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  1. Quick update. I'll start looking at moving to Tynemouth again this year. I gave up due to COVID and stupidity of the local market. I hope one of the main estate agents in the area has gone bust, they have been quiet/ no listing / no update since October. Very little for sale, very little moving.
  2. I decided to buy wine, physical records and books and goods I will enjoy. The rest will be taxed to death/expropriated/become valueless.
  3. This. While at the same time not providing any of the services. I saw councils all across the North destroying roads and traffic with some idiotic cycle lanes nobody will ever use. this must have cost a bomb.
  4. Agreed. Look at the approval levels for another lockdown. All people on full pay and jobs they think are safe. Nobody's job is safe if we don't stop this shit quickly
  5. Peston was saying this morning the new ZA strand is vaccine resistant. It's possibly all ******** and scaremongering. We know a lockdown is coming. We know nothing will change by Easter. The rest is speculation
  6. Hope so but can't see it. Every deadline has been meaningless so far. 3 weeks to save the NHS. Now we're down the biggest economic abyss ever. I am not optimistic at all for things to change in 2021
  7. Can't see it. Nothing will change by the summer. More lockdowns and further restrictions to civil liberties are coming and are there to stay. Forget about airbnb. the whole industry is ******ed.
  8. furlough to be extended further and merged into some sort of universal basic income. Our economy and way of life is utterly and truely ******ed.
  9. Agreed. But at the moment very little is listed and many people haven't yet realised how bad things will be. From Furlough to universal basic income to higher taxation. Clearly, if you're a work at home government employee this year has been bonanza. I reckon some shift will happen by spring. End of stamp duty holiday and realisation we're nowhere near normality. Still, the government will throw absolutely everything at house prices. Everything.
  10. Good second hand guitars too. I wanted a new axe and prices have trebled! ******.
  11. I am seeing stuff selling at stupid prices - it will be the rush to beat the stamp duty reintroduction in April. One thing I have noticed is how fast mortgage rates are rising. From the last time I really looked in the summer we're up 0.5% which is a good 25% higher. I'm talking HSBC premium, which used to be the very best.
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