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  1. watch first before making statements!
  2. brown gets another roasting but laughs it off does he care ? will he ever say sorry?
  3. (HBOS) Bank gives loans to PFI of which it is an owner. Bank charges the PFI which it owns a 14.5 % credit card interest rate per annum repayable over 30 yrs by tenants. ................ Council allows surveyors who are effectively employees of the PFI to sign completion. Local Authority risk control cuts out quality checks after audit documenting sub-prime output performance had been leaked to local press. ................. Authority also cuts funding for Listed Building Conservation officer post for heritage protection work.
  4. van you have been here a long time this is your worst post ever .sorry
  5. is it cos the mint,s (tptb)are not making coins or small bars to stop people buying and getting out of fiat?whilst the cartel suppress the price to make fiat look strong.
  6. try hsbc see what they will lend ? same outfit re-packaged income £25k dependents 2 deposit £200k property value £250k offered me £43k £43k £43k ltv about 17% they aint taking no chances
  7. renterNOB why are you so sour ? did you get left holding the bag ?
  8. inflation the gvmt,s greatest weapon (the hidden tax) your not alone mate ,we have all taken silent pay cut,s to the tune of around 8% a year of late ,it,s only going to get worse sorry to be the bear-er of bad news
  9. Some cheerleader was crying out for a thread like this the other day so it,s for you. dow swinging by 600- 700 a day the day traders are making a killing.
  10. This is just a program to condition the masses of our bad it is going to get in the very near future .happing now getting worse minute by minute.
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