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  1. PM me. Not got anything, but also on the look out. Have you posted a similar request in the East Anglia forum?
  2. Link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/investing/buy-to-let/10835936/Why-doesnt-the-taxman-ask-buy-to-let-investors-to-provide-their-property-details.html
  3. Thank you everyone, I will look into ETFs. I'm still tempted by Gazprom, although I don't like the fact that they dislike dividends. But it all seems to be quietening down, so I better get a move on while the cannon is still firing.
  4. Suggestions from Motley Fool, one of them was Weir http://www.fool.co.uk/investing/2014/05/02/3-companies-that-could-boom-from-the-shale-bonanza-ashtead-group-plc-amec-plc-and-weir-group-plc/?source=uhpsithla0000003
  5. How can I invest in Russia? I know that Gazprom has some ADRs listed in London and the JP Morgan Investment Trust is talked about a lot, but are there other options that people could suggest?
  6. Weir engineering sell drilling rigs and they're on the main London Stock Exchange. If you want to be more speculative try Quadrilla, they are doing a lot of the drilling - but I don't know where their shares are quoted/
  7. I don't, I'm staying put for years and I'm not getting involved in property profit shares. As far as her, she's given up. Perhaps it's the last bear turning bull
  8. So I got an email from my sister, who is usually financially savvy. I've told her to stand firm for years, but as the market continues to defy gravity I don't even try any more. She can't stand the idea of going deeper into her thirties at the mercy of landlords and six month tenancies. I've also given in and bought, so it's do as I say and not as I do. She wants to buy a place but it has to be in Central London. I have said to her that she should move out of London, but she can't stand the idea of a long commute. So she wants someone to help fund the deposit on a profit share (hence the email to me) and she will pay for the mortgage partly through renting the place out. I decided that I wouldn't help, but as she's been there for me in the past I've offered her various pieces of advice.
  9. The other point is that in the kosher cases (and there are quite a few shady examples, I agree) then it can be a very good way to not have to invent everything, it's already been proven in other market places. You don't need to think what colours look good on your van, that's sorted, or what wording you should put on your leaflets, that's market tested, or how much you charge for different jobs. Even backroom office processes should be largely decided for you. Not everyone is born to revolutionise their markets. However, the fact that funding for lending is getting into this space will in a couple of years see the hitherto very low failure rates for franchises go quite a bit higher (and the shady operators increase). I'd really hate to see this underappreciated segment of the business landscape become another bloody bubble.
  10. I think the original poster was saying that the franchise was £30,000. "It's being seen as a great option - and the "30% is only about 10k" "
  11. The stock market's buoyant, private sector job creation is still strong, our trading partners outside the Eurozone are picking themselves off the floor, and deficit reduction is going to be almost solidly about public sector cuts rather than tax rises until the next election a sustained recovery if not certain is possible, perhaps even probable. What would this mean for house prices?
  12. The deadline is creeping up for submissions, 11am on 17 January .
  13. Is there really no one else willing or able to submit something? If people want help with the formatting (or even some help to get started) PM me. We only have a couple of weeks now.
  14. Now sent. Actually rather easy. The instructions from their website make it a bit easier:: There is a guide to putting together evidence in pdf. It's not showing this morning but the advice seems to be to have a executive briefing which tells them what you are going to say, to have an introduction where you lay out not just your standpoint but also your expertise in the area, clearly state recomended actions and number the paragraphs. Following these will mean that you're far more likely to be called to give evidence, or for your evidence to be published/read. If you want to give evidence clearly state so in your covering email. I think that it would be best for people to focus on one or two areas (I've concentrated on repairs and landlord mortgage non-payment) as we are individuals and not representing any particular group. But I think it's most important to get the submissions in as the other side will certainly get their evidence in and will show up in force.
  15. How are people's submissions coming on? I've done a first draft of a submission, but it is very much based on my experiences as a tenant (now three years out of date).
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