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  1. This was really sad news for my town, alcan was the second largest employer behind the govt. THIS WAS THE ONLY EMPLOYER WITH DECENT WAGES LOCALLY! still we can always open another giant asda like last year so the govt can trumpet another 200 "quality" jobs created in the private sector. On the upside brighthouse have opened a shop to prey on the unemployed masses, a poundland is opening soon and the provi are having a recruitment drive...... F.F.S!
  2. up to his elbows in his own"shite"!sorry about the southerners thing you can't all be so inhuman.
  3. you southerners are f*king sad! start a scheme like this up here you would be "burned out!" pronto. given half a chance you would eat your own kids!
  4. i dont see the big deal. we here all want a hpc so we can get a house cheapish, he wants a stock crash to by stocks cheap.....no difference. as someone very wise said...be careful what you wish for!
  5. Everyone needs to do what is good for them and their's. times are going to be too hard very soon to worry about "pride or ethics".....AND NO-ONE WILL BLAME YOU! Those at the top are scurrying around trying to preserve themselves at your expense, play their game!
  6. kicking off in wandsworth, just got text from friend who lives there.
  7. for someone so low on posts you are bieng very disrectpectfull of injin! seen this before! he who cannot be named was pilloried too but was right.
  8. man , you really are brain washed. by the way loads of readers are browsing but not speaking, stop bieng scared and speak up! no one will pay you a visit.
  9. however when 500 police officres are reported this info will be " conveniently lost"
  10. hmmmm....really adult of you....not!
  11. been making inflamotory posts for years....no visits. all ******** to keep you scared.
  12. i guess we will see mate! this is the internet age, everyone is connected. yes it may fizzle out for now but the fire is lit!
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