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  1. The average London person living in z3 probably does 2 hours each way a day including the walking to and from stations to get central. That would be too much for me so i bike and have a shorted and more enjoyable commute.
  2. They are pretty compelling https://www.facebook.com/SaorAlbaGuBrath?ref=stream
  3. You can only really afford a 1 bed in scruffy zone 2 area for 1.7k a month on mortgage payments!
  4. It all depends where the flat is. You can rent a family house in a soso leafy suburb on 100k and compute in. Who / why would want to raise a family in central London? I'm guessing the flat is south west - clapham area or chiswick.
  5. I'm sure I read a report on the BBC saying 90% of UK cash machine muggings were done by Romanians...
  6. I'm more worried about the skilled Indian professionals that come over for 6 months sponsored by their large multinational employer than all the Spanish salad choppers.
  7. Scratch that, looks like interest rate is based on earnings :confused: Interest is included in the calculation above: Retail Price Index (RPI)3.6%+ interest rate based on your salary
  8. The online calculator uses 4% meaning if you earn an average wage then you just about pay back an average amount in 26 years. http://www.studentfinance.direct.gov.uk/scheme/dgv/pws/repayment-calculator.html
  9. Great news! I think things are actually turning, for the first time this year my friend that works in prime z1 says that lettings have fallen off a cliff and landlords are having to reduce prices.
  10. But it's not defaulting if you never pay back the loan as student loans are not really like other loans. If I buy some massive tv from argos on credit they are not going to give me a loan where I only have to pay it back if I earn 50k a year. Anyway if you do a degree in something that skilled that is in demand then earning 21k + isn't out of the reach of many starting wages.
  11. How can they default if it is automatically taken out of PAYE? They always expect some to never pay back their loans. The last system wrote them off after 30 years.
  12. The excess for most peoples apple phone insurance can buy a decent android phone from a Chinese manufacturer. 70% ish margin on consumer electronics and virtually nothing spent on R&D for the last 3 iterations is why they are the most profitable by far. Emperors new clothes indeed. Sent on my Nokia 3310i
  13. Android is like PC / Mac and iOS is like console development. Sent from my iPhone 6
  14. I'm sure I heard about some companies last year where their revenue on android apps overtook apple. Not surprising when one eco system has 2-3 times the users and is growing still.
  15. Its all quite interesting, maybe I should of done that a few years ago when I was still into working in IT and living in London. I can't stand all day inside doing non rewarding work and lowering my health. I decided i'd rather be poor in money but do something rewarding and not spend all day thinking i'm wasting my time. I don't want my back and belly to be the same state as the vast majority of people that work in an office all day.
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