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  1. Any thoughts on Fairfield Park 5 years on?
  2. OK thanks guys, assumed that it would be OK just not seen it in my other contracts.
  3. So my new house is a terrace and just notice this clause in the contract about to sign; 20. It is hereby agreed that the Tenant should ensure no musical instruments or loud speakers or mechanical or other instrument of any kind shall be played or used nor shall any singing be practised in the Premises so as to cause annoyance to the owners lessees and occupiers of the properties or so as to be audible outside the Premises. Is this normal? I dont play any instruments or sing, but sometime play music and have 5.1 surround sound. does this mean I am agreeing not to use these? Any advice welcomed. Cheers
  4. gutted. I didn't realise that. It's the 7th of the month so will have 1 week overlap.
  5. OK so I am moving in to new house on Sat 1st Aug and they are checking me in on Friday 31st Aug. I want to pack my house up on that Friday too and move in to new place on Saturday. Therefore I want to check out on Sat 1st. I am in a 1 month notice. I want to pay min of 1 days overlap (£50 day rent!). My Q's; Can I check out on a Saturday afternoon? Do they have to check you out on the last day of rental, if I have paid for that full day then I think I should be able to move out when I want on that day and they can check me out the next day. Is 1 month notice = 4 weeks or by date i.e. do I need to give notice on the 1st July? Thanks!
  6. Is it usual to give a deposit over the phone to guarantee a rental? They want £500 by card? Then I assume they will want the 1.5m rent deposit before I start contract. I want to see contract details etc before paying lots, is reference fee std for securing house?
  7. I have put on an offer on a rental with the stipulation that the double glazing is done (as originally suggested by LL). I cant view the house until I move in the new year. How do I guarantee its been done as i cant view it again as relocating. How do I get it in writing? They want deposit over the phone to guarantee the house. Cheers
  8. Just looking on Rightmove and google earth (my two best friends). What is Englefield Green like? Also I see Egham is split by the M25 is there one side which is better than the other? Cheers
  9. Cheers am visiting the area in the next weekends to decide on an area to rent for 6months. Thisnk Windsor is top of the list just beacuase it sounds v nice. Will have a drive round all these other area tho. As will be buying in a year or so, happy to find out what its really like first hand through short term renting.
  10. St aines massive eh. Does it live up to its reputation? Not sure thye missus will go for it, but worth a look when I next visit. Cheers
  11. Thanks for this, whats the parking like near the hospital, I see most are not allocated parking, but are close to town and long walk? Thanks again
  12. Not thought of uxbridge or hillingdon. Are these ok in terms of crime, schooling, locals etc any nice areas recommended?
  13. Great thanks for the replies. I will spend the weekend there to get a feel for the noie and see if its livable. Is old windsor OK area noise/cost/niceness wise? Will defo get somewhere with parking tho. Cheers
  14. Hi all, Relocating from tup North to Heathrow and plan to rent in Windsor for 6-12months. Just wondering what the prices were doing there are they recession proof thanks to the queen? A quick google suggested that prices were stabilizing but not dropping the 13-15% like the rest of the UK. Any advice on areas to look out for or to avoid? What is the flight path noise really like and is it ubiquitous throughout old/new Windsor What is the traffic like towards Heathrow in rush hour? Looking up to £325 and would like a family home so a 3 bed. Cheers
  15. I am relocating to Heathrow from the North and wondered if anyone had any advice on eas in Windsor area, we want unfurnished and hopefully not be completely on the flight path (is that possible in Windsor)? Is it v expensive there? What is the traffic like going towards Heathrow in rushour? Any advice much appreciated.
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