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  1. When this does eventually happen there will not be 3000 tube drivers on the dole. You still need a person on the train, and they will all become train captains as on the DLR, and will all still be in a union.
  2. It didn't happen. There was no strike that brought the entire combine to a halt over a sacked employee. There was a strike "threat" on only one line, but that strike was then called off.
  3. Sp starting work at 4.30am, or at the other extreme finishing at 1.30am, with a possible ten days on straight is not unsocial? Right........ With regards to the other elements, know what a train line burst on your front trip **** is? Or a faulty blown number one amp fuse with a no movement tunnel section is? Let me enlighten you.... said "unpredictable elements"
  4. Exactly.... "How dare someone working class earn a decent salary !!!"
  5. Proving that all the hatred towards tube drivers stems from no more than jealousy
  6. Same story here with my eyes on Beckenham, North Kent area. 3 bed houses did drop to 220- 240k, but following the bounce average price is now 280-300K. (maybe even more as i only search up to 300K) Nothing has sold in months of course.....
  7. Had a chat with the letting agent today and he said that I could still pay the remaining holding deposit of £428, and at the same time sign a pre-dated AST to start from the 5th Jan. He also said that if he were to go bust before the 5th Jan i'd be ok, because i'd have a signed AST contract to start from this date. Is this correct? Where would the remaining owed money be paid to if the LA did vanish? Still seems a bit odd to me.... Its either this, or i've given a new option of signing and paying the rest of the owed money on the 31st Dec, with a contract to start from this date. I'd rather do this, but waiting to see what the landlord decides.
  8. Well this is what the agent is asking for, with me paying a further £428 holding deposit now and signing a pre-dated AST contract to start from the 5th Jan. Then on the 5th Jan I pay the remaining money to the agent (one months rent + 6 week deposit minus the total holding deposit money paid £728) But having seen the agent's closed their second office, I just have big worries of turning up on the 5th Jan, to be faced with a bankrupt agent and £728 gone up in smoke. Its clear the agent is in some type of financial bother..... In view of the problems I feel they're having, i'm going to let the agent know that there will be no further holding deposit payments, and the rest of the money will only be paid to them on the date that an AST starts from (5th Jan) And if in the meantime the property is let, under the terms of the holding deposit contract i'd get my paid so far £300 back.
  9. Thanks for the info. If I go with my intentions of not handing over any further money until the 5th Jan, when I sign and an AST contract starts, as long as my normal 6 weeks deposit is in the correct scheme I should be ok in the event of the LA going bust? From another thread on here, it would appear that even if this were not the case, I could still chase the LL for the deposit. Once a contract has been signed for and keys handed over to myself, what part does the letting agent play (apart from registering the 6 week deposit) ? Once the land lord has paid the agant their fee, is that it? In this case the property is being managed by the land lord. Just wondering what risks i'd face if the letting agent did go under during the term of a contract? The £300 holding deposit i've paid so far seems a bit pointless, as i've mentioned the property is still on with 3 other agents, and even still on with the agent i'm dealing with!! Looking through the holding deposit contract i'd only lose this upon failing credit checks (which i've passed) , or if I withdraw interest in the property. I'd get it back if the land lord lets it out to anyone else (defeats the object of holding deposit really!!) So as long as I stick to my guns, refuse to pay the £428 additonal holding deposit, and sign and pay remaining money on the 5th Jan, I should be ok? If the property has been let by this time, I should get the first £300 holding deposit back? (if the agent is still there come Jan 5th!!!)
  10. I looked at a small terrace house start of this month with one LA, which was also on with 3 others. I explained that i'd be willing to take up contract, but i'd not be able to move in or have a contract start untill 5th Jan. LA said he'd contact the land lord to explain this, and that some type of holding deposit would be needed to cover the LL expenses with the property being off the market for a month in the event I decided to back out etc.. It was agreeded that i'd pay the LA their normal fee of a £300 holding deposit (including £150 credit/reference check) and once checks completed etc i'd pay a further holding deposit of £428, to cover the LL expenses etc should I pull out, with a pre-dated ontract signed to start from the 5th Jan 09. I felt a touch uneasy about this, but knowing its such a nice property and what i'm really after, could see no way i'd pull out. If the LL changed their mind, then as per the holding deposit contract i'd get my money back. On my way around town this morning, i was shocked to see the letting agents shop shut with a sign in the window saying they'd closed down operations there due to market conditions. But that their larger offices in the centre of town were still taking and dealing with all sales/lettings etc. I went there in person and they said not to worry about the other shop being closed down, they were having to cut back a bit etc etc market conditions etc etc... but they still wanted me to come in by this Friday to pay the remaining £428 holding deposit, sign pre-dated contract, before they "close" for the Christmas holidays............ Now I dont want to take the chance and hand over further money before the Christmas period, to be faced with a closed down shop come 5th Jan 09 I also checked with the other 3 agents that the property is on with, and they all said the property was still on the market and available for viewings!!! So whats the point of a holding deposit with the agent i'm dealing with now!!??!!??!!! At the moment i'm adomant that i'm not paying any further money upfront, and only on the date that a contract starts from and is signed on. I've checked my £300 holding deposit contract and it says that i'll get this money back only if the property is let to someone else. So whats my best bet? What happens if the agent survives (its obvious they're in some type of difficulty) to the time I sign a contract, but then they go under shortly afterwards? Would I still be able to get my 6 weeks deposit back if its being held in a tenancy holding scheme? Or maybe just cut my losses and sign a contract with one of the three other agents (who seems less likely to be in trouble)? Any advice please?
  11. Thanks for the good advice. I'll tell the LA that any deposit will only be given on the start date of a contract. However I've a very strong feeling the LL will disagree to this, and continue to market the property with the other three agents it's up with. In which case i'll continue my search amongst the glut of rental property out there....
  12. Just had a quick chat with the LA, and explained that it doesn't sit well with me, having to part with such a large sum upfront without any contract being signed. LA advised that for now, only a credit check will be carried out, and once/if thats successful then I'd sign the contract, 6 weeks deposit taken, with the contract dated to start in the future ie first week Jan 09.. Does this protect me any better? (i'm also asking to see the agreement now)
  13. Just had a look at a pretty nice house today, and I told the Letting agent i'd be interested in it, but due to current circumstances won't be able to move in, or sign a contract till beginning of Jan 09. Letting agent explained the situation to the LL, and LL said they'd be ok with this, however they'd want the normal 6 weeks deposit money to be paid now (approx £1200) but if I changed my mind, i'd lose all of it........ Is this is a normal situation, or is there another way round me not being able to move till beginning of Jan?
  14. My fiancee has been in the UK for 3 weeks now, having been granted a 6 month marriage visa, which expires May next year. On the terms of her visa she is not allowed to work (until after our marriage in April 09) or have any recourse to public funds etc. So she has no earnings in the UK. She also never had a bank account when she lived abroad, having been paid only in cash at the end of the working month. We're looking round soon for places to rent in the New Year, but given all the above, should she still be subject to a letting agents (rip-off) credit check? I understand of course that I will be, as i'm the only one working, and whose sole income will be used to pay for the rent, council tax, utilty bills etc My feeling is she can't be subject to a credit check as there's nothing there to check.... ?? Would she be able to be named on the lease?
  15. I was able to take my letter of notice round to the LL this afternoon, and give it to them by hand. They read it, said no problem, acknowledge leaving date of Jan 19th 09, and thanked me. Hope this works out ok.
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