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  1. I joined this site in 2004/5, i also realised that a bubble was coming but in 2010 i bought in. My rent in a 1 bed flat was £550 p/m. My brother and i put down a 32k deposit on a £158,500 house and our repayment was about £690 per month, but this was for a 3 bed house. Iam re-mortgaging this week, for 25% ltv and getting a 3.25% i/r which brings my repayment down loads per month, around £550 p/m and fixed for 2 years. All i mean to say is you can only wait so long. If you find a home you like and you can afford it, and you pay rent anyway it would be mad not to buy in. I doubt my house will ever crash down into negative equity bar a disaster. I remember being sucked into the negativity on here, everyone seems to love "black swan" situations. I find it less stressful just getting on with it and taking control of my own life!! If i lose my job, big deal, take my house.....if you rent and you lose your job the same thing happens! The housing situation in the UK is what it is...if the bubble is being artificially inflated, then there is a reason for it, the powers at be decide what happens and this day in age no-one will or can stop that! My advice......get on with it.
  2. Yes iam an inumerate fool, thats me alright. i pay £568 a month on my mortgage to live in my 3 bedroom house and overpay the mortgage by £500 every month, iam extremely inumerate. So what your saying is that for the last year i should have rented at £800 pcm and kept the £30k deposit in the bank earning £20 interest per month. Ha, Get a grip lad. Anyway, when my mortage is down to £105,000 in 2 years and my house is still worth £160,000, il be sure to remind myself that iam an inumerate fool, i mean, i must be inumerate and stupid tp be paying 2.99% interest. Anyway, wasted to much energy on you, go and moan about the coming crash and surround yourself in negativity whilst your putting HMG to rights, they day you face up to it that you have no control and HMG will do as and what they please you become a free man. Stop fighting and swim with the flow and get on with it. Anyway, enjoy putting your life on hold, at least you can tell the grand kids that your poor and lonely because your waiting for the crash and you cannot dare drag yourself away from your cyber friends on HPC.co.uk. Pathetic bloke
  3. Ha, sorry, i didnt realise if your from Essex that your not allowed to buy a house in Devon. Bunch of muppets you two, the same rhetoric answer from the naysayers "your a troll" "Your an EA" Get a grip and get on with your life. Enjoy wishing it away awaiting your crash : )
  4. I used to be an avid contributor on HPC and fully supported the fact that there would be a "crash" and held out in belief. I held out and held out, but i stopped coming on here and decided to buy last year. Bought a house for £158,500 and saved a 20% deposit. No help from mum or Dad, just stopped boozing, buying £4 caffe lattes and £5 ready made sandwiches and saved that way. Soo a year later, iam about to remortgage with a 75% LTV mortgage pegged down at 2.9% for 2 years then 4% from then on. My mortgage has gone down from £700.91 PCM to £568.63 PCM. I have more disposable cash than i have ever had, iam an average earner, but i can over pay by about £500 to minimise the affect of the 4% rate in 2 years and iam 2 years ahead on my mortgage. Now, iam extremely grateful for the economic knowledge i learnt on here notably RB, however, this website nearly put me off buying and i would still be renting to this day. I could not find a place to rent round here for £550, no chance, certainly not a 3 bed house (Exmouth, Devon), iam now looking to buy a 1 bed flat as a pension option and then rent my place out and go live abroad where the pace is slower. I agree that the UK is stuffed however, i now think that you need to get in the mix, get involved and use the shittiness to your advantage. House prices will remain stagnant i believe, up or down a couple % for 10 years until wages rise etc. Its hard out there, but no-one said it was going to be easy. That said HPC stopped me buying in early 2007 so i owe that much to this site, my point is, do not get caught up in all the negativity. no-one can tell the furture, except mystic meg of course. Good luck to you all
  5. You lot are seriously bonkers!! Move along, nothing to see here. The FTSE will re-trace to maybe 3600 - 4000 levels. What goes up must come down. What is £30 billion anyway. The markets are de-sensitized to Billions. Trillions are the new rage now. We have all been credit crunching since august 2007!!! Think of how many armageddon threads you have seen on here since then?? We are coming up to 2 years later!! We are half way now. Still in the brown smelly stuff but we are half way, at least!! Biggest rises and falls in the markets where seen in the Great Depression!!! I for one think we will all come out of this!! Renewable energy is the way out and the UK is well placed for it with the technology to back us up!! Fear not HPCers, do not take your eye off the goal. We want house prices at affordable levels and that is it!! All this Tin foil hat, baked beans talk etc etc is so 2008!!
  6. Well as incompetent as the Government are, i think they are ahead of the game!! My employer has been asked by the government to make £3 million quids worth of savings, and in my line of business that is very dangerous!! But a bonus structure has been introduced so if they achieve it then its champagne all round at the cost of the taxpayer again. Worrying times when money is put before the safety and well being of our communities!!
  7. Iam not to sure about this prediction, however, it does not specify which market will hit a down turn, if its the DOW then i suppose we all get it. I hope it doesnt, iam so close to getting my money back from RBS!!! I have even brought my average down to 40.6p!!
  8. Yes, that it is!! Seems to me that this is the great push, which i think will be followed by some huge volatility again!! I cant see a return to the Norm till at least 2010 but i still think that Punt wise, any stock is a winner tomorrow, but JJB are my chosen punt Will be a very interesting day tomorrow!!
  9. Scouring the Websites today, their is a lot of ramping and green shoots talk, which will all know is hogwash, but we are not the herd, we at HPC are watching from afar, so my question is, Will their be a big rally this week. I think personally that their will be. All banks up at least 10% tomorrow and the FTSE to be up 100+!! And i thought i would warn you, that i will be buying £1200 worth of JJB shares tomorrow. So those of you who know my share dealing history, it may be a time to short JJB and finish them off!! Regards!
  10. Heres what i did/ doing FWIW Left college after getting a sports science diploma. Went to work in French Alps as a Chalet Host for £273 a month (absoloutely brilliant) then...... Worked in Crete in the Summer as a Rep for £300 PM Came home and thought i needed a proper job so got a job in a gym working as a membership sales consultant, got a car on HP £5000 and then left that job before i was pushed because i didnt like lying to people!! Wasted away for a year labouring in the building trade then got a job in the postroom of London Reinsurance Firm Found HPC.Co.UK Got promoted to a contract writing technician, paid off all debts and started saving house deposit!! Saw the way the city was going and hated it anyway and joined my local retained fire station and took on window cleaning round!! Put my house deposit in RBS Shares, £12,231 worth at 41.6p, and still watching, waiting!! Getting made redundant in September due to Station closure but have been offered a wholetime contract with Fire Brigade house (rent free) included, with London weighting money as well, also i will get a heating and electricity allowance. So i have landed on my feet if i get it, and will consider myself very very lucky and will have to thank HPC.CO.UK for teaching me prudence and the importance of being debt free!! I will live rent free for the next 3 years and save a new house deposit!! Good news
  11. I tell you what! I will be going to this G20 Rally!! To fecking right as well!! Iam not even financially affected really job wise but i feel i should stick up for my mates who have had their lives ruined by these bunch of incompetent Pigs!! Anyone on here who moans at the state of our country should get down to London and Protest!! Enough Message Board anger, lets protest in numbers, on the streets and in their face!!!
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