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  1. How old are you - What part of England are you in and where was the job advertised? Private or job centre? Internet or newspaper Well done to you !!!
  2. Is anyone here also worried about santander defaulting and having greater then 85K in deposit with them? I have just our home and we parked our cash in Santander on an instant access basis - I am sure a few people here have more then 85K with Santander. Are people starting to wonder about moving this elsewhere. If so what banks pay a decent return and are deemed to be less risky?
  3. I am just thinking what I would like and am after some knowledge from the more popular posters. If you could choose to buy a flat which is on one floor or you could choose to buy a flat which is split into two floors which would you prefer? Assume both are the same size Does having a split floor and stairs make the flat seem bigger or smaller? I suppose that you have to deduct the size of the staircase when it is split The flat is small - About 50 square metres
  4. Were you able to get solicitor to keep a retention of funds because of the damage or did you have to just accept it - I wonder if contents insurance covers this sort of damage Luckily I have insurance with Barclays
  5. Hi Does anyone know what happens if a flat is damaged between exchange and completion? I am talking specifically about the boiler getting nicked or the carpet getting trashed - Is it the sellers responsibility or the buyers? Has it happened to anyone on here before
  6. We live in a block of flats where the freeholders are trying to charge us 7K per flat for service charges and improvement works even though the flat is only worth 100K I was speaking to my partner last night and we want to get together with the other leaseholders and see whether they want to buy the freehold collectively. The block has 50 flats inside it My question is how I can find the names and addresses of all the leaseholders - Some of the flats are rented out so knocking on each door obviously is not going to work (and people might get rightly suspicious) I have called Land Registry who have said that it costs £4 per title copy Does anyone have a better idea of what can be done here?
  7. How much exactly is peanuts and where in the UK are you looking London seems quite steady in IT paying good rates - 80K plus and I am 3o
  8. Dont forget also that us contractors will listen to headphones all day, take a full one hour lunch, drink lots of free tea and coffee, do a big dump at clients premises and block the bog Oh and also make of with stationary and use their phones for international and personal calls Quite nice and tidy I would say
  9. Probablly the most sensible answer in the thread - If this was the case then surely as bank equity prices tumble the bank has to actually stop lending as it no longer has capital? And just look at FirstDirect / Accord mortgages for examples of ~2%APR mortgages for 2 years
  10. I have savings that I put in Santander and earn 3% interest on I can obtain a mortgage at 2.5% - They will also pay for my valuation and legal fees Seriously - How do banks make money like this - All i can think of is that they are able to lend 10*deposits If that is the case do they not pay interest on any leverage they have created
  11. I just found out about a Bulgarian bank that offers free-access to money account with interest at 6.57 % . For foreigners there is a 10 % withheld on all interest accumulated (tax) As far as i remember Last time in the UK interest were that high just before the Icelandic banks went bust .. we all remember that. Anyway , are there other EU spots witch such cool interest rates ? I never explored offshore accounts though ... perhaps there are some good offers . Does it make sense for Europeans to open such accounts in a small EU country ? Deposit protection is 100 000 EUR for Bulgarians , not sure for foreigners. http://www.fibank.bg/en/page/882/tab/883 Has anyone got cash in here and is it FSCS covered?
  12. Hi Laura,

    I am in a similar position to you in that I have been considering starting a bridge finance company for some time now and the market for such finance appears to be healthy. If there is any help you can give me or if your would be interested in discussing working together on such a project I would very much like to hear from you.


  13. Not sure I understand - Are you not limited to 15K? And why would you not want to hold these? Are you trying to sell me deflation...
  14. I have to say that I did not know about this until today :-( From what I ve read you can invest 15K in each 'issue' at 1% + RPI tax free - This makes tpdays RPI rate 5.4% Question: When has RPI ever been less then 3% over the last decade? My hunch is never - If that is the case then these certificates would have been the best to hold Question: Where can I see historic rates for issues? Is 1% + RPI pretty good? Has it been higher or lower in the past and if so when?
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