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  1. +1 Shorting, shares in general, precious metals (plus no place to store them) are no go's for me, I just don't have the time or knowledge to play those kind of risks, meaning I'm left with shit interest rates and attempting to make up the difference through tough personal austerity. It really shouldn't have turned out like this, but it has. And anyone but a prudent saver like myself is a utter ******ing **** I've now decided. Laughed at on the way up by the feckless, now raped on the way down to save them. If I had my time again, I'd strangle my sense of personal responsibility at birth and let some other plonker cop for my greed and stupidity instead!
  2. You have just described my situation perfectly. Born in 1976, graduated in 1999. Noddy job whilst looking for my first (low paid but good expetrience job) which I got early 2000. Intended to quickly get a deposit together, but almost immediately I noticed that my earnings and savings relative to house prices was going backwards! By 2003, I realised something was seriously wrong. I was seriously envious of mates who just bought straight away back in 1999 and worried about the job second, but since then, they all bought into the 'houise prices only ever go up' and tended to trade up between 2005-2007. So all that bonus 'free' money they made buying pre 2000 will be wiped out by using it top trade up mid 2000 onwards. They just don't know it yet!
  3. Whilst I see your point, it is also important to be aware of just what pathetic propaganda the sheeple are lapping up!
  4. Why not? TPTB seem quite happy for people to live illegally in sheds!
  5. 200 quid is getting towards grow your own prices. Nice the government seem to want to take a softer line on it too
  6. Well as my first time buyer account is 3 months notice, I guess I'll have to console myself with the 4% net interest it is earning and ride the waves!!
  7. I don't think anyone is? It more that in actuality, it is well above this that is the problem.
  8. The sodding Natwest sent me a document at xmas with all sorts of graphs and pie charts regarding in goings/out goings of my account for the year (I have no idea why, I didnt request it!). To make matters worse, they had a break down of my top ten spends for the year. So ******ing thank you Natwest, I really wanted to know that the number one place I spent the most at in 2011 was Morrisons forecourt! (they even rubbed salt in the wounds with just how much as well!).
  9. I'm more than happy with my Blackberry, seems user friendly enough for a technophobe. I wanted a non touch screen phone I could get decent internet on and it does the job just fine. Good battery life and pretty tough. Not that I'll be looking to upgrade it at the firt opportunity, I reckon it will last me a fair few years yet (cue dropping it down the bog!).
  10. As a single, childless, smoking, drinking, high milage driver and prudent saver I'm ******ing steaming about it tbh!!! The one opportunity for me to 'gain' something out the system, but I can guarantee I'd get clobbered on the way back and all things considered, I'd probably just lose the plot and end up in a world of pain. And then I'd just go all Raul Moat in a shopping centre somewhere afterwards whilst screaming "****** THE SYSTEM YOU *****"!! I'm usually able to still pick up 50g pouches between £6.50-£7.50 (so I at least feel I'm still cheating the tax man a bit at least) but would have been nice to be able to take a lump out the ******ing bank to stop them using it and stick it into a long term baccy store for myself instead.
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