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  1. What happened to bubblepricker in the end? 

  2. I don't like it, but I have been watching today's Allsop residential auction on the Internet http://www.auction.co.uk/residential/onlineCatalogue.asp and everything is literally flying off the shelves way above the guide price, sometimes 30% higher. It seems we are entering the dead cat bounce stage.
  3. As far as I understand it, the ads get placed automatically in relation to the context of the site. As this site talks a lot about property, the adsense algortithm ends up placing property ads on this site, since artificial intelligence is clearly not intelligent enough to figure out HPC is about a house price crash. This may also explain the "have you been injured?" ads, as they may latch on to the word "crash"
  4. Not sure the case for manifest error is so clear cut. With the entire agreement clause and the AST cleary stating the rent, it is not so obvious where the manifest error is. There are all sorts of possible explanations why the amount in the AST differs from that on the deposit form. Perhaps a lower rent was agreed at the last minute? For a manifest error, it would have to be absolutely clear that there was a mistake.
  5. These figures are amazing. Losses of 30k between 2004 and 2008 when house prices supposedly were rising at a rate of 20% per year. This is just an example of the disaster that newbuilt BTL is in this country. And most people are still in denial. I have see it all before in Berlin and Germany. Prices down 80% from 1995 to 2007.
  6. I just don't get how oil/gold could fall so heavily yesterday. Unless the market does perceive this as a mere local conflict.
  7. So did this start before or after the markets closed on Friday? if this is the start of WWII, then why was oil, gold down and the DOW up?
  8. This is a local conflict, just like Tschetschenia. The world will not pay any attention.
  9. The way to deal with what you perceive as a "troll" is not to respond to them. The threads will sink to the bottom and the posters will get bored if nobody engages with them. It is people who respond who allow anyone to "hijack" a forum. The "thought policing" you suggest is what would be far more damaging to HPCs reputation. There is is a whole rebel website to HPC full of people who - rightly or wrongly - claim to hve been overly "policed" here. Once again, just do not respond to posts that are not worthy a debate in your opinion and the issue will go away by itself.
  10. I am not sure why you keep going on about "free" rent. If you don't pay the rent for 6 months or however long, then you still owe these amounts, and the LL (or the repossessing bank) can pursue you for those amounts, and they can do so long after you have moved out, as soon as they know your new address. You would also find it hard to rent anywhere again, as yur credit file would be tainted and it would be difficult to get a reference.
  11. Everyone is free to post - within the rules (no insults etc.). We do not actively act against "trolls" (which anyway is a vague concept). If you think someone is "trolling", simply do not engage with them and move on to another thread.
  12. Halifax use average earnings of males in full time employment (thus excluding all females, all part-time workers, and the multimillion salaries of footballers and City fat cats bring up the average, because they use average not median). That's how they can skew the earnings so high. This, in my opinion, borders on criminal public outright lying conducted by HBOS.
  13. I have spoken to Dr. Bubb about this, and I would like to get involved. Having been at the receiving end of a Kirsty rant back in 2004 on ITV London Tonight, I would love the chance to get back at her. I could also help keeping the HPC owners on board.
  14. The landlord's visit to the house constituted trespass. You could make a complaint to the police if you chose to do so. If you now longer wish to live at the property, you could try and serve notice of termination on the landlord for material breach of the shorthold tenancy agreement (based on the trespas). The landlord may not resist the termination in order to avoid trouble. If he does reject it, you would have to weigh up the risk and hassle of a protracted legal case and the possibility that you might have to pay 10 months rent at the end of it. You have no right to withhold any payments until you have validly terminated the contract and moved out.
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