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  1. Myspace, that's why I wouldn't pay much for Facebook. Facebook with it's 450 million users looks like a sure fire winner, until somebody else invents something better and most people shift across as quite a few did from myspace. I tried to find facebooks revenue. http://www.insidefacebook.com/2010/03/02/facebook-made-up-to-700-million-in-2009-on-track-towards-1-1-billion-in-2010/ This old article reckoned it'd be a billion in 2010, so if they value it at 60 billion, that's pretty low yield. Especially if someone else comes up with a better idea.
  2. Posted Today, 08:34 PM View PostPauly_Boy, on 20 February 2011 - 07:11 PM, said: and the kitchen is ruined by the giant SMEG SMUG fridge. Smegging hell ... As if SMEG isn't funny enough without being altered!
  3. That Foxtons in East Dulwich is simply massive. As for their pricing, sometimes it's astronomical. Sometimes I think that a house on rightmove is reasonably priced or cheap in the current market. Most Foxton's stuff is ouch, got to be joking. I will try and avoid having to deal with Foxtons when buying a house because of their sales technique. There have been a couple of programs about them being even more Estate Agent, than most estate agents on T.V. I wonder if the general public will start not using them?
  4. Most people are stupid. I was thinking about the 2003 Panorama program. The one that showed some guy go round 11 estate agents in Ealing saying he had a deposit, but only earnt 25K. And 10 out of 11 told him to exaggerate his salary. It was a great party while it lasted though wasn't it? All those services we used to have. All those out of work living in nice places....
  5. So if they do put the rates up this piddling amount, inflation would have to come down drastically to stop peoples money being erroded away. W*nkers.
  6. Neither party wants to see house prices drop on their shift. The thing the conservatives will do is take the pain now with deeper and harder cuts in spending, than the labour government who would have tried to defer it for as long as possible, borrowing more and more. Osborne seems quite content to see the bank of England sit on it's hands over inflation. They will try and prop up the market. How successfully they can do that remains to be seen.
  7. But it's very close to town. It looks quite a big building. Only three bedrooms? Are they large and spacious? All that area looks rough, run down and you wouldn't want your kids going to the local schools, but the houses there go for fortunes. As you say, madness.
  8. Yes. But that's not what I meant. When they first dropped the base rate so low, there was all this talk on here about the markets not liking negative rates of real interest. However, they seem to have got away with it for quite a while now. What I'm wondering is will we ever get into a situation where they need to raise rates because the markets are crucifying them. e.g. the pound sliding in value because inflation is 6 percent and the base rate is too low. Even if they've raised it to 1.25 or even 3 percent. I didn't see news night. Were they saying on there that they should raise rates to deal with inflation? The two jokers I sit next to at work bitch and moan about inflation, especially petrol price rises. Then when I said they should raise interest rates to control it they nearly shot me. One asked if I had any economics training, to which I had to answer no.
  9. 1.25 percent is indeed a piddly figure. I thought they have to put them up so interest rates make the pound look attractive?
  10. Hang on, we gave money to the chinese as well? Did we borrow the money we gave them, off them as well?
  11. What a joke. Pay tax so other peoples investments can be bailed out. And the banksters by the back door. Do you want a HPC or not? The government couldn't afford all the stuff they were paying for before the crash. The idea that the government is going to force home buyers paying mortgages to sell their house is absurd. That's like you saying I'm forcing the guy out in the road to sleep on the streets because I haven't given him any money.
  12. It seems to me that interest rates are used to control inflation. Hence the bank of England, who know the economy is weak, and want to help out by keeping rates low, say that they might be forced to put up interest rates to control inflation. The fact that the economy isn't really growing much and we have inflation at 4 percent is more than a cause of concern. Although I agree that overseas stuff going up is most of the problem, keeping our rate low and therefore the value of the pound low exacerbates the problem. Keeping our rate at historic lows can't be sustainable in the long run, otherwise we'd have done it before to solve financial problems.
  13. Hang on a minute, isn't interest rate rises the broad tool they use to control inflation? Yes in freak times it doesn't work, like when the financial crisis hit and they dropped the base rate yet we still had inflation falling. But now inflation is ripping along nicely. And we still have the base rate at 0.5 percent.
