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  1. Im in maufacturing, and turover is down 60% !!!!! for the last three months and has no sign of any improvment I speak with lots of people in lots of sectors and all are down on turnover, so i have no idea where the growth is coming from ?????? neon
  2. I am also in manufacturing / engineering, and we are getting swamped with sales guys / suppliers looking for even the smalest order, and all have a tale of woe to tell Basically things seemed to have fallen off a cliff from early summer and they are all hoping things will pick up next month as the holidays end and europe gets back to work (after the usual august break) to be honest It never realy felt like a recession......... but it sure does now Very, Very grim out there neon
  3. I might as well join in (cheer my self up)...... when they close the factory ill go to the auction and see if i can get anything under the hammer.
  4. They are / were one of my customers, and they made a very good product with some highly skilled staff. Another loss for British manufacturing !!!! neon
  5. Hi, the primitave, and all I think your right about giving it time I know it will come, I guess it took about 14 years of house price inflation to get to 2007 peak , so a couple of years should not hurt certanly the local EAs are on full "spring bounce" ramping duties, but i am sure it will fizzle out in the next two months. Unfortunatly this gives the vendors a false hope and delays further price cuts to asking price Should be a fun year ! neon
  6. Still renting in Puckeridge and still looking, still no major drops only small ones (some good reductions for those that were way over priced to start with) I dont think ill seriously look until 2010 because of the slow rate of fall in prices. (and first baby on the way in march) Any one seeing EA push prices down anywhere ? neon
  7. Holy Cow 1.5% cut...........sterling 100% toast
  8. I actually moved out of woodstock road a good few years ago (sorry, i wasnt very clear on the previous post) the house i sold was in a small village near Braughing. We have a reasonable amount to spend when it all hits rock bottom. I am looking at villages around Ware, but for the sort of property we want, prices havent budged much, or i find the the agents are putting new instructions on at last years peak prices.....??? yours Neon
  9. Hi to all on the Broxbourne thread I grew up in Woodstock road , but now renting in Puckeridge (sold up about 11 months ago) I am looking to buy in a year or so... in one of the local villages Nice to make contact all the best neon
  10. 39, director of a small engineering company, renting a 4 bed at £1200 a month, sold up 11 month ago to fund IVF treatment ........we are expecting in march we may look at buying again late next year neon
  11. I run a small engineering company, designing and making custom machinery for the woodworking industry (and occasionally other industry sectors).........2007 was a record year for us and 2008 is looking good, we have a full order book (4 months work) and the enquires keep on comming. But we are getting more sales reps cold calling, and many admit that things are getting harder by the month
  12. Hi, another new member here we have just sold our lovely house (we exchanged today) which is in a village in north herts. we got what i felt was a good price for the property we have sold up for 2 reasons 1 my wife and i are having IVF treatment and we need about 10k for this for the first round, which we dont have (we have had to go private as the NHS waiting list for us is 2 to 3 years and we cant wait this long) 2 we are going to rent with a view to re entering the housing market when prices settle and our position is clearer with what equitity we have left i guess we are STHK (selling to have kids) thats our position for now neon
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