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  1. stuckmojo

    Its Going to Be Biblical

    ******ing hell
  2. stuckmojo

    Did you get help from Bomad

    Not a penny. Saved hard and got on with it when I could. Mind you, this is in the North East. In London or other pricey cities, forget it.
  3. stuckmojo

    Halifax Nov 2018

    Ha ha, good news.
  4. Is leniency on arrears the new way of making people feel wealthy? beyond "debt is wealth" - now we are at "arrears is wealth".
  5. stuckmojo

    Diane Abbot for Prime minister

    Basically Camacho from Idiocracy. Let's go in balls deep. I approve.
  6. stuckmojo

    Prime Minister Corbyn

    Makes sense. The only problem here is: - It's against the Tories' core beliefs - Labour are too ******ing thick to even understand this, let alone propose it and implement it.
  7. stuckmojo

    Emoov goes bust

    same here. I was hoping this would bring down that impossibly annoying woman and all the damage she's done with her condescending tones. I detest her even more than that other unmentionable one.
  8. This. Nothing to be concerned about either.
  9. stuckmojo

    Best London commuter towns

    That is basically it. I would NOT move to London permanently and to me commuting (on a daily basis) means MAX 30 min door to door.
  10. stuckmojo

    Countrywide share price

    Nobody gets it 100% right. Imagine owners of Snap or others

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