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  1. I moved mine to Natwest in October. I was already a Natwest current account holder so it was probably easier for me, but the transfer of the ISA itself was relatively quick (2-3 weeks). I did it in branch and was given the manager's direct line to contact in case of any problems (didn't need to).
  2. The way house prices are most of the money in the estate will have come from rampant HPI not earnings - therefore why shouldn't it be taxed?
  3. Yes. Surely the vast majority of those who currently do pay have to do so primarily because of massive HPI? Therefore it is generally NOT out of already taxed income. You only have to pay the tax on anything *above* £300k as well - which doesn't seem altogether unreasonable to me. I've also heard it quoted in the last week that only 6% of estates currently have to pay IHT anyway, does anybody know if that is true (I'm slightly dubious since my sources are a certain G. Brown and P.Toynbee!)?
  4. It's not just damaged cards, it's ones that expire normally as well. I had a few problems with my card being declined until I discovered they'd changed the expiry date on my card to 2010 ONE MONTH ahead of actually even posting the new card!
  5. I quite enjoyed it. She was mightily aggrieved - obviously wasn't expecting any hard questions at all. Loved the bit at the end where she accused Declan of calling into question the integrity of the British banking system. Let's hope he keeps it up!
  6. Thanks JimmyMac, it's good to know this can be done. I live (rent, thank god) in a new build flat complex and we've just today discovered an application to reopen the nightclub below the flats that closed down earlier in the year which apparently was a massive nuisance. Now they're trying to extend the hours to 1.30am week nights, 3.30am weekends! Obviously I can move, but it's a pain, and I feel sorry for the OOs!
  7. Hi Hellraise... last time I tried this (on a bored day at work!) I always got the same answer as you - buying better in the long term. This was true even factoring in a nominal fall in House prices of >30% from current. I did it slightly differently by looking at the assets I would hold in 25 years assuming I always "invested" the same amount of money whether in rent, savings, mortgage or maintenance. I did assume both rents and house prices would revert to the trend of wage inflation over a long period of time so was more pessimistic than you on rental costs. As another poster has pointed out it is the reduction of the debt in real terms (rent> mortgage in the latter part of the mortgage term) and continued HPI assumptions that does it. Factoring in costs of moving is not something I did though which would reduce the difference somewhat.
  8. I agree it's ridiculous - if you want the protection get married, what's the problem? I'm not sure it is as one sided as you suggest though - there are plenty of high-earning women out there particularly in the younger age groups as women make up >50% graduates, and >50% newly qualified accountants, lawyers etc. It would certainly make me think twice about living with someone again. Just a really, really bad idea!
  9. Just checked on St Margarets (between Twickenham and Richmond) and it definitely appears that rents haven't really increased since 2002 when I was living there. In the same period house prices have rocketed - a friend of mine just sold a tiny 2 bed terrace for £500k... Where are all these increases in rent then?
  10. Good point I've obviously had too much wine tonight!
  11. Some people may earn 50% less.... At least I have the satisfaction of knowing that I earn considerably more than you for less hours as you kindly provided the figures earlier
  12. Hmm should have known better than to use the F-word on here really shouldn't I!
  13. Interesting what you say about paying women less SEW, do you have evidence to support this? I would call myself a feminist and yet I have never come across any evidence of that. I work in finance in industry, and from my own experience and having had access to confidential salary levels at various points I just don't think this is true. What kind of jobs have you done in the past? BTW what I do think is true is that the kinds of jobs women are the majority in (e.g. caring professions) tend to have lower salaries attached to them hence the difference overall in women's earnings vs men's. Not sure what we do about that really.
  14. I'm with you on this. I know I wouldn't want to do the job, my idea of hell. Those grads have probably never even vaguely considered the wider ramifications of what they're doing, who does at 21 or 22? It's got to be a much better option for them than most of what's out there provided they can hack the pace.
  15. A male friend of mine used to quite fancy Krusty...
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