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  1. Ha ha, not anytime soon. However, I had forgotten what a miserable experience dealing with estate agents is. Worse than trading a car in.
  2. stuckmojo

    The next 15 Megacities ..A series

  3. I reckon that voting for someone like Corbyn has more to do with blind tribalism than rational thinking. I see that in some of my Geordie friends. Family votes Labour, no matter what. Tory Scum, etc. Yet, they all bitch and moan about exactly the same things the Tory voters do. It's closer to supporting a football team than to making a choice.
  4. This. I am also noticing a change in the rental market. I have to look for a rental flat in Liverpool for work (a monday to Thursday thing) and there are hundreds of flat available. Way more than I expected within the same price bracket and spec. Many of them are listed both for sale and for rent. One needs to be careful. Unless there's a mass influx of people in the city centre, I can't just see those being all occupied, even excluding the ones that still have to be built.
  5. stuckmojo

    Lloyds 100% mortgage

    Nice way to make family members liable too.
  6. I am amazed that anyone with any brain activity really uses Facebook
  7. G55 AMG imported from when I lived in Dubai. Drinks more than me.
  8. stuckmojo

    7.2% interest on savings*

    I needed a good laugh this morning
  9. stuckmojo

    Official tenant fee ban 1jun 19

    FML I need to sign up to a rental in April - for work away - and I have seen what agents' fees are. Daylight robbery for doing 10 minutes worth of work.
  10. The fact that people load themselves up with debt at max current salary multiples, lowest ever interest rates, for 35 years (at almost 40 years of age) to buy the most overpriced real estate in the history of the UK is an act of swarm stupidity. We truly are lemmings.
  11. stuckmojo

    Household debt record highs

    I agree with that. It seems that at some point humans almost went extinct with only 5,000 people left on the planet. I do think that Africa, India and some Asian countries' population explosion is the biggest threat to nature and our ecosystem in the short and medium term - 100/200 years. The sobering thing is that even if 99% of people die in one shot the rest is more than enough to continue. If you zoom back far enough, no event is really too big.
  12. stuckmojo

    Halifax January 2019

    Ha Ha such ********. Game's up.

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