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  1. That was a very good interview on BBC2 - and I got the impression the guy was telling it how it is for him. What that now means for us in the UK - too is interesting and the fall-out will no doubt be coming to our screens soon. Can't see any link between him and swine flu - don't think the Russians have put-out this virus.
  2. Funny that - as I was watching the family leave the house - that was exactly what I saw - in the 1980s - except they didn't do what was common then, families just walked out (not understanding the need for communication and not having CAB or Shelter or other resources to talk to) - and posted the keys back in the letter box. And as someone else suggested - the did need to be a postscript - Security Guard went back to social housing with a debt of £50k - which is exactly what happened in the 80s. It is odd how it mirrors that time - and it wasn't until the accountants and solicitors started losing their jobs - that everyone else realised there was a real economic downturn. Strikes started a long-time after property issues highlighted in this programme - and we are about to see the Post Office strike on Friday ... Wonder what will happen when it's announced that all government salaries are to be frozen. Strikes will abound then as they did in the 70s and to some extent, the 80s. History repeating itself? I'm just staggered I'm so old that I'm still here to see it at the beginning but with Swine flu - am expecting I'll die September - so won't see the up-turn, if there is one - but would like to .. so that I can post in my 80s that I'm still working and stacking shelves at Tescos to pay for my Alzeheimers care - oh, sorry, my govt insurance for my Alzeheimers care.
  3. It was a brave try - given the time slot allotted - i.e. one-off. As many commented before - a bit stereo typed - and a bit of a "wish" ending - and I don't know too many bankers - who have such fragile egos that they would jump off a small bridge in front of a car in the city of London. But I do recognise Dave in many people - and did laugh when he turned-out to be selling solar panels - that is the next wave - or is in his mind.
  4. So - the Banker dies of a coccaine overdose. Security Guard commits suicide. Dave the rave - with such a thick skin and clever no-how - ends up getting a council house and hiding his dosh in an overseas account. Rides out the recession and then joins it again when the wave is on the up.
  5. I'm hoping Security guard realises it's all a sham and then go after the big-wigs - and after ranting and raving to no avail - starts up a website - and some how hooks up with girlie banker - and together they do a best-selling book exposing them all - and in the end they all sit pretty and those around them fall. But I suspect he'll try suicide - and fail to contact CAB or Shelter to work on his behalf.
  6. Surely the security guard would be on verbal then written warnings - why didn't he explain to his line-manager the stress he's under? Or, do security guards get fired immediately if they dooze off? Perhaps they do ... could someone confirm? Is the Banker guy supposed to be Irish - or is he Irish / American doing a bad accent?
  7. This really does have a feel of being improvised about it. Is it improvised? Perhaps the director thought that doing it this way would bring a feel of docu-drama to it? You can see that's what he/she is trying to aim at but it's damned annoying that the actors don't seem to have enough to hang on.
  8. How it works is this. At the moment there is a no-hire policy for most councils - certainly the one I'm in is working on that basis. What they do is put the work on other staff - and then wait until they crack. The policy is to not hire when someone leaves - but save for as long as possible their salary by not recruiting - but trying to spread the work around amongst other members in the team. This works well if the team has generic skills - but fails if the person who walks out the door - is a specialist. I'm walking out the door as a specialist - and the Council have declared my job was worthless - and so doesn't need to hire someone else - instead - I'm now training up someone who is a junior level employee to be a senior in less than 3 weeks. Whilst I will do as much as I can to do a brain dump - because I like the new guy - there's a part of me that wonders why, since all my skills prior to joining the Council and during my work at the Council were paid by me privately - since they claimed they never had the budget - all my certifications were at my own expense despite the Council benefitting. Most of my experience was gained through the private sector - but has benefitted the local Council at no cost to themselves. But even when working in the private sector - all my certs were gained and paid for by me - not the private sector.
