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  1. Frank Hovis

    Alternative discussion sites to FUBRA

    Time was people were banned for trying to encourage others to join a rival forum, now posters seem to be viewed as an unwanted irritation. How things change. I have no intention of abandoning OT any time soon, but if I do it will be for PistonHeads as, like HPC, I have an interest in the core subject matter from which one can then go Off Topic.
  2. Frank Hovis

    Alternative discussion sites to FUBRA

    Apologies to EssKay if I am incorrectly pointing the finger at them but they posted in the London terrorist with the usual combined criticism / control of the forum post as is traditionally the province of Mortgage Bitch and Spinwheel. I suggested that anybody on the forum purely for such negative purposes should be banned though I didn't report the post. I may have inadvertently given them ideas so they reported the while thread and mods deleted it based on the whinge of somebody who would rather the forum didn't exist, but still posts on it for reasons best known to themselves.
  3. There's a set police budget so this will have a material effect upon police response times if you live in London. I don't suppose that they will get around to charging the fantasist, "Nick" IIRC though not his real name, with wasting police time and malicious slander.
  4. Frank Hovis

    SJW meltdown

    There may well be something in this. When it comes to ranking those groups which suffer negatively from discrimination (in western societies) then it transgender stands far higher than women. Professional feminists don't wish to accept that the "battle" has moved on because they have pretty much achieved equality and the spotlight / cutting edge is now with somebody else; they are now the dinosaurs that they have been accusing all men of being and they don't like it one little bit.
  5. Frank Hovis

    SJW meltdown

    Where you are in with people over which you have a distinct physical advantage and that makes a big difference: Women's sport and women's prisons.
  6. Frank Hovis

    SJW meltdown

    Male privilege apparently. You say arbitrarily but in lot of cases it is just that. If someone has had all of the surgery and hormone treatment and so appears to be the other sex then they have a case. But then you get "men" giving birth and yesterday a "woman" rapist. And in the person I know adopting a woman's name and women's clothes but that's it. If one morning they decide they've changed their mind then they can put their trousers on and go back to their old name. So how are they a woman? I don't see a difference between that and, say, my dressing up as a Cossack and demanding to have the company call me Boris and be recognised as a Cossack with exactly the same rights as all "cis" Cossacks.
  7. Frank Hovis

    SJW meltdown

    I only know where I've worked and in in my last ten years' jobs there are more women than men in senior roles and there is certainly no pay discrimination. The clear exception was when I worked in the City but this was twenty years ago. There were very few women in senior roles and those that were there were probably underpaid. This may no longer be the case owing to time and distance.
  8. Frank Hovis

    SJW meltdown

    Possibly in the scrap metal trade or ground landscaping areas because of the physicality of the work; but in the sectors I deal with (lawyers, bankers, capital markets) it may not be quite 50:50 in the senior roles but 60:40. And the majority of senior lawyers with which I deal are women. Where women are less well paid or overlooked for promotion it is where they work part time / flexibly or always leave on the dot. So they're not doing as much work. It's not because they're women.
  9. Frank Hovis

    SJW meltdown

    People are wrong to think of it as "submitting"; rather as grasshopper's example of his grandmother demonstrates there are roles and you are going to be happiest in the one that gives you the work / life / money balance that suits you. For instance I wouldn't want to be, say, Prime Minister or manager of the England football team. Far too much pressure and work. On a personal basis I far prefer my job to that of my boss and their boss; I don't want their jobs. The hours are too long and there is far too much stress. I've done those jobs, I don't want to do them again.
  10. Frank Hovis

    Donald Trump

    I can't recall anyone on here ever expressing any support or respect for the Soviet Union under Stalin. Quite the reverse.
  11. Frank Hovis

    SJW meltdown

    Yes, great example. I actually picked up the video from the hardcore feminism bit of mumsnet where the hardcore feminists are jumping up and down about transgenderism. From the outside this looks like yet another SJW cause along with extreme feminsim but it's entirely corrosive to feminism as feminsim is about gaining equality (and then advantage...) for women and then this is totally undermined if a man can just say "I'm a woman" and be, in law, a woman. So the great feminist striggle (Sisters!) is now delivering its gains to men. What happens if all 30 million men in this country, in the event of a big war, say "I'm a woman so you can't call me up"? It is dividing the SJW s into those who will pick up any cause just for the hell of it and those capable of standing back and saying "well this is just getting silly now".
  12. Frank Hovis

    SJW meltdown

    This may as well go on this thread rather than starting a new one. Great pinning interview. As I don't watch videos that don't come with a precis: Eight minute video on transgender. Initialy how is Trump a monster for withdrawing official guidance on school toilets when all it was was guidance and Obama took seven years to issue it in the first place? Then, and more importantly, what is transgender. If it is "feels" then (using British examples rather than the interviewers) I can just say I feel like a woman and then I get to play women's rugby and be the star of the team (owing to sheer physical size and strength rather than any skill advantage), avoid call-up in the event of a war, get preferential medical treatment (well woman) etc. There is no test, no standard, no evidence, no need for surgery or hormones, and anybody can claim it. The liberal has no answer because this is very evidently what they are trying to advance. In order to be a woman or a man, when you are biologically the other, all that you need to say that you are. And to disagree with this is to be trans "phobic". (caveat that genuine genetic intersex exist and for these there is the scientific evidence)
  13. That's with other gays, the thinking was that every gay man, given the opportunity, was a predatory rapist. Uncle Monty out of Withnail. It's laughable in hindsight; I suppose I ceased to believe that when I found out at college that one of my friends was gay. He was a totally normal chap so my views formed by watching TV stereotypes didn't stand up.
  14. That was when Rover made great sport saloons. Long time ago. That wasn't the impression I had of the view of the times, rather that they were both seen as wrong but neither being worse than the other. I don't remember the two being conflated. The one I do remember is that gay men were universally seen as hugely predatory and desperate for sex with any straight man hence the "backs to the wall" gags. This being reinforced by John Inman's Mr Humphries character who was permanently up for sex with any man who walked into the shop.

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