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  1. Has this pandemic been a biological attack and with the cyber attack on Austraila. Are we at war or is it coming.
  2. I think that you also have to take in to account the size of the population in India and China for example. How can they compete with the West unless there are significant changes. We can only buy so much tat from them.
  3. I agree but don't forget some of you young bucks will be old cunt5 sooner than you think. The UK has plenty of land to build on. But our overlords would rather protect the green belt and shoehorn us into tiny 5hitboxes and stack us high. No wonder us old cunt5 won't downsize when there is nothing really decent available.
  4. I totally agree Dougless. So how do we bring this snot-goblin down?
  5. They will probably get wound up but the Directors liability ends with that company. it would be great if they could get their money from his other businesses he runs. However I don't think there is much chance of that. The system favours Directors / business owners in certain cases. The money ex employees and the HMRC could be losing must be phenomenal.
  6. Thanks Wighty that may be worth them trying that
  7. Locke - Thanks But there will be a time and place for that
  8. Hi Reg Thanks for that. The Director is loaded but it looks like he has been playing the system for years and probably owes thousands in unpaid wages and taxes via his various companies. I' m surprised HMRC have not investigated and taken action. Does anyone really care other than the workers who have been shafted.
  9. Hi can anyone give me some advice. My mate and a number of his colleagues have been awarded an Employment Tribunal judgement against their ex-employer for unpaid wages, redundancy pay and pay in lieu of notice. The amount due to them is approximately £60K in total. Their ex-boss was the director/owner of the company and initially this person told his staff that the company was going to be insolvent so he advised them to make a redundancy payment claim RP1 from the insolvency service. The company is a limited company and the director had not submitted the yearly accounts to HMRC, so Companies House were about to go down the route of a compulsory strike-off. Because of the money he owes his former employees an objection was raised to stop this happening. So at the moment the company is still showing as Active on Companies House register. This objection will be upheld until September 2020. The ex-boss (director/owner of the company) then resigned and another director was appointed. This person who is now named as the director had nothing to do with the company previously. It no longer appears to be trading and is not responding to correspondence for their employment awards. The ex-director now seems to have set up another limited company offering the same services as the previous one. Plus he seems to have another couple of companies which are trading too. Obviously if he had gone insolvent then this could have impacted on his other companies. He does seem to have a history of setting up companies but not filling accounts and then resigning and setting up other companies. Therefore he must owe a lot a people money, tax and vat but this is still being allowed to happen. Because the company was a limited company and is no longer in the ex-director’s name, is it just a waste of time and money applying to the High County Court in them trying to pursue their claim's. So how can we stop him doing this now and in the future and hold him accountable for what he owes. Hopefully the employees can get what monies they are due. Any help/guidance you can offer would be extremely welcome.
  10. Numerous Ebay accounts appear to have been hacked and are being used to sell underpriced garden furniture. This has been going on for a few days so why have they not been taken down. This will cause problems for buyers and the sellers who may be unaware that their sites have been hijacked. So why are Ebay allowing this to continue now their security systems have been compromised.
  11. Its Friday night again. Where did the week go. Well i'm 4 bottles of Hobgoblin into the weekend and listening to the Stranglers with Baz. ( Thanks Dave) Have a great weekend each.
  12. This thread is for Friday night - Rioja and Blink 182 Enjoy
  13. I think people should be able to rent cheaply or buy cheaply depending on their circumstances
  14. Maybe its about time we collectively said PHUQ U to the BBC. The Revolution will be televised. One little acorn or one little match can start a big fire.
  15. I would love houses to be become more affordable. Especially for the youngsters to buy them and not end up in debt for years . But these ba5tards are not going let it happen.
  16. That is not going to happen i'm afraid .
  17. So what are we all drinking. And what are we watching/ listening to. 🤘
  18. 100 % of leavers think he should stay. And he will. - 6 months my ar5e.
  19. I personally find that quite shocking . But we should return them to France where they already have safe harbour.
  20. This is the problem with this country - Whatever party we have in power it is always the same. Unless we do something about it.
  21. How the hell can any one vote for Sir Starmer. He is one cheek of the same ar5e in government
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