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  1. As a director of a 'medium manufacturing company' you are probably not at the filthy stinking rich end of the spectrum. However to come on a public forum indicating that you earn £7-£8K a month with a 5 figure christmas bonus and do not call yourself particularly wealthy shows that you are naive, out of touch, or both. I don't begrudge you the money. You probably earn it and are in an honest endeavor and, let's face it, £7.5K a month isn't a huge amount to live on in Teddington or Kensington. However I hope that most of your manufacturing is for export because there is a total sh1tstorm brewing here in the UK.
  2. I think there are two issues here. Yes people lose their 'own' houses through all sorts of reasons - and, I think out of all the cases on the Panorama program she deserved particular sympathy, BUT; For people who have lost their house or maybe never had one, In the worlds 5th largest economy Is it right that people are treated in the way we saw on the program?
  3. I think you have a valid point there. I am surprised that the policy has not come under scrutiny by intellectuals though. Or are they ALL owned as well?
  4. Globalisation has caused mass unemployment and collapsing wages for the vast number of workers in the West. Why is protectionism still so taboo in the face of our own destruction?
  5. This was not what happened. The council disputed their claim for 'paperwork' reasons. A magistrate friend is sick of seeing people in his court over CT or HB arears due to the council not recognizing e-statements and other forms of paperwork. Their decision is completely arbitrary. The bus driver had a 'normal' job but couldn't afford a £1200 deposit if they could find a STL that didn't quote No Children, No Pets No DSS.
  6. Are you talking about the cheating MPs, the banksters looking forward to another 10£Billion round of bonuses, the Jimmy Carrs and Googles....... or the bus driver (yes, maybe slightly feckless or gullable) in a NMW job caught in the Kafkaesque hell of modern Britain. Yes, the latter, I thought so. Just like I said - you people get the country you deserve. Meanwhile the elites have you tearing at each other as you sink into serfdom. ENJOY!
  7. Have you done a minimum wage job since 7 million people turned up and no houses have been built? Ie. The last 10 years.
  8. I am sure that one day the lady didn't know she had breast cancer and the next day she did. People like you get the country they deserve.
  9. It's very difficult to avoid eating expensive take-out food if you have no cooking facilities. What you need to ask is how come, 40 years ago when the country was a lot poorer, a bus driver could house, clothe and feed his family and in 2012 he has to rely on the state to do this. Perhaps you could do with a stint on a minimum wage job to learn something about modern day England before judging other people.
  10. No. This is how all pubs are except for central London and maybe one or two in other large cities. Are the Knotting Hill or Camden set so cut off that they are surprised at how dead the country is? (I guess confusing the toilet that is Reading as 'outer London answers that question!) The only hope for England is to build a wall round the M25, declare UDI and leave the EU. It's our only hope.
  11. I know it is a lot of money to pull out in advance but I thought that if a bus doesn't turn up or turns up later than a certain number of minutes then the passenger can go by taxi and the bus company has to pay for it. At least this was the case when I needed the bus regularly twenty years ago. Same for trains as well - although they will give you a voucher to give the taxi there and then.
  12. Your being annoyed at that observation annoys me.
  13. That was my impression. She owns it all, supposedly lives in Monaco and so they don't pay tax.
  14. Because the upper middle classes and elites don't have anything to do with Coal Miners or Steel Workers whereas they do fly the Atlantic either business or first-class.
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