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  1. it's not really creating wealth for anyone yes when a house is built that create jobs yes a house needs maintenance that create jobs, but much less so you could have massive immigration and build houses all over Britain's countryside and kidd yourself you have a booming economy
  2. first of all the moral duty has all but disappeared. If they can get away with giving you less than your deposit back then they will, no matter if the flat is spotless they'll make up some bs to justify it to themselves. The sly ones will deduct say a week's rent from deposit knowing people won't be bothered to take matters further for that kind of amount.
  3. ok here is the key question- do you think that for less than a deposit you can get all the furniture you need for a flat?
  4. It seems to be we're all being conned by this property nonsense. Owning or renting, the EA's and banks keep on making their money from us all through more hidden charges and fees no matter if the market is up or down. Rising and now crashing house prices have been a disaster. It has given rise to a generation of cr*p BTL landlords, or flatshare landlords, who think your deposit is their property that they give back to you as charity if they so wish at the end. In many cases, they don't know or want to fix anything themselves in the property and try and get away with everything. They don't
  5. so really I have these issues for discussion in these credit crunch recession times:- 1. is it generally going to be harder to get all your deposit back from any landlord 2. is it generally harder to get your full deposit back from being a lodger living with a landlord, that's been my experience 3. is it really worth going to small claims court if they've taken less than half your deposit 4. is taking your landlord to small claims court going to damage any future references they give Is it going to be harder for people to get their full deposits back in a credit crunch? I have personally
  6. Saw a flat, asked the person showing me around what was included. Concluded all I needed to bring was a TV. All else would be there. So I filled in some forms to apply for renting the property. They carried out references checks, all OK. Then I got a phone call Christmas eve: "the landlord is asking if you need the bed?" this was a surprise, turned out the Landlord was under impression he was renting out on an unfurnished basis, but I was given the impression it would be furnished apart from TV. I've not yet signed a tennancy agreement, not paid any money, nor been in the flat. I can walk
  7. Don't vote for the three main parties, they're almost the same. If you're a leftie, vote far-left. If you're a rightie vote far-right.
  8. Had a humorous conversation with a letting agent the other day. They told me the landlord was considering offers on the rent, was willing to drop the asking rent by £50. So I offered a further £75/month less than that. Generous I thought. She replied "he won't accept that! that won't cover his mortgage!" well, nor will an empty flat cover his mortgage either. Bye now :-) When they call back in a week, I'll drop my offer further.
  9. Serviced apartments, there seem to be many of these on the go now. They can charge it seems hundreds of pounds per week from this which would beat the price for rent from a stable tennant if they got enough bookings. Where's the catch?
  10. Mandy's back from EU... suddenly stories appear about us entering the Euro... HMMMMMM
  11. oh no, another leftie who thinks being poor is an excuse for everything
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