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  1. You sound like me .....13 years ago. Go back and read some of my early posts. That was before the financial crisis and when we were still getting 6% interest through IceSave! Then go outside and live life. Don't waste 11 years talking to strangers on a forum, it won't change anything. You either have to suck it up and get involved or forget it. I've been in my property now 15 months - I'm actually quite happy ....Happier than I was back then. £1000 a month goes on my mortgage every single month on top of the nearly £1800 I pay under obligation. I'd love my second car to be a BMW M2 instead of a VW Polo but this is how life is - nothing has stopped this market since it started on the up post 1995 - I'm eternally thankful I'm not looking at one of those prefabs that were on BBC news this morning. Made me sick listening to how excited the BBC were getting promoting how first time buyers can now live in a 'glamorous shed'.
  2. Those are just words - how will they 'loose their shirts' exactly?
  3. The point is still being missed here, as I said recently - if house prices crash it will take the rest of the Economy with them - I say again, house prices will be the least of your concerns at this point.
  4. ......Was thinking the other day, the debt monster needs feeding, With Mexicans being allowed into the US and War pulling in people from war torn Middle East, the demand is now available - time for Printy Printy?
  5. Please understand, I was 26 years old when I became interested in house prices a few years later I found this website - and "Prices will correct very soon" is something I hear in different guises all the time on here. The thing is, they have a printing press now - this isn't 1992 ......1992 will never happen again. With an open door to 500m people (again, even as a UKIP supporter I don't see this changing) - means prices will at best grow slowly. But, here in the south east - where the money is, they're not going to go down. As per my earlier post, I turned 40 in May.
  6. On the deposit we're looking at 62%LTV and interest rate is around 2.44% (assuming you're talking to me of course)
  7. ....and they will tell you "no" just as they did me today when I offered just under asking price for a new home. I've been here a very long time (2003 I think). 12 years waiting to buy a house. I'm not bullish on property and I'm not bearish either. I have had enough though - this whole debate has consumed YEARS and YEARS of my life and I'm almost certain if I sit it out till 50 (ten years away) I will be at point in my life where house prices will still be unaffordable and on top of that, Banks won't even lend me any money anyway. I'm done sitting on the sidelines, I'm going for the best fixed rate I can get and my partner and I will throw as much spare capital as we can find each month to bring it down. Please don't think I'm swiping here, but most of you have been here as long as I have and I'm pretty sure you'll be having these same old conversations in 10 years. Good luck. Edit : Also, please understand, when the crash comes that we all so dearly want, it will be catastrophic this time, the least of your worries will be cheap houses.
  8. I'm not so sure we should be celebrating a melt down. I'm a long standing HPC'er but I can tell you, if this plays out to the extremes a collapsed housing bubble will be the least of your concerns.
  9. So ....What's everyone's take on The Shemitah? Every Seven years there is either an Economic Crisis or an event that changes the way we live.
  10. UKIP will be my last attempt to engage in Politics. I've seen the destruction at the hands of the Labour, I've seen the Tory Party just carry on where Labour left off but now attacking poor /underprivileged social groups - If UKIP bring about the change I think they will bring then fantastic, but if they don't I'll go back to not voting as I did for the first 25 years of my life. When I asked my parents and grandparents why they didn't vote, they always answered the same - they're all as bad as each other and they're all liars. At least I'll know my family didn't lie to me.
  11. Time to kick some ill-informed into touch here - Don't sit on your computers slating UKIP, most of these opinions (C**ts??!!) are based on what exactly? Get off your backsides UKIP slaters and have the decency to go to a branch meeting and meet people, decent people, people just like me .....Normal, hard-working, who saved hard who just wanted a roof over their heads without being crushed by debts, who are sick to the back teeth with Labour, Conservative and Lib Dems, Voters desperately looking for a way out of the misery these 3 parties have brought to the UK. If voting UKIP stops the constant demand for housing via immigration and thus results in pressure downwards on houses then that's the way I will vote, for the love of god I've been on this website since 2003! I just want a fair crack at the property market, like my parents did.
  12. Honestly didn't think it could go down any more than it has already, but Virgin Money cut my interest again today 1.55% down to 1.41% Just so sick of it ......
  13. <<Tin Foil Hat Time>> When it's time for it to crash, they'll make it happen. I
  14. Would it not be fair to suggest, vote UKIP, bye bye EU and within 2 years Bye Bye Housing demand as immigrants are told to leave the country? ....No Immigrants, No Demand for property = Price falls.
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