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  1. Hey Bruce Good question. I fancy that we'll see some selling, for sure. In fact, given that so much of the money blowing the London bubble has come from the BRICS or petro-nations, I'd be astounded if there wasn't a significant downward pressure exerted by recent market moves. The Chinese share index is just one part of that - falling commodity prices will squash interest from Russia, Arabia and SE Asia too. In fact, I'm looking out of my office window at the moment wondering how much longer these cranes will be active.
  2. We're buying in zone 4, after years of resisting. But having just produced our third child, the lure of the extra bedroom and a garden got too much. I'm not desperate to leave London, but I'd do it tomorrow if a good job opportunity came up. The main thing that's stopping me is my wife, who is London born and bred, hence simply cannot contemplate leaving. So I have to play the long game there...
  3. Spurs also threatened to move to Enfield too, didn't they?
  4. Pardon me, I have been getting my postcodes mixed up. Mind you, I'm more interested in N9 these days.
  5. Spurs got some sweeteners to stay and to help them with the redevelopment though, didn't they? They were ready to bail on N15 and move to Stratford, which wouldn't have looked good post-riots and Olympics, especially as they planned to flatten the white elephant stadium that was already there. I agree that their remaining won't have massively uplifting effects on Tottenham (see also Beswick), but if they'd left it would probably have had negative effects
  6. Not too far away there is the Meridian Water development just getting underway, with the attendant improvement in rail services from Angel Road southwards. What with TfL taking over some of the other lines nearby, Crossrail2 in the offing, and even Ponders End in line for "regeneration" I'd say there is a clear direction of travel for the Lee Valley. Of course, that's not to say that global macroeconomic conditions or political upheaval might not get in the way.
  7. Thanks. Most of the coverage I have seen so far has been pretty vague, with just a generic reference to "the Overground". I suppose there's still a bit to be done on getting the oribital routes up to scratch, never mind the ones they haven't even taken over yet.
  8. I wonder if the overground will include the lines that tfl are about to take over (from Liverpool Street out to Chingford, Enfield Town etc)
  9. Maybe. We have 6 years to figure that one out though, and a fair bit can change in that time.
  10. Interesting. I've recently bid on a place near Edmonton Green (two rejections). I used to fancy Leyton (and still do some of the stuff up by Whipps) but the 2013-14 Indian Summer Bubble, the creeping gentrification, and the fact that I now have 3 kids under 5 (so we're on one salary) means it's quickly become too dull and expensive.
  11. started looking in a shabby bit of outer North London just before Christmas. Family is growing exponentially quickly, so having to take the plunge Very little of quality on around Christmas, only the autumn dregs that hadn't sold. This week has seen new stock start to come on in numbers, but priced optimistically by and large. Plenty of sales seem to be falling through, stuff coming back to the market, and sellers reacting to a lack of interest by going multi-agent and sometimes sticking their prices up... I'm beginning to think that we might need to wait a little while before some of them cotton on to what's going on.
  12. And it's the latter group who will have much more influence over the outcome of the next election. (my original remark is facetious, of course - I was predicting much the same a couple of years back)
  13. How's the Labour "cost of living crisis" strategy shaping up?
  14. this just in: credibility or UK govt bonds and Bank of England both downgraded from LMAO to LOL
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