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Cornwall and Plymouth are geographically isolated. I'm hopeful for the priced out people over there, that houseprices will be cheap as chips, mainly due to high oil prices.

The number of holiday huts/bungalow now on sale is astounding.

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I have been watching Plymouth prices for some time.

i had come to the conclusion that the guide prices were too high, basically they were on a par with EA shop window prices.

When I look a Bristol guide prices, they are usually 30% to 40% below general asking price ( as is the custom with auction lots )

just to generate a bit of interest

No surprise to me that if discounts for cash arn't available people wont buy.

Only surpise on the results was someone paying £110,000 for a what seems to be a flat in Durnford st. Must be a Londoner thinking hes got a nice water side pad :rolleyes:

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Bi-Monthly Auctions held in Cornwall and Plymouth.


Quite a large majority were unsold as they did not reach reserve. Makes me think the buying public are getting the message.

with all due respect, as a bear str myself btw, I think that a real conclusion can only be drawn when we see the sale price of all of those properties that were withdrawn and presumably sold beforehand.

Cant really draw a real conclusion from the sh1t that was left on the shelves.

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