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  1. He's good at wanting to give away things which belongs to people. FFS.
  2. Agree with that. At some point on the price scale the value/money correlation changes dramatically. To me it just shows how far common people are able to stretch themselves: A couple on £35k each can borrow £400k well into retirement years and they bloody well do, regardless of how they are going to manage any gaps in income or unexpected expenses. In case you're wondering that's [(35x2)*6]*0.95 Beyond that, it's people with real money and they aren't that stupid. The middle class as we know it is being squeezed to take the shape of a dumbbell. Majority impoverished an
  3. Agreed. But they're riding on a scarcity + insanity wave. It might even sell. It would be expensive at 300k to be honest.
  4. yep. Central London money. Average wage - National Pension or sub 20k
  5. God no. I am not going anywhere if I don't have a house to buy. If I lose my buyer - who is aware - so be it.
  6. I know. But renting will cost me 300% of my mortgage + 2 moves. Not really something I want to do.
  7. I agree. Especially outside of cities for houses with space. Not only unsustainable but criminal. I think I know what's at play here. The big shift is from having a mortgage to eventually pay off and own outright - maybe at retirement age - to looking at how much equity will be left at retirement age. It's satanic as it might leave people with paper equity which they can do very little with. Otherwise why push for longer term when interest rates are at rock bottom - and there to stay? I am pulling out of the market. I was about to move - my house has sold quickly - but
  8. North East costal similar. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/80003088#/ This sold for 200k 4 years ago! now 450k. Absolute madness. Really feels like the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah as I can't understand who can raise half a mill in debt for 30 years to buy that.
  9. Looking at it logically, it should crash. Everything points towards it, including the mad rush to beat the stamp duty window. (but now people are paying well in excess of it, ******ing morons). Then again, the government will throw absolutely everything at this. All of it. MIRAS, whatever. There's plenty to go at.
  10. It's an entirely rigged market and I am now no longer surprised at the British folk's thirst for debt. No one seems to understand risk and they are gullible victims of the "fear of missing out" trap. On top of that, banks are now lending at ridiculously long term, meaning that their earning over term is the same it would be with much higher interest rates, so they don't care. Final very bad shift in perception is that houses will be worth what the equity is worth at the point of retiring, and are never for a lifetime. They de-facto become a mixed saving vehicle where at the end of
  11. Incredibly low volumes and nothing for sale in my area. Lowest ever choice. There's a natural churn which is waiting to get moving again. Interesting times.
  12. Local market (North East - Newcastle) is in a higher state of frenzy than it was in circa June 2007 before Northern Rock shat itself. Not so much for flats which nobody wants, but houses? It's beyond madness. Which is always a predictor of some big ****** up soon enough. I am watching in disbelief. FFS, even ALL SOPP is saying there's a bubble.
  13. That thread makes for surprising reading. Not at all what I expected from that lot
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