  9. Sadly, I shouldn't say this as a single woman born in the Greer era - but a lot of this house price stuff has been fueled rather nastily so - by govnt and bankers alike. Because women were able to earn another income - houses prices have just sky-rocketed as a result - because bankers and govt saw the opportunity to grab parts of the second income. Women thought it was a means to keep independence - govt and money fraudsters saw it as an excellent means by which to fuel the economy to the madness we have today. And to this day we are in a situation were one single person will never afford a place to live unless on a silly salary. And a single man has to wait until his 30's before contemplating a family - whilst contemplating his wife not working - perish the thought she stays at home and raises the kids. It was a great idea - that women could be recognised not only for child-bearing and being forced to stay at home and look after the kids and "Daddy" (all over again) - was a lovely dream that women could be recognised for having other skills to bear and being a partner in a marriage. Sadly the government - including Maggie's government corrupted that - and have forced women to be mortgage slaves in the same way as their husbands - because they saw the opportunity to make more money. Rather than - keep market forces low - so that - ooops - oh yes - house prices should climb ... we'll get more income .... because there was the duel income - oh and houses prices rose - and rose ..... and all the rest have just followed. I'm not saying that we go back to little women status - but that frankly ... all those around the immancipation of women saw the opportunity to make money and have used it such that today's family has to have a duel income to survive unless the man is on above average salary. Maybe now we have to go back to single income basis - that even if you are married - you can only have one salary as the mortgage. That way you have a choice - and you can keep fueling the property market in a sustainable level. You have a small home to start with but with duel income you can pay off sooner and then get to another level if you forgo your kids. And you can only get your next home when you've paid X% down - or market forces mean you've saved enough to go to the next level. But if you forgo your kids when young in favour of a huge house - you can't qualify for IVF unless you pay privately because you've left it too late? Shoot me down ... ready for it.....
  10. I wonder if there is anyone here who has the knowledge over the last 3 or so governments to shed light on this - perhaps someone lurking who keeps saying they'll write and doesn't? As a public sector minion not paid a lot - but hoping the final salary pension will compensate me for the lack of pay and madness - I keep seeing each government round - that there are more consultants / contracts each time cuts are put forward - and that the big cheese aren't affected - only those that have been "restructured/transformed". The Labour government as with the Conservatives before - did massives of restructuring on the grounds of saving money - but I'm sure that someone could come-up with the real figures of what all of this means - and will find that the little people and base-line services (older people, children, etc) are the main ones hit - i.e. the normal people in society both employed by the Councils and receiving benefit from them. We went from Health Authorities to PCTs - and I know that cost much more than expected - and now heard a govt minster for Conservatives saying they'll revert back to Health Authorities. Just the transition alone costs millions!!!! Labour brought in Unitary authorities - and some are still paying the costs involved in making them so. Yes, there will be strikes amongst the little people - because they've seen the big people get bigger and bigger salaries for "managing" - and more and more layers of managers increasing - when before it was a flat structure - even Sir Humphries' day seems like a flatter structure to today's management. The little people do - management "manage" - but lots of managers seem to have had a lot to manage during Labour's reign and have employed more management layers to manage for managers. The public anger seems to be against the dinner ladies and minions that try their day-to-day best to keep things going - at not a vast amount - saying pay cuts must be enforced - like the private sector - but fail to understand that the structure of the government and councils and other associated bodies have huge layers of management at the top - not only getting the salaries but also then walking away with the pensions. As some here suggested - they won't even understand - because probably they can do as many I know are doing - oops - time to leave with my nice fat pension in toe as I'm now about to hit ......50!!!! The minions will have to work until 68 in the next govt - and 72 beyond that - but the fat cats won't. So please - can we start a proper campaign - rather than saying that everyone in the public sector are creaming it - and so deserve a vitriolic attack - can we start being more sophisticated and attack of the right people? Of course this needs those of you lurking who are in the know to come out and help. It does annoy me a bit when some posts on threads like that that "they" are the only ones paying for all public sector pay and therefore have a right to say that the dinner ladies are made redundant and those that are left after the tranche should have their pay cut by massive amounts when they've barely had more than a 1.5% increase over the last 5 years with Gordon. Please remember - that many of the minions in local government get paid less than normal rates