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I, Daniel Blake

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Ken Loach has cried wolf too many times in the past for him to be credible any more. If he has finally made an accurate film then it's too little too late.

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 Ive not watched it, so would be unfair to comment.

I have heard the reviews and FB comments. Lots of leftists saying how terrible, something should be done etc etc.

Comjng from a blue collar Labour bacground, theres nothing minimal about the UKs social spend. We spend a fortune. Where the fck is it all going? - supporting nail bar tax credit enterprises.

The uk welfare state needs gutting to remive the perverse jncentives that have seen ~30% of working age live on benefits ft, and half the world living in Calais to get a piece if it.

1) No benefits to non nationals until 100k of nic payments.

2) Ban on anyone taking citizenship from claiming for 20 years.

3) Rework TCs. Base income of nmw+20% for families, no extra child payout. 35h wkrk rewuirement. For both parents when yougest child is 11.

4) Single parents to be given 10 reprieve. Required yo live in flat/communal living. Money to be paid back by working 5 more years beyong state retirement age.

5) Benefits have contribution element and be time limited - max 3 year claim, lifetime limited of 15 years.

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The Benny system is totally broken.

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'The two protagonists are both subject to arbitrary and damaging periods of extreme poverty after their benefits are stopped. Daniel – a 61-year old joiner recovering from a heart attack and rejected for Employment Support Allowance (ESA) – is hit by the bedroom tax after the death of his wife, while Katie, a young single mother with two children, is evicted after complaining about the black mould in her flat that hospitalises her son. After a year in a hostel in London, she is shunted far from her family to Newcastle and after getting the wrong bus during their first days in the city, is sanctioned for turning up slightly late to a benefits appointment. '


Daniel  would be fixed by a contribution based system. At the mo, all the benefits are being gobbled up by tax credits.

Katie's problem is that housing benefit has chased up social rents, detaching them from earned income esp, in London.

Both are suffering as they are competing with half the world trying to scam benefits in London.

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I hope they get the fact right that you get a year after a bereavment before BT hits you. And then there's supplmentary payments which wean you off the dependency on getting it paid. 

And if he's been a joiner all his working life then why hasn't he bought his own home or saved up so he has money put aside for his old age? 

There are people who have lived all their adult working life in a council house who needed a kick up the **** many years ago. 

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