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  1. Do you not even real how stupid you sound? I said there are no specifics. Muted.
  2. Of course I could care less if you agree or not. You can’t be as specific as you demand. There ought to be more free mkts, easier trading, fewer regulations. Entrepreneurs will be better served outs EU etc However the Depression affects us all so the benefits will be less than they could have been though no question better off than if in EU. Of course we’re still in until we’re no longer. Remember too the arguments are irrelevant. We had the referendum. It’s now up to the politicians to execute what we voted for.
  3. Nonsense. Brexit is a positive for the £ as it strengthens our economy and society. But TPTB have gone down the route as usual of £ devaluation to ‘help’.
  4. Wages will rise in inflation but lower than the actual inflation. Lower living stds.
  5. With higher and higher inflation will come higher borrowing rates. Add on 2m extra unemployment. You could say std of living will fall.
  6. Global Stocks are in a mega multi year bull market. Restarted end March 2020. First started November 2016.
  7. Whatever the h Tufton St is. You know about the China backlash and you laugh at the idea of deglobalisation. You're not a serious commentator. The £ is heading to parity, probably this year, with € and $. If you don't know mkts don't comment as if you do.
  8. Thx for telling us all that inflation and rates will not rise, even though crude will go to triple digits by 2023, deglobalisation will be inflationary, increasing oligopolisation of economies will be inflationary, a collapsing £ will be inflationary, c banking paying directly for govt spending will be inflationary and M2 rising will be inflationary. But thank you.
  9. I have seen anti Brexit and Socialist comment. As a returner it didn't cross my mind the site has been taken over by them. Job losses will be huge. It has started. Will get bigger when furlough starts to end. Will soar when furlough ends and economy/society fully reopened. Biggest recession/depression since 1930s. When higher interest rates added on, in due course.
  10. What do you get with higher and higher inflation? clue: higher interest rates (oops, spoiler alert)
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