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  1. Yes nothing worse than having a crash when you're sober Gruffyd
  2. Wren Kitchens ...advertising 50% off plus another 20% on kitchens. Cant shift it I guess.
  3. Merlin entertainment...... I took a friend to Warwick Castle two years ago thinking it would be a National Trust property and it would cost about £6 or £ 7 to get in. On arrival it was £ 6 ....for the carpark! .... I parked in a street 200 yards away for free and went back. It then became clear this piece of National heritage has been quietly acquired by Merlin. When I asked at the gate for admission prices I was advised that well I could get tickets for £ 28 each, but these would not entitle me to see the whole site, for that I would need premium £34 pound tickets. Needless to say I refused to pay, and went to a local museum for free instead. Sorry if this is a bit off topic
  4. I have been wondering...about the mass print and infrastructure spending hypothesis DB has conjured...Could a fly in the ointment be that it takes sooo long for planning, then designing, then constructing, for instance look at Hinckley, HS2, any other public works scheme, ok they might over ride planning consent as DB suggests above, but even so, it does take time to design and plan, so by the time it all goes pear shaped, an infrastructure related binge maybe is going to come along a bit late in the game. So I would not be surprised if they do helicopter the public until infrastructure projects get in gear. Just my musings, opinions welcome.
  5. Been following this thread since its inception and I would now be interested in opening and account and putting some cash in TLTs . Dont know much about this, so, questions for those that do know, firstly are TLT etfs compatible with an ISA ? Secondly which Fund would you recommend ?, precise name of fund please. Many thanks.
  6. Seems tatty and undesirable places are hard to shift, better places more likely to shift, overall around Blaenau Gwent area the stats for sold prices seem to indicate a rise of a couple of % over each of the last couple of years as far as I can tell and if I recall correctly. Massive kite flying as always. Edit: auction guide prices mean little or nothing.
  7. I remember a time when every high st. had 2 shops whose sole purpose was renting out television sets to the millions who could not afford one.
  8. Swindon !!! No thanks. And I lived in Cambridge for a while, nothing to shout about, prefer Bristol or Plymouth though wages are only around the national average.
  9. I understood Plymouth wages to be very in line with UK average in 2013, wouldn't expect much change. Exeter £22100 Plymouth £24000 Bristol £25500. DYOR if you want up to date stats. Plymouth unemployment circa 3 % last time I looked. Plymouth is a very average place in many respects compared to the national picture, but in Devon and Cornwall terms seems to be the high wage area. Perhaps this is why Ginsters put their factory employing 1500 in Callington and not Plymouth.
  10. Perhaps the low volumes coming to market reflect the difficulties facing families who might have otherwise traded up.
  11. Made me feel outraged seeing the pathetic accommodation for 250 a week. Sick.
  12. Volumes aren't collapsing generally... as evidenced by the charts in the report. The examples you highlight are for top end only. edited for spelling.
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