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  1. I have been reluctant to comment on HPC about the COVID scam, as there are too many posters who just follow whatever the government and MSM says without question or are being paid in some sort of capacity to push and attack anyone who questions the narrative.  That rather unpleasent piece of work Peter Hun I just loathe.

    I prefer to speak to people face to face about the inconsistances of the COVID story,  it is suprising how many people who have realised it is a con or have serious questions about it, as all the restrictions continue to grind on. 

    Yesterday, I took a friend to a hospital appointment to see a doctor about a hernia at a private clinic, the clinic also specialises in lung conditions and there was an elderly lady, who was caughing from time to time, classic emphysema caugh and one could see the mask was uncomortable for her as she sat in the waiting room.  I could see she was concious of keeping the mask on, even though it was restricting her breathing. I said to her that it would best to push the mask down, so she could breath, allowing her to cough and not keep what the body wants to get inside. She was so relieved, that I said that and other people were in agreement and they started pushing their masks down. 

    In March, I was in Northern Italy in a region that became a red zone, prior to the whole country going into lockdown. The region I was in, Le Marche, has a population of 1.7 million and after 4 months the official death toll was 960 people with an average age of 81.4.  So, everyone was locked down and could not go out for exercise, like the UK, only being allowed out for shopping, essential work etc. and to have a self-certified certificate with the reason for being out indicated, to present if stopped by the police.  The fine for being outside without a valid reason was 400 euros. One could exercise a pet dog, but was restricted to 200 metres from home.

    There has been a scandal in Italy about the elderly being killed by the ventilators and anti-inflammatory drugs, being dictated from above on how the doctors had to treat patients.  Just like the UK people got death certificates with COVID, even if they were terminally ill with other conditions, like stage 4 cancer.

    I got back home to London in July and I was expecting things to be not back to normal, but to see the streets so quiet, social distancing signs everywhere, barriers in the roads to make pavements wider, gel dispensers, the Undergound virtually empty, it seemed London had been hit by the Black Death rather than some regular flu.

    There is so much more, I would like to speak to you about this and to hear about your opinion for the economic future, which I see has been destroyed on purpose under the guise of COVID-19. 

    All the best.



  2. Killer Bunny,   I would like to say, I appreciate your postings.    IMO, your market call was excellent and I can see those on the gold thread are going to have to eat mouthfuls of humble pie, washed down with humility beer.

    I am also in agreement with your description of the nonsence lockdown in the - 2UK employment falls by biggest amount in over a decade" thread.

    Very best wishes.

    1. Killer Bunny

      Killer Bunny

      Thk u. Now do us all a favour and post that in I Told You. Let others see I am not alone.

    2. Take Me Back To London!

      Take Me Back To London!

      I will do. I have already replied to Warlord on the the gold thread, where he wrote "You didn't have the balls to short it" - You shorted by selling your position.  WTF is Warlord talking about.  

  3. Driven by profit. Nope. Driven by lending. Thus the banks rule. Thus Not capitalism. GlassSteagall.
  4. None of course. If only. US and UK got closer in the 80s, obviously. Switzerland is pretty good. S'pore. Was Hong Kong. The Scandis are largely free markets, hence their woke crap keeps getting paid for. I know it's all debt fuelled but still the idea remains. Capitalism works for the 99%. Always has. Hence the West is where it got to, over 200/250 years.
  5. OK Feudalism. Who gives a f the terminology? Oh, academics. It's for the 1%, not the 99%.
  6. Jeez, how brainwashed can you be? Sorry, Marxist. I said live on Sky in late 2006 he was the worst Chancellor in 100 years. They couldn't stop the i/v more quickly if they tried. Rather than asking why.
  7. My God that people believe we have capitalism. Brainwashed. Cronyism/Corporatism is NOT Capitalism. It is Socialism.
  8. Yes UpFront Socialists would have made it EVEN worse, if that were possible. Put a socialist govt in charge of an ocean and it soon will be a desert.
  9. Was just discussing Boomers with wifey yesterday. Basically the 65/70s+ made little money and spent it but they made a fortune tax free on their home. Luckiest generation in human history. 55-65s - lucky but not as much. They saved even less but still made good free money on property but many with ongoing debt. They thought they'd do as well as parents. These people in massive denial. Many will HAVE to trade down in retirement. Parents didn't need to. More sales than buys at upper end... Next gens f'd! They thought they'd do as well as parents. ? Millenni
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