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  1. I'd smack him in the mouth for conning me into believing he and his rabble were Conservatives. Also for faking house prices, the economy and interest rates, robbing my savings. For supporting the indebted and destroying the prudent. He is a fake, just like the rest of the UK. Fake economy, fake recovery, fake politics, fake job titles, fake education, fake industries, fake money in circulation, fake heath service, fake multicultural society (we have voluntary apartheid), etc, etc. Rename from Great Britain to Fake Britain.
  2. On my Google News page, there were 6 incidents of BBC reports on Balls and what he said, and singular reports from the newspapers and other news outlets. Don't the BBC realise yet that we now know they are just the party political broadcast station for Labour?
  3. HSBC would only go down if the world economic system failed.
  4. Have you asked the treasury. Their reply would be interesting. I never understood why we paid 12bn for an NHS computer system that never worked. A simple data base system, with the GP consultant rooms and hospitals littered with cheap computers as not much computer power would be required, the connection system is in place called the internet, and a server farm to store the info. I could have done the lot for 500 million. Where did the other 11.5 bn go?
  5. I'm talking about using savings, so have paid income tax on it already. There will be no more tax to pay, only on interest above the ISA threshold. Nothing is guaranteed, but looking at the figures for the past few years, the figures look reasonable. After all, the insurance companies are paying out a similar percentage for annuities which would tend to back-up the likely performance of a draw-down pension. And like I said, it is a long term thing. So if all goes according to plan, it will be miles better than the high street,
  6. My financial adviser chappy who deals with my draw down pension tells me you can put spare cash into managed ISAs. His firm will invest the funds and you only pay tax on any profits above the ISA tax threshold (about 11,500 GBP total in savings). Also, they are flexible and you can draw funds out at any time. He reckoned, after their fees, you can make about 7%. This is probably long term though, and probably a minimum of 3-5 years.
  7. A real Conservative who served in a real Conservative government. Like I have been saying for some time now, this present bunch are not Conservatives. The party has disappeared. It would have been interesting to see how the economy was managed if Thatcher had become PM for the first time in 2010 and we had a real Conservative government since then.
  8. Many thanks. I moved them away from the exchange onto a computer based wallet, and have removed the dat file which is backed-up many times on SDHC cards. I'm thinking this is just as secure as paper wallets. Any thoughts?
  9. Many thanks, well done. I followed what you did some months ago so can verify your procedure is as good as it gets. I believe mtgox is difficult to deal with as it can take weeks for us in the Western Hemisphere to get funds out. I think they are mainly for the Eastern Hemisphere. I was pleased with HSBC who got the money to BitStamp the next day. When making a paper wallet, do you have to move your Bitcoins? Is there a transaction involved? I was a bit reluctant to do this if it is the case. I'd like to see a step by step list of instructions as I don't fully understand the tutorial on the web. Cheers.
  10. Listened to what the woman panellist was saying and switched off half way through her ramblings. Who the hell are these people, they haven't got a clue? It annoyed me that when Hunt was speaking, the camera was on the Labour guy shaking his head, so it tended to negate what Hunt was saying. I think this is a ploy by the BBC to minimise the effect of the Tory comment.
  11. Presently at 510 USD/BTC, where it was only 48 hours ago. The price shot up as the market was over excited at the FED's optimistic remarks at a congressional hearing, saying it was legal and had a promising future (no signs of the FED being 'difficult' as everyone was expecting).
  12. Tried to listen to all the waffle and mumbling and drifted into a coma. He comes out with a load of populist C r a p. He said as house prices go up, people tend to spend more. And talked about encouraging people to get more credit. I compare him to Max Keiser. Max is just totally understandable, easy to listen too and it all sounds like logic. Totally different and refreshing. Carney was not addressing the issues realistically. Just a load of political rubbish. He now has a reputation with me as just moving the goal posts to suit. I thought the questions fired at him all contained an irony and doubting his economic abilities. Just another highly paid politician to put up with. How disappointing our country's management are.
