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  1. Wow. Staggeringly overpriced. Big LOL at the one on Portland Road. Above a shop on a corner plot and next to a social club. Bijou living indeed at < 30m/2.
  2. Please stop it, guys. Best Regards, An aforementioned lurker and former poster.
  3. Ah well, this has helped me decide who not to vote for next month. Just sent a message to my local Conservative MPs advising them what a vote loser it is: https://www.writetothem.com PS. Hi everyone. PPS. For the person who asked: Mumsnet thread for old time's sake http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/am_i_being_unreasonable/2354882-So-now-the-Tories-are-bringing-back-the-Right-to-Buy-scheme-Anyone-else-think-theyre-losing-the-plot
  4. Fairly central? Okay I guess if you work on one of the industrial estates and not too far from Aldrington Stn. as mentioned... Unless you mean it's in about the most central place inbetween the two main arterties onto the Old Shoreham road. Or any of the A roads... Wouldn't call that a benefit though, rather a pain in the ****. Aaanyway yes, while we're in Brighton fairytale-land they're about 300 grand too much (although in a sane world 500K too much)
  5. Yep, sucks don't it. Talking to one colleague on a sub 2% interest rate, with an IVA and really harsh budget. Another friend on 2.xx%, although she did put down a 40% deposit. Still these fantasy interest rates won't be around forever. And knowing that I sure sleep easier at night knowing I don't have a big fat debtpile hanging over my head.
  6. I bet their partners had fun getting to their London jobs after the Brighton to London line was closed all of yesterday: http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/9268242.Haywards_Heath_trains_suspended_over_tunnel_safety_fears/ And winter is typically even less fun. With decreased funding on the lines I'm sure this isn't going to get any better any time soon... So glad I don't have to make that awful commute any more.
  7. Ahhh cheers for that Merv and chums, £ to yen now below 120, even lower than the depths of the 2008 crash ... below 120 for the first time ever?
  8. It is for five of those things but I agree, massive ripoff.
  9. I looked at that thing and wondered, 'why is it on for 330 grand?'. Then I looked at the location, 'oh it's in Brighton...' Nothing more to say. Actually no let's have a few more sentences. It's not in Brighton main, it's practically in Peacehaven. Convenient for nowhere, not even the Lidl or the Marina... Not that you've anywhere to put the car, no garage, driveway or even on-street parking...
  10. Hello Aquaman. I have kinda good news for you. You won't have been charged anything like RPI over the course of your loan so far: From: http://www.slc.co.uk/media%20centre/news_views.html#newsitem14 "The interest rate on income contingent loans will be 1.5% from 1 September 2011 across the UK." Rates from 2007: http://www.slc.co.uk/statistics/facts%20and%20%20figures/previous_interest_rates.html Student loan rates have been 2% of less since 2009. Well okay, 2007/08 was pretty shitty at 4.8% but you'd only have had a third of your loan accumulating interest right? More from: http://www.slc.co.uk/media%20centre/news_views.html#newsitem14 "Between 1 September 2011 and 31 August 2012, the interest rate may change because it is linked to the rates charged by high street banks. The rate will be the lower of the Retail Price Index in March 2011, or 1% above the highest base rate of a nominated group of banks. As March’s RPI was 5.3%, the maximum rate of interest you may be charged between 1 September 2011 and 31 August 2012 is 5.3%." But realistically, high street banks rates will continue to be a pittance. Unless everything goes pear-shaped, in which case we get our house price crash, but also have to pay more for our student loans. Swings and roundabouts innit. I think I'd happily suffer higher loan rates in return for an HPC though And yes I know we (ex)students are being subsidised like the bailed-out mortgageholders... Edit: what the hell is going on with Virgin's webcache tonight, Jason et al's posts weren't there when I started composing this post...
  11. Looks like the data entry clerk hit a 4 when they meant a 2? Although even 200 grand seems excessive though when you can't even park outside your house... Or have a garage. Or a driveway. Or a garden with any features whatsoever. Or a gap between your house and one of your neighbours. Or anywhere to put your wheelie bin and recycling boxes... Oh my...
  12. The Halifax have managed to balls up my transfer in and put me on a 0.5% rate (ISA Saver Direct) for a month. Told them to sort it and they said they would and with back-dated interest, just wait two weeks. That was three weeks ago. I've just written them a letter; man that's probably a less than 50% success rate on my ISA transfers, bloody useless (Halifax and Lloyds being the worst offenders so far - Abbey were pretty shit too) </cathartic internet moan> Edit: Now they appear to have voided my ISA and converted it to a 0.05% interest bearing Liquid Gold account. Gotta love dem state owned bankz.
  13. Yes you can 'drip' money into them. Until they stop accepting new money on the issue (which I imagine will be soon). They send out a certificate each time you buy more of an issue. Sure makes calculating the interest more of a headache when you've multiple certificates of varying values from varying dates though.
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