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  1. the data in that newspaper is certainly not scientific and has not stats or anything. just anecdotal evidence from some estate agents. They quote one who had to let all his staff go and another one who said the staff now only works off commission. You are right, this is not representative, however, this is a significant shift in sentiments which is evidenced on what is happening on the street. it is quite unusual for EAs to give these kind of statements when previously they said we will see the ominous 'soft landing'. We also know a couple who was able buy a house which had an asking price of 600k for 450k. Shows how ridiculous prices are and that they are crashing already. This is probably just the beginning.... Anyone else seeing this happening in Ireland ?
  2. Finally, the crash has been widely discussed in Dublin. My local newspaper (dun laoghaire express) titles today on the front page: - 'house prices in meltdown' - values down as much as 30% - gives an example of one house being dropped from 30million to 20 million -gives another of one being dropped by 55k to 395k EUR - quotes an estate agent saying ' there is virtually no residential market at all in South Dublin' - quotes an economist saying ' this can't be described in any other way than a crash' goes on and on about how overpriced things were and how bad things continue to be throughout next year. I don't think this is bad at all, I think this was long overdue ! How has the UK been doing, is it next to crash ? uforia98
  3. I do not agree with the previous 2 posters. While Windsor is nice of course (that's why I live here), I cannot see it being so special that prices are staying that high. Once the market goes down, surely Windsor will follow. Of course location matters, but when the overall downtrend comes, Windsor wil not be able to get away with its unrealistic prices. After all, it is about affordibility, and right now a lot of places are no longer affordable without stretching your finances like mad. That is why Windsor and other 'nice' areas will go down as well. By the way, Windsor, Ascot, Maidenhead have not so nice places too. Remember the riots in Windsor a few weeks ago ?
  4. it seems crazy, but the market is still hot in Windsor for certain properties in good areas. the house opposite were we live just sold within days, without even a 'for sale' board coming up ! It seems buyers were lining up to get a house in this area. I am convinced though it is just a matter of time until the market will head downwards......
  5. Exactly ! Are they serious ? And they might even find someone who buys it slightly below the 435k, what a madness ! This is an excellent example that shows how overheated this market is, with Windsor being even more extreme then other towns.... I'd rather wait and rent and save money until the market has dropped.....
  6. Indeed, after today's rate increase prices can only go down !
  7. Agree with you Misfit, Windsor is nice. Why not just rent in Windsor and wait until prices drop ? That is what we are doing. We live in a detached house which which we could never afford to buy in a nice street (Hatch Lane area). I am just waiting for prices to drop and then hopefully I can buy one day too..... With today's interest rate rise this might become true soon, I doubt prices can go up anymore after today, I think from now it is all downhill
  8. agree with most of chiefduffer's comments on WIndsor. The only downside really is the noise from the planes and the high prices. Has anyone seen any price drops in the area yet ? Apart from some houses which are wrongly (over)priced, I still see lots of activity and prices just do not seem to drop... At least it seems they are not rising anymore but that simply isn't enough for me, because they are on such a high plateau...
  9. Thanks cbs7, I am trying to find the right intl. broker too. Did you realise that Interactive actually charge a monthly fee as well if you don't pay a lot of comission ? TD Waterhouse seem to have a flat fee and no monthly charges if you do at least one trade per quarter or have some dosh in their account. So that looks attractive. On the other hand Interactive really has some very low fees for trading international, much cheaper then my german broker for when I trade in DE !! Have you looked at squaregain as well, they also seem to have just a flat fee of 12.50 (like Waterhouse), so they seem attractive too. I am confused, not sure which one is best. All I want is trade some Junior Miners in Canada !
  10. Does anyone have any recent anecdotal evidence to share for the wider Windsor area ? I am (again) looking more in-depth into the local market and what I have seen so far is that properties are still selling well in Windsor and surrounding areas. Prices might not be going up anymore it seems, and I am sure there are quite some discounts, but a lot of them are still selling fast. The house next door for instance sold within a few weeks, no sign of a slowdown here it seems... Anyone else having an opinion ?
  11. Hi, I heard several people here quoting this mag a few times. I have just signed up for their free trial. Those of you who read it regularly, what can you say about it ? Does it help to you to invest in the right places to actually make money or are you just reading it to be better informed in general ? Any comments are welcomed. Thanks, uforia98
  12. congrats urban hymn, I 'only' made ~20% on my investment in the same fund earlier this year (invested in MArch 05), and I supopse too, I was there at the right time in the right investment (thanks to this forum !!!). I think I i will invest more in gold if I feel the time is right (once the price has been declined for a while) but I certainly don't think it is a safe bet. sometimes you just need to be a bit lucky too... I am in there for the long run.
  13. gold is on its 17 year high, but I suppose I don't need to tell anyone as those who are on this thread probably know anyway. glad I found this site many months ago, since it made me aware that buying gold these days is a good investment....
  14. how about Old Windsor ? Does anyone live there, has friends, knows something about the place ? Seems like prices are a bit more reasonable there and it looks like a nice village by the river, close to Windsor, Runnymeade and Staines.
  15. interesting, i looked through my paperwork an the Initial charge is indeed 0.5%. So far so good. There is however an initial commission as well of 0.5% and then an 'Ongoing commision' of 0.5% per *quarter* going to smile, and that is 'paid out of the charges the Fund manager levies'... I am confused.
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