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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/finance...g-machines.html
  2. Key points from DR Bollard, Reserve Bank Governor... "A premature rebound in household spending could jeopardise the next expansion. There is a risk people see the current stabilising of the housing market as a sign of another house price boom and a reason to borrow and spend up large again. We do not believe that would be sustainable. Investors who rely on this could get hurt. And they could make it harder for businesses to invest in the export-led recovery we need."
  3. Great first post. Incidentally, I actually live and went to school in Bournemouth (been here 20 years) and given that you've been abroad for so long I would be happy to give you my opinion (for what it's worth) if you want to message me with some rough details of which particular area you are looking at.
  4. This Upper Brighton Road property is back on the market for 450k with no work done. So that's a 10% profit priced. Am speechless. Thoughts please!
  5. My day has been pretty bad and this brightened it right up, lol
  6. Yep, fraid so. So frustrating having to hear the guy in my office who has a BoE -50 bps tracker for another year and how it won't be long before he gets paid by the bank for his mortgage. Argh!
  7. If you are talking about mortgages, alas you are mistaken here. The FSA have stopped the Halifax invoking the floors on their tracker mortgages...
  8. If of any interest to anyone these were the best performing currencies across 1990-2 recession 1) Japanese Yen (+22.95%) 2) Singpore Dollar (+22.90%) 3) Swiss Franc (+12.10%) 4) Danish Krone (+11.68%) 5) Taiwanese Dollar (+9.97%) 6) EUR equiv (+7.59%) 7) United States Dollar (+6.75%) 8) Norwegian Krone (+1.44%) 9) Canadrian Dollar (-2.68%) 10) Swedish Krone (-6.68%)
  9. I wish I knew. Here are the main performers vs GBP this year (based on a spot return) 1) Japanese Yen (+62.85%) 2) United States Dollar (+35.37%) 3) Taiwanese Dollar (+30.84%) 4) Singapore Dollar (+27.71%) 5) Swiss Franc (+26.30%) 6) Danish Krone (+17.37%) 7) Euro (+17.24%) 8) Mexican Peso (+8.41%) 9) Canadian Dollar (+7.13%) 10) Swedish Krona (+4.92%) 11) Norwegian Krone (+2.89%) 12) Australian Dollar (-0.31%) 13) Brazilian Real (-2.96%) 14) New Zealand Dollar (-5.36%) 15) South African Rand (-9.56%) 16) South Korean Won (-14.58%)
  10. Thanks for this. I regularly take a look at the Dexters site and also saw this one come up. What sort of % falls do you think these areas will succumb to in the next year or so? I'm under enormous pressure to buy from the missus and need reassuring that there's a remote possibility that these will move to what I would consider a 'sensible' level!
  11. Thanks very much for this, really appreciate the advice. I'll check out the areas you suggest now!
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