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  1. Bath is a p1ssbowl, inhabited by nasty drugged-up locals, faux hippy types and idiots from London who revel in the cliquey social circuit. Prices were hit just as hard there as anywhere else last time. Do yourself a favour and move to a proper city with a semblance of reality and culture (i.e. Bristol)
  2. 1855 can't believe it's gone up about 20% in less than a week
  3. ok, here is my opinion fwiw. had to relocate to this neck of the woods because of a job move. sadly this meant leaving bristol which is truly a fabulous place to live. it has oft been mentioned that the south east is a load of characterless commuter towns, which i broadly agree with. the attraction is a vast number of jobs within commuting distance of this area; major corporate hqs are littered around reading, bracknell, surrey, heathrow and west london plus central london is do-able on the train. with a bit of digging you can still find places with character, though you will be struggl
  4. great stuff, thanks for taking the time to write all of that.
  5. I find it hilarious that this site is trying to get people to take it seriously e.g. through press releases yet has puerile threads with people Photoshopping images of Kirsty Alsop.
  6. Er...unlucky for them then that there isn't a credible alternative to the current regime. And yes, it does pain me to say that.
  7. Brilliant, looks like Right Move will be negative next week too (courtesy of a TMF poster): http://money.msn.co.uk/investing/Insight/T...ors/default.asp Economic Indicators Monday 17 January The Wriglesworth Consultancy Rightmove House Price Index - indicator of residential property prices in England & Wales, showing a fall in asking prices for the 3rd consecutive month. Brian Thorn [email protected] The Wriglesworth Consultancy 020 7845 7900.
  8. Could be - there are plenty of impressive houses there, including one mansion that was featured in the Sunday Times for £70m. Though it is well located, I've never quite worked out why it is so sought after as it isn't that picturesque.
  9. Yeah, noticeable pick up around me too. Strange thing is that stuff in Windlesham (Surrey) *still* seems to be shifting.
  10. Amazing that the markets adjust the HBOS share price based on an internally created headline figure without looking at the detail. Maybe I'm just being naive.
  11. Yep, reading that made me feel better. Three consecutive quarters of falls is defined as a recession, no?
  12. How did they manage that? http://www.hbosplc.com/economy/NationalPressRelease.asp
  13. This is the one that came closest to making me spit drink on keyboard (compounded by the clownish spelling throughout): http://www.findaproperty.com/cgi-bin/agent...prop&pid=260458
  14. A very lucid post on rent v buy. http://boards.fool.co.uk/Message.asp?mid=8966944 Warning: Very Long Post. It amazes me that people still cannot seem to get away from the tired old rental clichés of “I'm not paying someone else's mortgage for themâ€, or the other old chestnut “renting is dead moneyâ€. Essentially these phrases are a metaphor for trying to say something completely different; people who quote these are actually trying to say - “I want to make some money on property, like I've seen people do on the telly†The general public lives in a fog of confusion whenever the wor
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