  13. I don't suppose this is that important, but I found it a pain looking through say 200 houses at the default 10 per page. I emailed Rightmove some time ago suggesting they increase the number per page, and I have just noticed this welcome addition tonight. Anyone know when this was added. Is it just or have I missed it for a while?
  14. I think UKIP has a three fold advantage for the following 1) The new protest vote-Liberals will lose out. 2) The average voter can see that the Lib Lab and Con are all the same as they are just puppets to the EU's bidding and 3) UKIP will be considered to be a viable alternative, especially after they do well in the MEP elections next year, and they are the only alternative to get us out of the EU, something I think most of the UK wants..
  15. I may be getting my knickers in a twist here, but I cannot understand the internet instructions to make a paper wallet, and it seems too involved, moving Bitcoins from one wallet to another, that I just don't fancy doing.
  16. Having moved my wallet file off my computer and copied onto several SD cards, is it OK to let this situation continue (not buying bitcoins or spending at present), or should I periodically put the wallet file back onto my computer and run Bitcoin-qt to update it?
  17. Another question please. With some trepidation, I have removed all instances of wallet.dat from my hard drives, and have my wallet file in 'cold storage', in umpteen places. I tested by deleting the dat file, and replacing it with a backup dat file and checked to see that my stash was showing on the wallet client. When I was satisfied having completed this three times, I then emptied my waste bin. If things had gone wrong, I could have reinstated the deleted file from the recycle bin. Now my question is this. Is it ok to just hang on to the back up dat file for ever, or should I replace the dat file occasionally with an updated version. When I run Bitcoin-qt, it puts the new date on the dat file, suggesting to me it has changed. Presumably it has not changed. I was wondering if I ran Bitcoin-qt in, say, a years time, with a copied back-up file from today, would all be well?
  18. Many thanks. I have back-ups all over the place, but something else I have done is placed the dat file in a zip file with encryption using a strong password. Presumably if they steal the zip file, they still won't be able to crack it. I run through a router. It is supposed to have a hardware firewall. Does this give reasonable protection? So if I remove the dat file from the Bitcoin folder, and run Bitcoin-QT again, I presume it will generate a new dat file? Then if I put my original dat file back in the folder, I over-write the new dat file? I know the client updates the blockchain info each time it runs. Does this mean that the dat file is just the information on my Bitcoins, and updated Blockchain information is not stored on the dat file? When I run Bitcoin-QT, it updates the Blockchain like I said, but the dat file also acquires the time and date when run. This suggests to me that the dat file is updated somehow, even though there have been no transactions.
  19. You said, "backup your wallet and keep it offsite". Is my 'wallet' the wallet.dat file? Is 'offsite' meaning remove from hard drives and save to USB memory sticks, etc? I read a lot on forums about 'cold storage'. Can you tell me what that means? Many thanks again for your help. Be nice if there was a web site somewhere explaining all this in simple language. I still haven't figured out a paper wallet yet.
  20. What's the final value going to be? They seem to be ramping up quite nicely at the moment, and have reached a new all time high, beyond that spike a few months ago.
  21. Thanks miggy, magic answer. Ref your last paragraph. Why would I be moving 'the gold' a few times? I bought a number of Bitcoins which are just residing on the Blockchain at the moment. These 100 transactions. Are they my transactions or all transactions to the blockchain? I am right in assuming that the password used to encrypt my wallet is only used if I want to move Bitcoins, for say, payment of services or whatever? So if someone hacks into my machine, they need to know the password to steal my Bitcoins? Is that how it works?
  22. I have a question. Can somebody please help. I have a hard drive wallet, using Bitcoin-qt. This is encrypted with a nice, long, complex password. Does it make any difference if the wallet is encrypted before or after the bitcoins are downloaded from the bitcoin exchange? Are the bitcoins secure if downloaded to the wallet first and then the wallet is encrypted? Thanks.
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