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I’ve been thinking about this for a while, as I know parts of the tech sector (online advertising) are wildly overvalued and thrive on BS that investors don’t always fully understand.

I’ve also (with my security/privacy) hat on always expect that products like browsers /VPNs and ‘DNS over https://‘ might eventually do damage.  But I now realise most users don’t get that, and this won’t drive the change. But I still maintain ‘that if a service is free, then you are the product’ hold true.

Anyway, it has become clear since some of the BLM activities that advertisers won’t tolerate platforms that don’t moderate content. This in itself represents a cost to the advertisers, but again won’t knock them down a peg.

What I think will is the realisation by advertisers that most online advertising is ignored, badly targeted or not even see by human eyes. A lot is down to how firms like Google tried to standard ad words packaged so that they could be sold without sales teams.

But anyway, it looks like firms are waking up to scam of surveillance capitalism and badly or undelivered advertising.


This is a good initial read: https://link.medium.com/x6DvA4H3obb



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Bombardment of advertising and marketing......people have learnt to cut it all out, ads on TV so long now, so can pop out to make tea, go to bathroom, catch up on social media, have a chat with others or flip channels often not returning........friends say they still tape and skip through the ads to watch later.

Nothing is appropriate or useful if don't see it.....so yes, bad and undelivered.......too much is a negative  necessary haze of junk.;)


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