  14. I don't think there is a way out. Leave interest rates where they are, currency crisis. Raise them repo's, the over extended can't buy much. Our banks are in trouble. Raising interest rates will do some good. 2, 3 and 4 all come from overseas. If raising interest rates shores up the pound then these will cost less or at least won't increase at the same rate. Anyway, I was mainly saying that we'll have to raise rates so our pound is still worth something. The base rate being where it is and inflation being at 4 percent, shows they don't really want fight inflation. I'm saying at some point they're going to have to. Also as for no wage growth, that can change. How long until the unions start demanding pay rises of at least the rate of inflation? Wasn't there an article posting on here that private sector wage rises have been picking up pace?
  15. Whilst I agree with the first bit, the second bit is not at all guaranteed. The last time interest rates shot up and there was a HPC they still kept on rising the interest rates. "If they don't there will be some inflation." You said that like there will be no ill consequences of this. If our pound starts dropping, and then dropping some more, they will have to defend the currency or oil, food and all the stuff we buy from overseas starts becoming prohibitively expensive. It also looks like theyh are going to keep rates low until they are forced to rise them. That'll be fun!
  16. I lost my job May of 2008. I wasn't able to find another one July of 2009. Although I did go to NZ for two months in this time and turned one down because I wasn't getting out of bed for the money they were offering. Didn't get a penny off the state. The system should keep people from living on the streets and from starving to death. It shouldn't keep them living in nice parts of the capital, nor should it be the backstop when their financial planning goes awry. The government allows the banks to offer 125 percent mortgages and then offers to pay peoples mortgages for them when they lose their jobs. No wonder we are in a financial pickle.
  17. So from the chart (10 year gilt yield, posted by FreeTrader), the gilt market isn't exactly reacting badly and we're not even at the same level as Feb 2010. All this talk of a bond strike has so far come to nought. Why?
  18. Up until that post, I didn't really care about Rob and Bob being treated equally. All this , Rob and Bob have both being paying into the system... blah blah blah... what about the people who don't get made unemployed, how are they supposed to get their money out? Tax is supposed to pay for schools, hospitals, not a compulsory savings account for being made redundant. The feckless are always well looked after. Joe renter has no money when he gets made redundant, he's still going to get his rent paid (his rent on accomodation somewhere). Because we can't have people going unhoused. If someone owns a house and wants to hold onto their 200K asset, then they should pay the mortgage or accrue the extra debt. Yes. I really want to see the market crash and wonder why the numpty government is not only taking my tax money but are also borrowing it too, to give to people so they can pay the interest on their "investment". Meanwhile, the banks pay mega bonuses. WTF? I don't care that SMI might stop someone claiming housing benefit. Let them sell it, and use any proceeds to fund their rent. AS for the Wayne and Waynettas claiming housing benefit year in year out, more fools us for keeping on paying it.
  19. P.S. If you are wondering how banksters would be able to give people a payment holiday in "my system" it's because they would have asked for something called a deposit, and it would be substantial in size.
  20. I reckon if you lose your job and can't pay your mortgage you should be able to apply to your bank and get them to stop asking for payments for up to a year. (Which is how long SMI runs for?). Once you get another job, you start making repayments at the same level again, meaning that the mortgage will take longer to clear. It dawned on me the other day how much of a back door bailout smi is. All this contempt for banksters in the media is a joke. Nobody it seems begrudges people smi. Though smi means people pay their mortgage which means banksters aren't making a loss, and their profits from retail banking are "deserved" and they can pay themselves massive bonuses, some of which is hoovered up smi money. What a terrific system.
  21. What? I bet the poor people aren't throwing away a third of their food. And just like Vengers make your own lunch, you have to get off your **** and do it, for your food bill to come down. And then you're saving money by working harder. If you already make your lunch, your costs are going up!!! They don't need inflation. They can only have so much and then no one wants to lend us money at a low rate. OK then we could print it, and then no one will want our currency. And we want to buy other currencies with our pound, to buy food and oil with.
  22. +1 So what he was trying to say was, a few more members of the MPC should vote for a rise, not enough to actually rise rates, but then at least the markets think it's a possibility
  23. It was twenty pounds on every 2500. Some people have 30K on credit cards.
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