Rides out the recession and then joins it again when the wave is on the up.
  5. I'm hoping Security guard realises it's all a sham and then go after the big-wigs - and after ranting and raving to no avail - starts up a website - and some how hooks up with girlie banker - and together they do a best-selling book exposing them all - and in the end they all sit pretty and those around them fall. But I suspect he'll try suicide - and fail to contact CAB or Shelter to work on his behalf.
  6. Surely the security guard would be on verbal then written warnings - why didn't he explain to his line-manager the stress he's under? Or, do security guards get fired immediately if they dooze off? Perhaps they do ... could someone confirm? Is the Banker guy supposed to be Irish - or is he Irish / American doing a bad accent?
  7. This really does have a feel of being improvised about it. Is it improvised? Perhaps the director thought that doing it this way would bring a feel of docu-drama to it? You can see that's what he/she is trying to aim at but it's damned annoying that the actors don't seem to have enough to hang on.
  8. How it works is this. At the moment there is a no-hire policy for most councils - certainly the one I'm in is working on that basis. What they do is put the work on other staff - and then wait until they crack. The policy is to not hire when someone leaves - but save for as long as possible their salary by not recruiting - but trying to spread the work around amongst other members in the team. This works well if the team has generic skills - but fails if the person who walks out the door - is a specialist. I'm walking out the door as a specialist - and the Council have declared my job was
  9. Sadly, I shouldn't say this as a single woman born in the Greer era - but a lot of this house price stuff has been fueled rather nastily so - by govnt and bankers alike. Because women were able to earn another income - houses prices have just sky-rocketed as a result - because bankers and govt saw the opportunity to grab parts of the second income. Women thought it was a means to keep independence - govt and money fraudsters saw it as an excellent means by which to fuel the economy to the madness we have today. And to this day we are in a situation were one single person will never afford a
  10. I wonder if there is anyone here who has the knowledge over the last 3 or so governments to shed light on this - perhaps someone lurking who keeps saying they'll write and doesn't? As a public sector minion not paid a lot - but hoping the final salary pension will compensate me for the lack of pay and madness - I keep seeing each government round - that there are more consultants / contracts each time cuts are put forward - and that the big cheese aren't affected - only those that have been "restructured/transformed". The Labour government as with the Conservatives before - did massives of r
  11. Check it out with CAB or with Landlordzone.co.uk or with Shelter via their website (they have a good team of solictors who reply within 24-48hours). My understanding is that if you take on a 12 month lease but have a break clause of this nature you have to do 6 months - and then can break the clause after that by giving one months notice (7 months in effect)- and will not incur all the penalties as a result of breaking the 12 month clause as it stands - but you may have to pay advertising costs for the property. I am in a situation where I have to break the 12 month lease I took on due to my
  12. Not sure how to vote. Public sector - did get 2% in April but am on a low salary compared to most on this site. But as outsourcing is on the cards early next year - have jumped ship early - to another Public Sector job miles away from I am now - and will be taking a 15% cut and have to relocate. Transformation is the buzz word in the Public Sector at the moment - another word for rationalisation - another word for Consultants/Contractors brought in to make cuts that those in good jobs don't want to have on their hands. When I realised who was on the Transformation team and their background
  13. I'm convinced MASK TULIP - you are a man. But will share this and others just in case ... 1970s recession and 1980s recession the same as ... can't say about 1980s as I wasn't priviledge to those in that society then. When I was a teenager - I was introduced to a number of women who were only a few years older - but who had gone through college - got o'levels and a'levels - and were totally fedup with the way society worked for them and saw it as 2 choices in the 70s Find man - marry - have kids - then try and sort it out after that ... Find man - have kids - and marry - perhaps after th
  14. Hi there Hopefully you did walk away - sadly, this will be a sign of things to come if you haven't - particularly if the LL is next door - she'll be tempted to let herself in. If you have - then you may want to contact landlordzone.co.uk - they have LLs on there who advise tenants and have a solicitor as a moderator. Also shelter - believe it or not - are hot on the trail of stuff like this for renters - so do an e-mail to them online - they get back with 48 hours - and have a bank of solicitors with good advice.
  15. You need to present this landlordzone.co.uk - they also have a moderator who is a solictor or even shelter online - they'll reply within 48 hours. I you've not paid any money over - and at this stage I hope you haven't - then I'd drop this like a hot potato. You don't want to be involved with anyone letting on this basis - it's damned close to illegal - makes you wonder what treatment you'll get from anyone like that - they are supposed to be on your side too!! Even if you have paid for checks to be done - I'd still walk away. I always say that I don't want people unaccompanied because I h
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