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  1. 🙂 I knew about this. The interesting bit is that if a vendor is only motivated to make the sale when they get the credit kick-back, then - in effect - their advertised pricing is misleading. One interpretation of the situation might be that there's an opportunity for cash buyers to pay the asking price (which is artificially lower than would otherwise be acceptable to the vendor). Another interpretation is that the vendor has over-priced their product through misleading customers to believe that it is genuinely offered for sale at the advertised price. With something like a car, I'd be incl
  2. You probably aren't. If your money isn't wanted, there will be a reason for this. One option is that there is more profit in selling credit than selling cars. Another option is that buyers are hard-nosed about the price of what they are buying, but they are more easily strong-armed about the cars they sell. A more reasonable explanation, in my opinion, is that there are likely perverse incentives for the sales staff. Of course, if a vendor has badly motivated sales staff, then they probably don't care about the quality of their product either. Consider it a bullet dodged - they w
  3. Reductio-ad-absurdum, dude! A major problem with political discourse is failure of communication. It simply isn't adequate that the person making a political statement thinks they know what it should mean to the audience. Coherence when communicating any idea, especially a political idea, requires that the actual statements stand up to the scrutiny of rational consideration.
  4. A common claim. Logically, if we need a bit of it all, we'd also need a bit of extremism - and, if we're going to need that, then it begs the question: which bit of extremism are we going to accept? I also think we need diversity of opinion and ideas... but, despite this, I find it very difficult to see any value in any of the political positions... which, to me, seem to be nothing more than dishonest posturing.
  5. You're measuring rents in the wrong units. If you were to measure rents relative to return on savings, then rents would have grown exponentially. Try measuring the price of things as "Number of thousands of pounds required as savings to pay the annual price from annual interest paid on those savings".
  6. Of course, celebrations might be muted if you believe your house with a large garden and coastal views is "worth" over £1.5m and the buyers are only willing to offer £0.75m.
  7. That doesn't need to be a problem. Jump in your DeLorean, accelerate to 88mph, and buy some when it was cheap. Don't worry about dabbling with causality, you probably won't cause yourself to fail to have existed unless you try to buy a house in the past.
  8. The Statute 2020-C5 has a fixed lifetime of two years, and has 6-monthly "reviews". Of course, there's a risk that an equally abhorrent piece of legislation will be passed again before March 2022... so this malevolent dystopia could easily remain indefinitely. The financial crash prompted temporary 'Quantitative Easing' for 3 months. It wasn't over 3 months later. Why should these 'temporary' measures be any different? There are trillions at stake... I don't see anyone giving up those sums for a 'return to normality'.
  9. I'm torn by the 'kill the bill' "protests". I am opposed to the ideas of the organized activists... but I believe that the bill is wrong-headed and is a threat to democracy. The irony is that I'm opposed to a bill that will likely be used to reign-in activities I consider unreasonable by people whose ideology I find repugnant. Perhaps freedom is something that is beyond the capabilities of people today? Does anyone else get the impression that they find themselves in an alternate reality modelled on the film Idiocracy?
  10. No one asked the people deemed to be vulnerable if they agreed with what was being done to them... rather like, some eight decades ago, other demographics weren't asked how they wanted to be treated. As for blaming 'new variants' on those you presume to be eugenically inferior, I do not believe there to be any evidence to support that hypothesis... neither for this 'very special' virus - nor for genuine biological threats.
  11. Perhaps they will be distracted from doing that by organizing the vulnerable onto trains so they can be cleansed, for the good of everyone's health, at purpose built camps?
  12. Unless the rioters try to organize by mobile phone, eh?
  13. 🙂 I never trust anyone who tells me that there's "absolutely nothing to be worried about" - it reminds me of the scene in a horror film just before the first horror shocks the audience. Obviously, I don't believe that the radiation from 5G devices represents any kind of health risk - but there's a big difference between that and deciding that there is nothing about 5G that could ever be a concern. One of my greatest concerns about 5G is that it could undermine privacy and make snooping and stalking cheaper and easier - which might not be desirable... unless one actively detests privacy a
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