and have been holding out in hope for the pension - which you now want to see cut - sure that's one way of doing it. But many of us minions would have been in competition for your job that you now have - if it wasn't for the false promise of a final salary pension - we'd be out there competiting for your job at the higher rates - and there are some good people out there who could have got your job - it's just that they want to live locally and be with their kids, and other agendas behind them for their day-to-day living (which also benefit the government). And also, please rememeber - that we minions that you so seriously despise and keep writing about as if we are the fat cats -also pay taxes, NI and also our Council tax - and we too have mortgages, rents and all other bills to pay which are outside our control. Worse still - in effect - we pay for OUR OWN LOW SALARIES - which you do not!!!!!! So can we drop the "we pay for you" stuff - you don't - we pay for ourselves as little minions - and you benefit!!!!!! And you get your private sector salaries - and increases and have done throughout all the boom years - and we have not. SO YES, when we strike - because that's what you and the media whip up in your mad frenzie because you can't get at the Bankers and Government who have bailed out the bankers - but must pray on the next easy targets - just remember that in the 1970s: Your dead weren't burried Your dead weren't autopsied Your dead, alive and living weren't registered Your mother didn't get her care allowance Your father didn't have his subsidised care home paid for Your father had no-one to care for him Your mother had no-one helping her to wash in the morning and do her local shopping Your fight-fighters went on strike Your minners went on strike and you had no coal or electricity and so no lighting Your bin-men went on strike - and rats ran around your garden Your delivery men had no fuel to put in the car - as the petrol guys went on strike in support. Your kids didn't get the food they normally get because it wasn't available in the shop and there were food shortages And that was just the tip of the ice-berg. The fat cats survived - the little people who striked and were your target then - and the governments target then - did not - some committed suicide - families broke-up, kids went on the street, and education suffered. Crimes escalated because otherwise lawful people just broke the law because they got so cynical that nameless people were against them that targetted them (otherwise known as bullying). I see all the same things about to happen again - because many fail to realise - it's not all those minions above who are at fault - but the government and the fat cats within government - and now - the government and the bankers. Just something to think over ........
  11. Check it out with CAB or with Landlordzone.co.uk or with Shelter via their website (they have a good team of solictors who reply within 24-48hours). My understanding is that if you take on a 12 month lease but have a break clause of this nature you have to do 6 months - and then can break the clause after that by giving one months notice (7 months in effect)- and will not incur all the penalties as a result of breaking the 12 month clause as it stands - but you may have to pay advertising costs for the property. I am in a situation where I have to break the 12 month lease I took on due to my job not being there shortly - and getting another job so far away it's impossible to commute. In such a case - I have to be prepared to pay for the remainder of the tenancy or until such time as a new tenant can be found for the property and they move in - it will cripple me - but I have to do it - otherwise no job. Didn't see this coming - hence agreeing to the 12 month tenancy - as I'd been bunked out by so many LL is the past needing to sell after only 4 months of me being in. Given the properties are always unfurnished where I am - moving costs alone are mad!! Since the market is now depressed for LL flipping - although mine is a good landlord and wouldn't have flipped - which is why it's a shame I have to break the lease - I won't sign a 12 month contract again and thereafter, given the market and job situation for many of us - will only ever thereafter agreeing to continuous agreement of 1 months notice rather than signing another agreement. Hope this helps - but checkout what I say with the websites above - they are very good and quick.
  12. Not sure how to vote. Public sector - did get 2% in April but am on a low salary compared to most on this site. But as outsourcing is on the cards early next year - have jumped ship early - to another Public Sector job miles away from I am now - and will be taking a 15% cut and have to relocate. Transformation is the buzz word in the Public Sector at the moment - another word for rationalisation - another word for Consultants/Contractors brought in to make cuts that those in good jobs don't want to have on their hands. When I realised who was on the Transformation team and their background - that was what caused me to jump early. Plus I'm one of those approaching 50 - and so didn't want to be on the heap in a year's time - better to have something than nothing. Lots of Friends (5) in another sector of the same public sector org have been made redundant and another 8 have been transferred to lower jobs (but for awhile their salaries are ring-fenced - don't know how long - i.e. they get their current salary for 6 months or so before going down). By lower jobs I mean that some of them have gone down by 3 grades - almost admin jobs from qualified posts. They are accepting it beccause they have families and are part of 2 salaried families and prepared to stick.
  13. I'm convinced MASK TULIP - you are a man. But will share this and others just in case ... 1970s recession and 1980s recession the same as ... can't say about 1980s as I wasn't priviledge to those in that society then. When I was a teenager - I was introduced to a number of women who were only a few years older - but who had gone through college - got o'levels and a'levels - and were totally fedup with the way society worked for them and saw it as 2 choices in the 70s Find man - marry - have kids - then try and sort it out after that ... Find man - have kids - and marry - perhaps after that. In 70's it was still about women having kids to have any kind of life. 1980s - those who didn't have kids - but were still only 22-25 + suddenly realised there was a different world but that men ruled that world. The 1980s were maggie's britain when greed started to rule - only culminating in the stupidity it has now done. I had several women friends in the 1980s - who realised that they were never going to succeed as PAs (with degrees and masters) - but who decided to play the men at their own game just to GET MONEY!!! So they sold sex - they got fed-up with men taking them to dinner and wining and dinning them on expensive budgets - and then expecting sex - many FORCED THEM to have sex (as they were peceived as the PA - and so fair game) and THEY decided to tell the men - since all you want is sex - just pay me the same amount and come to my appartment (hired please note as the men paid mucho in those days) and if you want a repeat booking - just call me. I have several girlfrieds who just gave up on careers - although they were PhDs and high qualified in science and other subjects much needed today - who basically gave themselves over to high-class-hooker status because that's what their boses wanted them to be for them - and their clients although they had clever women than men on their workforce. The most successful of my friends - entered the profession in the 1980s as a qualified lawyer but was given the job of "secretary" - which turned out to be nothing more than a tea-girl - she wanted to get back at the men she met every day who treated her like shit because she was a woman - although as qualified as them. So anyone who worked for the firm - and any client who walked through the door - became her sexual client - she rented a big place initially - and then bought it outright - and then bought another place - but all the time was "exclusive" to the point where she no longer slept with them - they just wanted someone "to talk with" - so she'd ofen sit there - whilst they talked - and as they were bankers (bear in mind this was the 1980s - for £1000 - today what is that? £100,000 - maybe more? She did it at peak time - and after 8 years of selling herself to just 8 married men - who always promised to leave their wives - she called time on them and asked them to recompense her for all the years in waiting - and as a lawyer - they didn't disagree - so she then bought a big town house in Bath - outright - and moved there. Within a few months she got a top job (for Bath/Bristol) - and within 2 years was married and supported her 2 kids and her artistic husband. I spoke to her a fews month ago about it all - and she's still with her husband - and now has 3 kids - and doesn't regret the time that as she says "was screwing men over who screwed me".
  14. Hi there Hopefully you did walk away - sadly, this will be a sign of things to come if you haven't - particularly if the LL is next door - she'll be tempted to let herself in. If you have - then you may want to contact landlordzone.co.uk - they have LLs on there who advise tenants and have a solicitor as a moderator. Also shelter - believe it or not - are hot on the trail of stuff like this for renters - so do an e-mail to them online - they get back with 48 hours - and have a bank of solicitors with good advice.
  15. You need to present this landlordzone.co.uk - they also have a moderator who is a solictor or even shelter online - they'll reply within 48 hours. I you've not paid any money over - and at this stage I hope you haven't - then I'd drop this like a hot potato. You don't want to be involved with anyone letting on this basis - it's damned close to illegal - makes you wonder what treatment you'll get from anyone like that - they are supposed to be on your side too!! Even if you have paid for checks to be done - I'd still walk away. I always say that I don't want people unaccompanied because I have private bank details, and personal details in my folders - and I don't want anyone to be taking the information illegally so that they can then use my personal information for scams - it happened to me around 10 years ago - when I didn't know the rules - and an EA gave the key to a total stranger - as the flat was on the market - and the guy took my bank details - and personal details from my files - and then tried a bank fraud - but got caught. Once I've said that - normally LL / agents realise that it's a no-brainer.
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